The House of Oud Brand Review

The House of Oud Brand Review

Born from a friendship between Italian master perfumer, Andrea Casotti, and Jakarta oud producer, Mohammed Abu Nashi, The House of Oud is a niche fragrance brand that is home to a beautiful collection of unisex fragrances created by two people who share a passion for art, perfume and travel.

If you’re new to the brand, consider this your one-stop guide to The House of Oud…


A Quick Glance At The House of Oud’s Fragrances…

The House of Oud Almond Harmony: A floral-oriental fragrance with lashings of almond and vanilla for a touch of the gourmand, Almond Harmony is part of the Klem Garden Collection; it’s been created to celebrate the first blossom of spring: the almond.

The House of Oud Blessing Silence: A woody fragrance with resinous and rose facets, Blessing Silence is part of the Desert Day Collection. Inspired by the peaceful silence of the night, the alluring and mysterious scent explores warm, opulent and dark facets.

The House of Oud Breath of The Infinite: A floral-musky fragrance with a sweet, juicy peach facet, Breath of The Infinite is inspired by a sunrise over the desert; it’s elegant, sweet and softly sensual in the dry down.

The House of Oud Cypress Shade: This is the scent of the cypress tree bathed in sunshine, its shade providing a glorious moment of respite from the intensity of the midday sun. Part of the Klem Garden Collection, it’s a green, woody and aromatic fragrance.

The House of Oud Dates Delight: Like the most deliciously sweet, sticky dates from the Arabian world, Dates Delight is a clever oriental fragrance that perfectly balances sheer sweetness with exotic spice.

The House of Oud Each Other: Inspired by the energetic underground culture of Milan, Each Other is a contemporary, vetiver-fueled perfume that boasts a sweet lively start before a woody, aromatic dry down. Designed by graffiti writer and rapper, KayOne, its striking bottle celebrates the city’s street art.

The House of Oud Empathy: A beautifully well balanced fragrnance, Empathy is powered by a sweet raspberry flower tone, nuanced by touches of tobacco, oud and wood. It’s been created to encourage the wearer to take a moment to reflect on the relationships that mean so much to them.

The House of Oud Get The Feeling: This is a citrus-woody scent that’s inspired by globetrotting Italian bass-baritone, Guido Loconsolo. At first, the fragrance has a sharp, surprising tone as bright citruses take centre stage before the fragrance settles into a spicy-aromatic heart, led on a bed of patchouli, ambrette, juniper berries and wood.

The House of Oud Golden Powder: Releasing a scent that feels like hot, cracked desert sand, Golden Powder is a warm, spiced and woody fragrance with a sweet rich base. It perfectly combines cinnamon, woods, vanilla and oud for an ultra-luxurious spicy-amber scent.

The House of Oud Grape Pearls: If you love fruity-musky scents, Grape Pearls is the one for you. It bursts with icy blueberries and soft, sweet florals before releasing the fresh, sweet tone of grape alongside a bitter dash of coffee and rose.

The House of Oud Just Before: A contemporary gourmand, Just Before is inspired by the stretch of anticipation – and each fragrance note leaves you excited for the ones to follow. It’s a collision of citrus, heat, balsamic tones, subtle florals and warm, cosy woody-amber facets.

The House of Oud Keep Glazed: For Keep Glazed, the world of patisserie and perfumery collide. Created in collaboration with renowned Canadian pastry chef, Ksenia Penkina, Keep Glazed is a fruity-gourmand bursting with tropical fruit and velvety cream; it’s dessert in a bottle.

The House of Oud Live In Colours: Just like a crisp G&T on a summer’s day, Live In Colours is a sparkling woody fragrance that explores sharp, uplifting citruses paired with juicy red fruits for a sweet, tangy tone before a touch of spice warms the scent through. Finally, hinoki wood, musks and amber unleash a wave of deeply alluring sensuality in the base.

The House of Oud The Time: The Time honours the present moment and its fleeting existence. The floral fragrance starts with a splash of citrus, set against soothing blue chamomile and herbaceous wormwood. In the heart, blue tea, verbena, and iris create a powdery floral feel before the base of black tea, amber, cedarwood, and musk add a more sensual tone to round off this fresh, clean scent.

The House of Oud Up To The Moon: This uplifting fruity-floral fragrance takes you up, up and away! Created as an ode to the full-bodied voice of Nino Machaidze, Up To The Moon is rich, playful and a little bit sexy as it blends handfuls of fresh fruit and berries with a romantic floral heart and a warm, woody-amber base with a touch of fruit and vanilla.

The House of Oud What About Pop: This is the scent of salty popcorn, laced with vanilla and drizzled with golden caramel. What About Pop bursts with the perfectly balanced salty-sweetness of salted popcorn, enhanced by gooey caramel and honeyed hawthorn flower. A cosy, creamy heart unfolds before the warm and alluring base adds subtle, unexpected darkness to offset the sugary tones using ebony and smoked vetiver, warmed through by amber and benzoin.

The House of Oud Wind Heat: Part of the Desert Day collection, Wind Heat is the scent of the desert at daytime: scorching sunlight, cracked sand and a warm rush of wind. The super-sexy fragrance opens with a burst of tart, sunny bergamot, contrasting the subtle heat of pink pepper and the spicy sweetness of nutmeg. Powdery iris and Virginia cedarwood provide a sturdy heart, before the rich and sensual dry down shines through.

The House of Oud Wonderly: Inspired by the wide expanse of sand and sun in the desert, Wonderly is an oriental-chypre fragrance that opens with a surprisingly sweet fruitiness before a trio of flowers blossom in the heart. The base is a kaleidoscope of sensuality; creamy vanilla collides with smoky incense and radiant myrrh, to name just a few, resulting in a cosy, sensual backdrop that lingers beautifully on the skin.

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What’s The Story Behind The House of Oud?

“Our creative journey is rich with talented partnerships and explorations of all kinds of different universes.” – Andrea Casotti, Italian perfumer and CEO of THOO.

As this quote shows, The House of Oud is all about creativity, exciting freestyle and discovering a whole new world of scent. Born from the imaginations of Italian master perfumer Andrea Casotti, and Jakarta oud producer Mohammed Abu Nashi, THOO distils their inspirations worldwide, bottling them into a single ‘house’. The house has no borders, but its doors are thrown open to visitors and new opportunities. It’s a house furnished with knowledge, experience and the age-old art of perfumery.

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You Will Love This Niche Fragrance Brand If…

If you’re a fan of premium fragrance and you want a signature scent that isn’t worn by every other person you pass in the street, then The House of Oud is made for you. The niche perfume brand epitomises Italian craftsmanship, while offering perfumes that are uniquely individual and powered by stunning storytelling. Perfume aficionados, THOO is for you.


Are The House of Oud’s Fragrances Unisex?

All fragrances by THOO are unisex, so everyone can enjoy a touch of luxury in their personal fragrance collection! And trust me, you’d be forgiven for wanting to try them all out to find your all-time favourite!

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What’s The Longevity Like?

All THOO fragrances are of an Eau de Parfum strength, and the brand’s perfume finesse shines through in the impressive longevity of each scent.


What’s Special About The Bottles?

Well frankly, what isn’t special about The House of Oud’s bottles? Each one is a true piece of art and exudes absolute luxury! Each gorgeous flacon has been carefully designed and crafted to epitomise the scent within – whether it’s the gold-and-white cracked style of Wind Heat to reflect the way that hot, dry sand shatters under the intense heat of the desert sun or the modern, striking design of Each Other, which has been designed in collaboration with by graffiti writer and rapper, KayOne – each flacon reflects the fine Italian craftsmanship behind The House of Oud.

Each smooth, weighted bottle stands upside down atop an individual stand – and trust me, these bottles deserve the podium they’re on. As if the design wasn’t enough, I love the fact that each flacon is made individually, meaning that no two are alike. If that isn’t premium, I don’t know what is.

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