GUERLAIN Mitsouko Eau de Toilette Review

Review of GUERLAIN Mitsouko Eau de Toilette

With backstories and histories as beguiling as the scents themselves, GUERLAIN have created highly influential perfumes ever since their origin in 1828. Their renowned perfume heritage is celebrated throughout the Legendary fragrance collection, which is still loved by perfume fans to this very day.

A beloved addition to the line, GUERLAIN Mitsouko Eau de Toilette is full of secrets and mysteries, except for one fact: it smells divine.


This Fragrance Smells Like…

A fruity-chypre filled with mysterious rich earthy tones, Mitsouko Eau de Toilette beckons you in with a touch of bergamot before its sweet peach, heady jasmine and romantic rose heart unfolds. The base is full of earthy undergrowth notes that have a green edge and a woodiness that pairs beautifully with the spices and fruity sweetness. The base is nuanced by a warming touch of spice and earthy, smoky vetiver for a full-bodied and perfectly balanced fruity-chypre scent.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Mitsouko was originally created as an Eau de Parfum but the same entrancing story remains the inspiration for the Eau de Toilette. Jacques Guerlain named his creation ‘Mitsouko’ after the heroine of the bestselling French novel, ‘La Bataille’. Mitsouko is an enthralling character, but her tale is destined for tragedy as she loves two men at once: a Japanese and British officer, both of whom ultimately went to war. Mitsouko’s calm emotions at a time of mystery and danger inspired the creation of the Mitsouko fragrance, its unmistakable beauty but mysterious origin reflecting Mitsouko’s secrets perfectly.


You Will Love This If…

If you are often torn between what fragrance to wear, you’ll love the many tones and captivating nature of Mitsouko Eau de Toilette. The dynamic combination of fruity, floral, spice and earthy tones satisfies every fragrance fan craving a beautifully balanced scent.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

The thing that sets Mitsouko apart is its clever blend of sweet, juicy fruits and florals, balanced by the deep, dark earthy facets of its base. So, it’s almost like an opulent market full of fresh, velvety fruits that have just been picked from the tree, while the heady aroma of spices perfume the air.


Is Mitsouko Eau de Toilette Unisex?

Though inspired by a female heroine and originally designed for women, Mitsouko combines scents that are traditionally both masculine and feminine to create a spicy fruity-chypre that can be seen as a unisex fragrance.


What’s The Longevity Like?

The true beauty of Mitsouko is revealed as it wears on the skin, changing throughout the day to offer different levels of sweetness and spice as it develops. Amongst the bold undergrowth and hot spices, surprisingly the scent has a fresh and bright undertone after settling.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Making a regal statement, the iconic GUERLAIN ‘inverted heart’ glass bottle epitomises the legendary status of Mitsouko. The weighted glass flacon features rolling Art Nouveau scrolls and a hint of gold, hidden in the hollow heart stopper just like Mitsouko’s secrets. As the finishing touch, the opulent gold-hued perfume is offset by the sleek black emblem that adorns the front of the fragrance.


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