Pretty Pennies Hauls: Inside Beauty Lovers’ Shopping Bags

Pretty Pennies Hauls: Inside Beauty Lovers' Shopping Bags


Do you often get inspired by other people’s purchases? Maybe you never miss a YouTube makeup haul or live for a post-shopping trip fashion show from your friends. Sound like you? If yes, you’ll love our Pretty Pennies Hauls! We’re snooping inside the shopping bags of our favourite beauty lovers. From skincare essentials to makeup must-haves, we’re revealing their beauty buys and bargains.

How It Works

 • 1 Beauty Lover

 • 1 Shopping Challenge

 • 10,000 Pretty Pennies (£100)

 • Unlimited Shopping Inspiration

Pretty Pennies

Pretty Pennies is our loyalty scheme. We reward you, our customers, while you shop. That’s right; you earn money while buying the things you want – a dream come true. Find out more about Pretty Pennies, including how much you’ll make and how they work, here.


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Nominate someone to be our next guest! Let us know who you’d like to see spend their Pretty Pennies and why!