Trend & Tested: The Perfect Lip Shade Tik Tok Hack

Trend & Tested: Perfect Lip Shade Tik Tok Hack

Finding your perfect natural lip shade can be difficult, especially with so many different undertones, shades and finishes to choose from. We hear your struggle, and want to make your search for a natural lipstick a little easier. So, this week in our Trend & Tested series, we’re exploring a new viral lip trend on Tik Tok that’s meant to make finding a lip shade that suits you, easy. And, wait – it gets better because you probably already own the products you need to try it…


What is the Perfect Lip Shade Trend?

The founder of the trend, TikTok star Kenzie, (@yokenzieb)says that to find your ideal lip shade all you need to use is your eyebrow pencil, blush and lip gloss together, and it’s gone viral on Tik Tok. What makes this lip trend different from the rest? It’s that only one of the three products you need for this look is designed for use on your lips: an eyebrow pencil, blush and lip gloss.

The idea is that using colours that already suit your complexion and hair colour means that it will look natural. Your darkest natural colour – brows – make a strong lip liner with your usual choice of blush on the centre of your lips, topped off by a gloss to add shine and blend the colours together.


@yokenziebShout out to all the gworls♬ original sound – Kenzie B 🐝

How Do You Do It?

The beauty of this trend is that you’ve already done the hard part, selecting the right coloured products. Now it’s time to see how they work to give you your perfect lip shade:

1. Grab your eyebrow pencil or powder, using it to line your lips just as you would use a lip liner.
2. Use your fingers to smooth your favourite blush over your lips – this can be a powder or cream formula.
3. Apply a clear or lightly tinted gloss over the top, blending the brow lip liner and blush centre together – and, voila!


We Tested The Perfect Lip Shade

Curious to see if this trend works, I challenged the Escentual Team to put this Tik Tok lip hack to the test.  Keep reading to hear about our love-hate relationship with this hack, so you can judge for yourself whether you’d like to try this trend for yourself…



Result: Perfect Lip Shade Achieved

Zainab tries The Perfect Lip Shade Tik Tok Hack

Products Used:
1. Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in shade 4.5
2. Benefit Rockateur Blush (discontinued)
3. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Red Berry

Perfect Lip Shade Experience:
I was a bit apprehensive at first but I loved the end look, it’s the perfect natural lip! This trend is super quick and incorporates products most of us already own – I felt the two colours really did suit me.

Will you be trying the Perfect Lip Shade Trend again?
Yes! I’m curious to see how it looks with different blush shades.

Top Tip for best results:
Use the lip gloss to really blend the two shades together for a flawless natural look.



Result: Pleasantly Surprised

Hannah tries The Perfect Lip Shade Tik Tok Hack

Products Used:
1. Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette in shade Sting
2. Benefit Dallas – Face Powder
3. Florena Natural Gloss Lip Oil

Perfect Lip Shade Experience:
I’ve seen this hack all over my Tik Tok and the results are always amazing but, the products I use are a bit different to the original cream-based formulas. I fill in my brows using a dark brown powder and use a multi-purpose powder bronzer blush so I was very sceptical if my products would work… but they did! I love a 90’s inspired brown lip so the colour couldn’t have been better. The darker lip line was a bit dramatic but blended easily into the blush as I applied the gloss. Even the texture was comfortable to wear!

Will you be trying the Perfect Lip Shade Trend again?
Yes, I would if I wanted a seriously long-lasting base colour but for every day, I am too much of a lipstick lover to fully convert!

Top Tip for best results:
If you’re using a powder formula, ensure your lips are nourished first – I always sleep with a thick layer of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant.



Result: Not Convinced

Darcey tries The Perfect Lip Shade Tik Tok Hack

Products Used:
1. Benefit Ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Brow Colour
2. Benefit Dandelion Brightening Face Powder
3. Shiseido Shimmer GelGloss

Perfect Lip Shade Experience:
I feel divided by the perfect lip shade hack! On one hand, it opened my mind to wearing more brown hues and it helped me find a flattering pink for my skin tone. On the other hand, I found the texture uncomfortable and the coverage underwhelming. Because my brows demand the darkest shade, I felt the liner wasn’t very flattering and quite difficult to blend into the blush; the gloss was the saving grace of this look but to me, it seemed like a lot of steps that could be cut out by simple lip colour.

Will you be trying the Perfect Lip Shade Trend again?
Probably not! The lip liner was just way too dark on my lips to be wearable for me. I basically blended away the line completely to be happy with how it looked which feels like a waste.

Tip for best results:
Try this trend out to find your perfect shade and go out and buy a good old-fashioned lipstick in a similar colour.


Over To You!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this perfect lip shade hack- will you be grabbing your brow product and blush to test it? Let us know on our Instagram.


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