DIOR Rouge Dior Coloured Lip Balm Review

DIOR Rouge Dior Coloured Lip Balm Review

Don’t like lipstick? Perhaps you think it’s ‘too much’ for every day or you don’t like the texture on your lips. If so, the Rouge Dior Lip Balm is for you; it’s a refillable lipstick balm for anyone who doesn’t like or want to wear lipstick. Read on to discover why it’s special…

DIOR Rouge Dior Coloured Lip Balm Review

The Most Important Thing About The Rouge Dior Balm Is…

It’s a lip balm with skincare benefits, available in an array of shades (including clear) and an array of finishes: satin, matte and velvet included.

It’s the most luxurious lip balm you’ll likely ever see too; there’s no squeeze tube in sight, only the Rouge Dior lipstick packaging (that’s refillable) that we all know and love.


What Does It Look Like On?

The balm is available in a plethora of colours to suit every skin tone, and mood – the pigment is just right; it’s not super intense, nor is it completely sheer (the satin finishes are the most pigment-rich in my opinion). The look of each finish varies; you can choose from matte, which has a soft powder finish on the lips, velvet, which sits in between matte and satin, or satin, which gives a more glossy finish.


What Skin Type Is It For?

All skin types.


You Will Love This If…

If you don’t like lipstick, or reserve it for special occasions and want something for everyday use, the Rouge Dior Balms are the perfect choice. They’re extremely comfortable, have great lip care benefits, and there’s a shade for all occasions. Additionally, if you want to level-up your current lip balm, what better choice than Dior!


Hero Ingredients:

The DIOR Rouge Dior Coloured Lip Balm contains 95% natural origin ingredients. Its formula soothes and hydrates, thanks to a floral complex: peony, pomegranate flower, Barbary fig blossom, and red hibiscus flower. The base of the balm contains waxes and oils, plus shea butter, to nourish and hydrate your pout.


What Does It Feel Like?

No matter the finish, each balm feels extremely comfortable; they’re almost undetectable once applied.


What Does It Smell Like?

The DIOR Rouge Dior Balms aren’t fragranced – however, they have a subtle powder-like aroma you’d associate with a lipstick.


What’s Special About The Design?

It’s an elevated lip balm; it looks like a lipstick, but not any old lipstick. In true Dior style, it feels weighty, is adorned with the CD logo, and has the ‘click’ close we’d expect from a high-end beauty product. On top of this, it’s refillable, so you can swap and change the shade you have inside!


How Do You Use It?

Apply the DIOR Rouge Dior Coloured Lip Balm directly from the bullet to the lips. Wear alone or as a primer.



The Rouge Dior Balm is part of Dior’s sustainable development initiative, which aims to improve the House of Dior’s impact on the climate, resources, and waste.


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