GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Mask Review

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Mask Review

GIVENCHY has kicked 2022 off with a sustainable mindset, pledging to be more environmentally conscious by updating their iconic GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Mask. Beautiful to look at and a luxurious pampering experience, the new mask is formulated with 95% natural ingredients and held in a container made of recycled plastic that doesn’t compromise on style. The plumping, complexion-smoothing mask has a unique black and white pattern. Read on to find out more about this striking face mask…


The Most Important Thing About This Face Mask Is…

It’s a luxurious anti-ageing face mask. The formula combines 94% natural ingredients to plump the skin and reduce signs of fatigue, leaving your skin revitalised and radiant thanks to the illuminating algae, picked at its peak to maximise free-radical protection and cell regeneration. Each luxurious mask has a design that is unique, a piece of art made just for you as the black and white coloured formula is combined by hand for an artistic flare.

But how does it differ from the original Le Soin Noir Mask? The new formula has a firmer, thicker texture when compared to the old formula that felt more like jelly. Their updated version has a velvety finish that mimics a rich cream for longer-lasting comfort; the new texture also eliminates any residue and greasy feeling felt by some using the original formula as the mask dries. The same high quality natural ingredients are used in the new formula, with the algae picked using neo-extraction to have the purest of molecules for maximum soothing radiance longevity.

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Mask Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

Suitable for all skin types, those with dull skin will especially enjoy the Le Soin Noir Mask for its complexion clearing and plumping properties to restore a youthful glow to the face.


You Will Love This If…

If you love skincare that is both beautiful to apply and packed full of natural ingredients of the highest quality, you’ll love the new formula of the GIVENCHY mask. Fans of the original Le Soin Noir Mask will be impressed by the new luxurious touches focusing on the sensory experience of application, enhancing your luxury pampering experience thanks to the new silky texture and stunning visuals of the mask.


Hero Ingredients:

To protect against photoaging and give a youthful radiance to the skin, luminescent algae works to reduce the signs of fatigue. Skin is smoothed and the complexion cleared by black sap from vital algae, aiding skin regeneration and improving skin resistance.


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What Does It Feel Like?

The mask feels incredibly cooling on the skin, the soft brush bristles smooth the creamy mask effortlessly. Your skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after removing the mask thanks to the nourishing algae and lightweight texture that doesn’t fully dry during the 10 minutes of application.


What Does It Smell Like?

Like most GIVENCHY products, the Le Soin Noir Mask has a beautiful fragrance that smells natural and fresh with a sweet floral hint.

Review of GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Mask

How Do You Use The Product?

Use the included brush to smooth the mask over your face, applying twice a week. After 10 minutes remove the mask with warm water and follow up with the rest of your skincare routine.


What’s Special About The Design?

Everything is special about the GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Mask design! The black and white formula is intricately swirled together, by hand, to create a unique design in every mask. The included brush is the perfect size and density for even application and adds the final luxurious touch to the experience of using the mask. Finally, the outer jar is made from recycled plastic to create a monochrome and effortlessly chic look that exudes timeless elegance in your bathroom.



Formula contains 94% natural ingredients. Packaging created from recycled materials.


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