Miller Harris Figue Room Diffuser Review

Miller Harris Figue Room Diffuser Review


If you love nothing more than getting outside and taking in the beauty of nature, then you need a Miller Harris diffuser in your home. The premium vegan diffuser line showcases a number of scents that are inspired by the outdoors, including the Figue Diffuser, which is the perfect choice for fans of green fruity aromas. If you’re looking to reminisce about warm summer strolls through the Mediterranean, you’ll love the Figue Room Diffuser.


This Diffuser Smells Like…

A juicy, sumptuous fig in the heat of summertime. But it’s more than just one fruit; it’s a sun-dappled vineyard bursting with fresh, luscious figs ripe for picking, the green aroma of the leaves and wild grasses in the landscape mingling with the aroma of the fruit itself.

The diffuser balances the sharp-sweet scent of rich, juicy fig with green, aromatic galbanum and soft, sensual cedarwood to create a greener, woodier take on the fruity fig note, creating a scent that is true to nature without being overly sweet.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Miller Harris’ atmospheric scent takes you on an olfactory journey to the edge of a vineyard, where rich sunlight filters through the luscious green leaves of a fig tree. The scent honours every element of the fig tree – fruit, leaves and bark – creating a scent that is fragrant and earthy, and just a little bit sensual.


You Will Love This If…

If you love fruity fragrances that stand out from the rest, then you’ll love the Miller Harris Figue Room Diffuser. Yes, it’s fruity, but it’s also surprisingly green and aromatic.

And of course, if you’re a fan of the Miller Harris Figue Candle, then this will naturally be right up your street too; it’s laced with the exact same scent.


This Diffuser Smells Similar To:

Well, as the name suggests, it smells like figs, but it’s actually more about the experience of a luscious fig ready for picking in the heart of a sun-dappled vineyard.


Is Miller Harris Figue Unisex?

Absolutely – everyone can enjoy its aroma.


What’s The Longevity Like?

It’s fair to say that I’m certainly impressed by just how long-lasting every single Miller Harris diffuser is, offering weeks and weeks of home fragrance. But I shouldn’t be surprised; they’ve been carefully created by Miller Harris’ expert ‘noses’ to offer an impressive and long-lasting scent throw.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

This diffuser is housed in a soft matte lilac-grey bottle, which adds a modern, sophisticated touch of colour to any coffee table, desk or mantelpiece. It ties in perfectly to the rest of the Miller Harris 2022 diffuser collection, and the 2021 candle collection too, for that matter.



This diffuser includes plant-based base-oils. Plus, its glass bottle can be recycled or reused, while the reeds are natural as opposed to synthetic. The cardboard box is FSC certified and fully recyclable. The diffuser is also vegan and phthalate-free.


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