3 Ways To Pack Efficiently For Your Trip Away

3 Ways To Pack Efficiently For Your Trip Away

For some travellers, packing is easy, but as any beauty and fashion lover will know, packing your case before your trip away can be a tricky task. The dreaded luggage limit forces you to carefully consider what you actually need (everything!), making you choose between your beloved toiletries and potential stylish outfit changes; what’s a girl to do? If you always feel like this is impossible, keep reading because I have three simple ways to help you pack efficiently, so you’ll never have to leave your little luxuries behind again…


1. Travel Size Toiletries

Travel Size Toiletries Pack Efficiently

Every beauty addict knows that packing your toiletries is the most challenging part of packing; when you have so much skincare, beauty and haircare to choose from and aren’t prepared to miss a step in any of your routines. For times like these, ‘travel-size’ toiletries will be a life saver. You may not know that most of your beauty favourites come in mini sizes, whether on their own, within a gift set, or maybe you receive one as a surprise sample in your Escentual order!


2. Roll Your Clothes

Roll Your Clothes Pack Efficiently

Rolling your clothes is a simple way of packing efficiently, and you’ll probably be surprised how much difference it makes to the space in your case. Change from the typical folding method to simply rolling your clothes tightly and compressing the items so that your case is packed compactly and your clothes take up less space.


3. Wear Your Weightiest Item

Wear Your Weightiest Item Pack Efficiently

An effective tip for packing is to wear your heaviest or largest item at the airport, so it doesn’t take up valuable space in your case. Whether that’s a bulky ski coat or wearing trainers instead of your flip-flops, all these little outfit swaps can add to much more space inside your suitcase. And, don’t forget to wear these on the way back, so you don’t get an unexpected fee at the airport.


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