Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle Review

Review of Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle

Niche perfume house, Miller Harris have channelled their fragrance expertise into the world of luxury home fragrance to create a range of clean and beautiful candles. Released in 2021, their Tea Scented Candle stands out as it embodies the brand’s British heritage and the nation’s love affair with tea, while creating the ultimate relaxed and cosy feeling in your home.

Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle Review

This Candle Smells Like…

Fresh bergamot lifts the smoky earl grey and nutmeg-infused aroma to smell like a delicate, fresh organic tea blend. The natural green tea and earl grey facets give a fougere element, while the nutmeg gives an oriental spice that isn’t overpowering as birch tar and black tea leaves dance in the background.

Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Inspired by the beloved hot drink of tea in all its varieties, Miller Harris’ Tea Scented Candle features a Haiku poem on the outer design, describing sparkling citrus with green leaves that dry by the sea after autumn rain. Now, you can stay warm and dry after being out in nature, relaxing and unwinding as you breathe in the refreshing, restorative aroma of this candle whilst sipping a cuppa.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re looking for a clean burning, natural wax candle to instantly add tranquillity into your home, you’ll love the Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle. The soy and rapeseed wax is not only sustainable, but it also creates the perfect burn and scent throw to make the most of this enchanting fragrance so you can experience it throughout your home.

Review of Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle

This Candle Smells Similar To:

As the scent fills the room, there is a hint of greenery that stems from birch tar; this almost woody note really creates an autumnal feel, like an early morning walk in a dew-drenched garden whilst holding a steaming cup of tea.


Is Miller Harris’ Tea Scented Candle Unisex?

The candle can be enjoyed by anybody, just like the drink that inspired it! The natural smokiness and earthy tones are perfectly balanced by bright, refreshing bergamot to ensure it’s a universally appealing scent, combined with the neutral matte grey-green design.

Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle Review

What’s The Longevity Like?

With 50 hours of burn time, the fragrance fills the room and remains even after the candle has been extinguished. Light the singular wick and, for the most effective and long-lasting scent, it’s recommended that you burn it for 4 hours at a time.


What’s Special About The Design?

The candle has a minimalistic and elegant design to fit in beautifully with any home. The soft green-grey jar has a ceramic feel that is matte and luxurious, with sophisticated white writing added to remind you of the iconic brand. Even the outer packaging is chic with a Haiku poem to summarise the serenity of the autumn-inspired candle – and as a final bonus, it’s held in FSC certified and fully recyclable packaging without any cellophane. Plus, like all Miller Harris candles, the chic glass design can easily be repurposed after you’ve carefully cleansed the jar out after use.

Review of Miller Harris Tea Scented Candle


The vegan formulation uses sustainably sourced natural soy and rapeseed wax.

Phthalate-free, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free and artificial colourant-free.


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