3 Of The Best Beauty Tech Innovations From 2021

Best Beauty Technology Innovations of 2021

2021 has seen a whole host of revolutionary makeup, fragrance and skincare innovations grace our shelves here at Escentual – and as a member of the Beauty Team, I get to learn all about them.

Throughout the year, I’ve shared many of these innovative beauty releases with you through my technology series, but now I want to reflect by giving one last shout-out to my top three beauty releases from the entirety of my tech series to date. Keep reading to see which innovative launches stood out above all others and discover the ways that they might just inspire the beauty industry in the future…


1. The Glow-Giving Moisturiser

Best Beauty Tech of 2021: Clarins Extra-Firming Energy Cream

What You Need To Know:
• Targets firmness and dullness.
• Designed for individuals in their 40s.
• Features an innovative new complex from Clarins: the [Glow Plus Complex].

Why It’s One Of My Favourite Launches From This Year: I’ll admit that it was pretty easy for me to fall in love with Clarins’ Extra-Firming Energy Cream. Even though this cream is designed for someone a little older, I can still appreciate the gorgeous instant glow it gave my skin when I first tried it out – and of course, I love the technology behind it too! Like a superfruit smoothie for your skin, Clarins’ anti-ageing moisturiser unites four clever plant and fruit extracts within their [Glow Plus Complex] to restore instant and lasting radiance, while the formula encourages sagging complexions to spring back into place. Oh, and I have to mention the deliciously sweet, juicy peach aroma!

How Could It Inspire Future Skincare Launches? The Extra-Firming Energy Cream is a great example of the ever-increasing trend of natural but technology-driven formulas. The desire for products that use natural ingredients continues to grow in the skincare industry, but they’re often no longer seen as just natural; many formulations, like the Energy Cream, go further than ever as their natural actives now lie at the heart of clever, unique technologies – and this is something that we’ll continue to see next year and beyond.

Clarins Extra-Firming Energy Cream Review

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2. The Travel-Friendly Fragrance

Best Beauty Innovations 2021: Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey IGO Eau de Toilette

What You Need To Know:
• 21st century update on a 1992 scent.
• 2-in-1 design, which features a base bottle with a removable lid that holds 20ml of fragrance.
• The design is subject to a patent application.

Why It’s One Of My Favourite Launches From This Year: When Issey Miyake IGO launched on Escentual earlier this year, I was instantly impressed. Why? Because it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen in the fragrance industry. Of course, the scent itself is exactly the same as Jacques Cavallier’s 1992 icon, but the design is what sets it apart. At first glance, the perfume looks similar to the original but IGO offers two perfumes in one: the lid pops off so you can keep the base at home and take the lid with you wherever you go, so it’s perfect for top-ups or taking on your travels.

How Could It Inspire Future Fragrance Launches? As much as we all love a stunning perfume bottle, many of us want more from our fragrance, and the call for more travel-friendly, convenient perfume designs is only getting bigger. And, IGO is a great example of this.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing more user-friendly takes on fragrance, whether it’s more travel-friendly flacons or different ways to experience perfume, including discovery sets, perfume pens and more.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey IGO Eau de Toilette Review

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3. The Multitasking Serum

Best Beauty Tech 2021: Dermalogica Smart Response Serum

What You Need To Know:
• Recognises micro-changes in the skin to target skin concerns before they’re visible.
• Multitasking formula that hydrates, firms, brightens and soothes.
• Offers targeted treatment whenever and wherever it’s needed.
• Woman & Home Beauty Awards 2021 – Best Beauty Innovation winner.

Why It’s One Of My Favourite Launches From This Year: I’ll admit that sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what your skin needs, especially when external factors, like the weather and pollution are constantly changing. But that’s what’s so impressive about Dermalogica’s Smart Response Serum; it knows exactly what your skin needs even when you don’t. Offering a personalised response each and every time, the powerhouse formula reads your skin’s changing needs and delivers its hydrating, brightening, smoothing and soothing properties accordingly.

How Could It Inspire Future Skincare Launches? Finally, the technology is here to read our skin when we can’t. And now this innovation is here, I hope it’ll be something that we’ll only see more of. In today’s day and age, our complexions have to put up with a lot – stress, changes in the weather and blue light to name just a few – and it’s Smart Response’s ability to acknowledge that our skin can experience multiple concerns at once, and target them all, that makes it so impressive. Of course, the love of multitasking skincare is never going to go away – and Dermalogica’s ability to target everything from fine lines to dark spots, and redness to dehydration is certainly worth investing in.

Dermalogica Smart Response Serum Review

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