Pharmaceris A Sensi-Acti Mask Hydro-Gel Moisturising Mask Review

If you’re a fan of pampering sessions, then you’re going to want to hear all about the Pharmaceris A Hydro-Gel Moisturising Mask.


The Most Important Thing About This Face Mask Is…

Perfect for sensitive complexions, Pharmaceris’ no-rinse sheet mask targets multiple skin woes at once; it calms the skin to reduce the risk of irritation and stabilises the skin’s hydration levels, all while moisturising and soothing the complexion.


What Skin Type Is It For?

It’s been specially designed for allergic or sensitive skin.


You Will Love This If…

If you have sensitive skin that makes you feel uneasy about introducing new skincare products into your existing routine, then there’s no need to worry here; Pharmaceris have a pharmaceutical background so you can feel confident using this skin-calming mask.


Hero Ingredients:

This sheet mask is packed with a number of ingredients that stabilise hydration levels – D-panthenol and hyaluronic acid included – to offer a strong moisturising and soothing effect. The mask’s serum also includes natural hydrocolloids that form a protective shield over the epidermis to guard against dryness and irritation, strengthening and regenerating skin with time. As the icing on the cake, the sheet mask also features antioxidant tremella, a plant extract that’s able to calm the skin cells responsible for hypersensitivity to protect against irritation.


What Does It Feel Like?

The Pharmaceris A Sensi-Acti Mask Hydro-Gel Moisturising Mask initially has a cool gel-like texture – as the name suggestions! It feels instantly soothing as it hugs the contours of your face, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and comfy after use.


What Does It Smell Like?

The mask has no discernible scent.


How Do You Use The Product?

Massage the sachet before opening. Apply the sheet mask to a clean, dry face by removing the white protective film. Mould the face mask to your face’s contours and then remove the elastic protective layer. Sit back for 20 minutes and relax! Then, remove the mask and massage any remaining product into your skin. Repeat this step several times a month to get the most out of this mask.


What’s Special About The Design?

Yes, sheet masks might make you look a little funny in the moment, but they’re also a great way of ensuring your skin gets all the targeted treatment it needs! There’s no need to worry about how much to apply (which is often a concern for traditional face masks) as the serum soaks into your skin once you’ve moulded it to fit the contours of your face.


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