REN Bio Retinoid Youth Concentrate Oil Review

Review of REN Bio Retinoid Youth Concentrate Oil

Although ageing affects us all, the impacts can vary depending on both your skin type and the external aggressors you’re exposed to. Dry skin tends to be thinner, which means fine lines and wrinkles can appear more exaggerated. But REN has the solution! Their updated-for-2021 Bio Retinoid Youth Concentrate Oil provides extreme nourishment to combat dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Read on to discover more…


The Most Important Thing About REN’s Bio Retinoid Oil Is…

Better than ever, REN’s best-selling Bio Retinoid Oil now has a cleaner, greener formula in line with REN’s zero waste pledge for 2021. The highly effective oil targets fine lines and wrinkles to deliver firmer, more supple and healthier skin in just 28 days! Harnessing 99% natural origin ingredients, including a plant-derived alternative to retinol, the gentle but high-performance concentration helps to rebuild the skin barrier in order to reduce irritation and improve hydration.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The REN Bio Retinoid Oil has been specifically designed for dry, damaged skin that’s experiencing signs of ageing.


You Will Love This If…

Sensitive skin types will love the plant-derived retinol that laces this formula; it delivers the same benefits of original retinol but without the irritation and sensitivity. But REN’s ultra-nourishing oil is really made for those with dry skin; it’s just what thirsty complexions need.


Hero Ingredients:

The environmentally-friendly complex blends natural oils for a clean, powerful formula. But the star of the show is bidens pilosa, a plant-derived alternative to retinol that works to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Sea buckthorn oil is added to the mix to minimise the appearance of roughness and improve elasticity, leaving skin feeling comfortable, firm and nourished. And thanks to organic rosehip oil, the vegan elixir is jam-packed with omega 3 and 6 to support renewal and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier for a radiant, glowing and healthy-looking complexion.


What Does It Feel Like?

REN’s Youth Concentrate Oil has a non-sticky, lightweight texture that instantly absorbs into the skin for a smooth, soft feeling.


What Does It Smell Like?

The golden-yellow concentrate has a subtle peachy, floral scent that leaves you feeling pleasantly uplifted with each use.


How Do You Use The Product?

Shake the bottle well before use.

In the evening, warm five drops of the Youth Concentrate Oil in the palm of your hand and gently pat over the face, neck and decollete.


What’s Special About The Design?

The recyclable glass bottle features an easy-to-use pipette, which makes for mess-free oil application. But the dropper isn’t just functional; it’s also eco-friendly as it’s crafted from post-industrial recycled material.



Vegan, cruelty-free.


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