Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Review

Review of Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Inspired by the entertainment capital of the world, L.A., this high impact lipstick from Urban Decay is a real showstopper. With a new look for 2021, the latest all-vegan Urban Decay Vice Lipstick blends nourishing natural ingredients with high-pigment colour for a powerhouse formula that’s sure to wow. Intrigued? Find your dream lipstick colour and finish now…


The Most Important Thing About The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Is…

The inclusivity! The 100% vegan formula offers bold, impactful colour in a wide array of hues, so every skin tone and complexion can find their perfect match. Featuring everything from deep, rich browns to vivid reds, the Vice lipstick offers a broad-spectrum of Los Angeles-inspired shades. Infused with botanical ingredients, the Urban Decay Vice lip colour leaves your pout nourished and hydrated, whilst delivering rich colour payoff in just one easy swipe.


What Does It Look Like On?

Whether you prefer a long-wearing matte, a nourishing cream or a 3D shine, the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick has it all! The precise design ensures smooth and even colour for detailed, natural-looking shape.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – I’ve broken down each hue, so you can find your optimal finish and colour…

Matte: Uptight, Horchata, 1993, What’s Your Sign, Backtalk, Hideaway, Art Walk, Hitch Hike, Elote, The Big One, 714, Bad Blood, Hex, Gridlock.

Cream: Oatmilk, Depends on Traffic, Weho, Naked, Liar, Ravenswood, Hollyweird, Figueroa, Drive In, No Parking, Callback, Manic.

Shine: June Gloom, DTLA, Local, Flower District, The 405.


What Skin Type Is It For?

Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick can be enjoyed by all skin types.


You Will Love This If…

You’re after a long-lasting, wearable lip colour that retains its pigment throughout the day. Plus, the hydrating lipstick is perfect for anyone who dislikes drying lip textures, thanks to its moisturising, comfortable texture.


Hero Ingredients:

Enriched with a silky combination of aloe vera and avocado oil, the vegan-friendly lipstick utilises the power of nature to leave your pout comfy, hydrating and evenly covered. Rich in antioxidants, the nourishing formula protects the lips from damaging external aggressors, which can cause ageing or dryness around the lip contour.


What Does It Feel Like?

Vice’s comfortable, lightweight texture cocoons the lips in a rich and creamy veil that’s comfy enough for all day wear.


What’s Special About The Design?

Urban Decay fans will recognise the signature deep purple colour that wraps the sleek and modern tube, which is held in an edgy gunmetal case. The lipstick shape itself allows for precise, detailed application, whilst the lipstick even features the Urban Decay logo engraved into the side to remind you of the beloved makeup brand. The L.A. inspiration is carried through to the watercolour pink box, featuring an array of pop art-esque style lips.


How Do You Use It?

Apply the Vice Lipstick directly onto the lips, using the angled end to outline the outer sides of the lips. If you’re looking for a tinted effect, apply to the lips in the centre using a dabbing motion to bring colour to the edges.



Vegan and cruelty-free.


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