GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Protection UV Fluid SPF50+ Review

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Protection UV Fluid SPF50+ Review

Did you know that using SPF every day is crucial to preserving your skin health? Luckily for us, the GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Protection UV Fluid SPF50+ not only protects the skin, but also adds a beautiful radiance for that coveted youthful glow. The ultra-lightweight formula of GIVENCHY’s fluid SPF layers flawlessly under makeup for a hydrated and luxurious feeling.

Read on to find out why this skin-caring suncream is so appealing…


The Most Important Thing About This Sunscreen Is…

GIVENCHY’s Le Soin Noir Protection UV Fluid SPF50+ or PA++++ provides a high level of protection against broad-spectrum UV rays, working to shield the skin from photoaging and aggressors, without compromising on comfort and hydration.


You Will Love This If…

If you love a multi-purpose product, you’ll love the many benefits and uses of the GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir SPF Fluid! The silky-smooth texture melts into the skin for a natural radiance, whilst the tech-driven formula acts as a skin-quenching primer for smooth, flawless makeup application.

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Protection UV Fluid SPF50+ Review

The Formula:

Signature to the Le Soin Noir collection, the UV Fluid is infused with marine extract to hydrate the skin for an illuminated and even complexion. Over time, the formula works to revitalise your skin for a more youthful appearance, leaning on black SAP and vital algae to encourage cell regeneration and build the skin’s resistance. But it doesn’t stop there, the SPF has a light fragrance that projects a faint summer-inspired aroma.


The Texture

If you love a natural, invisible texture you’ll love the GIVENCHY sun cream’s lightweight cream texture, which rapidly absorbs into the skin to leave your face feeling soft without leaving behind a sticky residue.


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The Finish

There is no trace of shine or greasiness here! The SPF fluid leaves a natural skin-like finish with a subtle radiance. The cream has no glimmer or coloured tint, so everyone can benefit from glowing, protected skin.


How Should You Apply It?

Massage the SPF into your face and neck, working in an upwards motion.


How Often Do You Need To Reapply?

For maximum sun protection, SPF should be applied every 2-3 hours and after swimming.

Review of GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Protection UV Fluid SPF50+

What’s Special About The Bottle?

The sleek tube is adorned with subtle, yet luxurious GIVENCHY touches. The slim design is travel-friendly, making it perfect for touch-ups throughout the day, it also fits nicely into any hand luggage or bag, so you’re never caught without your SPF!



The outer carton is made from responsible materials and can be recycled.


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