Histoires de Parfums Gold Range Review

Histoires de Parfums Gold Collection Range Review

If you’re looking for a fragrance collection that’s so luxurious that it makes you feel like you’re adorning your skin with the finest jewellery, then you’ve met your match. The Histoires de Parfums Gold collection is a unisex fragrance line that celebrates variations of gold for ultimate opulence. Read on to find out all about it…


The Fragrances Smell Like…

Histoires de Parfums Fidelis Absolu Eau de Parfum: Histoires de Parfums’ rose gold perfume is a spicy-woody scent that centres around some of the most expensive notes in the fragrance world. In a rich, sensual perfume that honours Venus and copper – the metal closely associated with the goddess – Fidelis Absolu opens with a warm, spiced scent with a powerful shot of coffee before welcoming a heart of rose and raspberry. The base is warm and intoxicating as the likes of patchouli, amber, and oud laos harmonise on your skin.

Histoires de Parfums Rosam Absolu Eau de Parfum: An oud-vegetal scent, Rosam Absolu centres around delicate rose petals which are set ablaze. Rose petals mingle with bright citruses in the opening before saffron flowers, incense, and a stunning rose absolute facet take centre stage. Finally, the base reveals a warm, rich and luxurious tone as cosy amber, soft sandalwood, earthy patchouli and sweet, woody oud round off this clever Eau de Parfum.

Histoires de Parfums Gold collection review: Histoires de Parfums Fidelis Absolu Eau de Parfum

What’s The Story Behind The Gold Collection?

Histoires de Parfums’ gold collection is a tribute to the most beautiful verse of the Occident and the most beautiful prose of the Orient. Centred around varying shades of gold with differing symbolism attached, the niche perfume line touches on gold’s mysterious and sensual nature.

While tying into the theme of gold, the Rosam Absolu fragrance is also an ode to wisdom. In contrast, Fidelis Absolu symbolises love, drawing inspiration from copper, the metal dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and seduction.


You Will Love This Niche Fragrance Line If…

If you like your perfumes to have a touch of opulence and an expensive edge to them, then Histoires de Parfums’ gold collection will be right up your street. Although Fidelis and Rosam are very different (Fidelis is much warmer and spicier), they both centre around rich ingredients – from the likes of saffron to oud.

Gold collection by Histoires de Parfums: Histoires de Parfums Rosam Absolu Eau de Parfum

Is Histoires de Parfums’ Gold Collection Unisex?

Both Fidelis Absolu and Rosam Absolu are unisex so that everyone can enjoy a touch of luxury in their fragrance wardrobe!


What’s The Longevity Like?

As I’ve come to expect from all Histoires de Parfums perfumes, each Eau de Parfum in the gold lineup is indeed long-lasting. They certainly surpass the minimum four to five-hour expectations associated with a perfume of their strength.


What’s Special About The Bottles?

Each of the perfumes in the Histoires de Parfums Gold collection is dressed up in glistening metallics. Fidelis Absolu Eau de Parfum is a gorgeous rose gold colour that honours the metal of copper, a metal tied to the Roman goddess, Venus. Rosam Absolu Eau de Parfum has a white gold finish that is brilliantly silver, a colour that honours the moon while also drawing out the yellow tones of traditional gold. Despite their reflecting exteriors, each fragrance also features one slim side that comprises translucent glass to allow you to see the liquid within.


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