Phyto PhytoLium+ Stimulating Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss Complement Review

Review of Phyto PhytoLium+ Stimulating Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss Complement

Designed to support the PhytoLium+ Anti-Hair Loss Treatment For Men, the Phyto PhytoLium+ Stimulating Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss Complement leaves hair feeling fresh and clean whilst it also contains powerful botanical ingredients to help reduce hair loss.

88% of users agreed that the stimulating shampoo supported the PhytoLium+ Anti-Hair Loss Treatment in effectively strengthening the hair and minimising its loss, making the shampoo a fantastic first step toward slowing down hair loss.


The Most Important Thing About This Anti-Hair Loss Complement Is…

As a part of the PhytoLium range, the anti-hair loss shampoo is best used when you first spot signs of age-related or hereditary hair loss. The perfect partner to the six-week PhytoLium+ treatment, the complementary formula preps the scalp for the treatment and leaves hair more resistant to damage.


What Hair Type Is It For?

It’s suitable for any hair type that is experiencing increased hair loss or thinning.


You Will Love This If…

If you are using the PhytoLium+ treatment, you will love the supporting shampoo. Without compromising on the feel of freshly washed hair, the shampoo contains even more of the powerful anti-hair loss ingredients found in the rest of Phyto’s range, giving your hair an extra boost of nutrients.


Hero Ingredients:

The 82% natural shampoo is extremely invigorating as it stimulates the scalp with rosemary, resulting in strong, regenerated hair. In fact, the use of plant extracts replaces any water in the shampoo to make the formula 100% active.

But that’s not all; your hair roots are strengthened as the hair bulb receives a burst of nutrients from the shiitake extract, a mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate the immune system. This antioxidant is also known to build the hair’s resistance to oxidative stress, working to inhibit hair loss. In fact, the Phytosolba Laboratories are so confident about the powers of this extract that they’ve registered two patents for this active ingredient.


What Does It Feel Like?

A little goes a long way as the shampoo quickly works into a bubbly lather to cleanse and refresh your hair.


What Does It Smell Like?

To leave your hair feeling fresh, there is a subtle botanical smell but mostly the shampoo has a clean and neutral scent.


How Do You Use The Product?

Apply a small amount to your damp scalp and gently massage the shampoo in. Leave it to sit for two minutes before washing off.


What’s Special About The Format?

The recyclable rectangular bottle is a cool blue colour that ties into the rest of the PhytoLium+ range. It’s design is quick and easy to use.


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