Pretty Pennies: Fragrance & Grooming Expert’s Father’s Day Picks

Pretty Pennies: Fragrance Expert's Father's Day Picks - Haydn Williams

We’re snooping inside your favourite beauty lover’s shopping bags in our Pretty Pennies Hauls! Each month, we’re challenging makeup artists, dermatologists and content creators to spend their Pretty Pennies, and we’re sharing their beauty buys and bargains with you…

Fathers are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. They often have everything they need because they bought it for themselves when they needed it or want for nothing, no matter how many times you ask. But every dad deserves a present on Father’s Day, so we’ve dedicated this month’s Pretty Pennies edit to gifting inspiration for the important men in our lives. Who better to lead us in the right direction than Fragrance and Grooming Writer Haydn Williams. Haydn is the nose behind You Smell Great! What Is It? and often writes for Grazia. Here are his top recommendations…

The Challenge 

We asked Haydn to spend 10,000 Pretty Pennies (£100) on the fragrance and grooming gifts he always recommends. 

1. A Relaxing Tea Fragrance

Miller Harris Tea Tonique Eau de Parfum

Father's Day Gifts - Miller Harris Tea Tonique

Tea Tonique is one of my favourite notes in perfumery, and this example from Miller Harris is as refreshing as a morning cuppa! It has the brightness of bergamot and earl grey as you first spritz, and this diffuses into smokier tones of birch and maté tea. The 14ml size is also the perfect portable size for a holiday washbag or for when I want to take my fragrance out with me.


2. An Invigorating Face Wash

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Face Wash

Father's Day Gifts - Kiehl's Facial Fuel Face Wash

The equivalent of an espresso shot for my face! The Facial Fuel Face Wash includes caffeine, menthol and vitamin E. I love the ‘apothecary’ feel of the Kiehl’s brand, and this face wash is always part of my morning routine. It smells good – and feels like it’s doing good too. Bracing and invigorating, without the sensation that it’s stripping my face of goodness. A great way to start the day.


3. A Classic Fresh Scent

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette

Father's Day Gifts - Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

This one is all about the ocean. The Prada Luna Rossa sailing boat is an aquatic fragrance befitting its namesake. The profile is classic fougere, with the freshness opening from bergamot and the heart’s aromatic notes. It is a strong choice for Father’s Day in a classy, minimal bottle (well, it IS Prada, after all!) and perfect for the summer months. 


4. A Luxury Shower Essential

Roger & Gallet L’Homme Cedre Body Wash

Father's Day Gifts - Roger & Gallet L'Homme Cedre Body, Face & Hair Shower Gel

I always struggle to describe the smell of body products! (I know that’s NOT helpful!!) L’Homme Cedre Body Wash is just a classic scent that leaves me feeling fresh and energised. There are bright citrus elements and a comforting earthy, woody accord. This body wash would make a great pocket money gift for Dad – and you’ll be adding a touch of luxury to his daily bathroom rituals.


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