The House of Oud Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum Review

Review of The House of Oud Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum

Everything about The House of Oud Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum is totally stunning. Just one spray of Grape Pearls in the Escentual office had everyone entranced; its bottle and beautifully sweet juicy fruity fragrance created a universal ‘wow’.


This Fragrance Smells Like…

An ethereal fruity musk, the sweetness of Grape Pearls is instantly enticing, while the warm amber and musky vanilla base perfectly complements the sweet and fresh fruity florals. Frozen blueberries and a floral velvety bouquet burst out of the fragrance as the top notes, intensified by the rose, grapes pearls and leaves at the heart. Coffee bean also sits in the heart of the fragrance to balance out the sweetness and add a slight bitter tone. The base is a paradise of warm oriental notes: amber, vanilla, white musk and Kalimantan oud reflect the brand’s expertise and heritage as masters of oud scents.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Celebrating a magical moment experienced in an autumnal Arabian garden, Grape Pearls represents the vibrant colours of laughter and the sheer elation surrounding the beauty of life. All parts of the grape are used to create the heart of the joyous fragrance.


You Will Love This If…

There are so many parts of the fragrance to love. Perfume bottle fanatics will be obsessed with the opulent flacon, sweet floral fragrance lovers will be enchanted by the comforting yet striking scent, and those who love niche fruity fragrances will also be a fan!


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

The delightful combination of notes creates a distinct scent, while the notes of grape pearls and leaves conjure up images of a perfect sunny day wandering through a vineyard.


Is Grape Pearls Unisex?

We believe that fragrance has no gender and that any fragrance can be enjoyed by anyone, based on individual taste – and this view is supported by niche fragrance house, THOO. The sweet, fruity and more delicate musks do create a traditionally feminine feel but the oud and coffee bean round out the fragrance so it will certainly appeal to all genders.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Clinging to my skin for around eight hours, The House of Oud Grape Pearls Eau de Parfum is incredibly long-lasting; its oud, musk and vanilla notes become more prominent as the scent warms on your skin.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Absolutely everything is special about The House of Oud’s Grape Pearls bottle. The plush velvet display case presents the perfume like an award or a fabulous piece of art. The fragrance sits within the marbled oval top, which is easy to hold and delivers a powerful spray to shower you in dazzling fragrance.


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