Miller Harris Mandarin Room Diffuser Review

Miller Harris Mandarin Room Diffuser Review

If you’re a fan of sparkling, bright and zesty citrus scents, then the Miller Harris Mandarin Room Diffuser needs to find its way into your home. It’s an utterly joyful and stunning example of a home fragrance that will refresh and uplift any room you place it in. Read on to find out all about its aroma and the inspiration behind it…


This Diffuser Smells Like…

Joyous, juicy and sweet citrus fruits combine with aromatic greenery in full bloom for the Miller Harris Mandarin Diffuser. The star of the show is Sicilian green mandarin, which is a complex note that is somehow green, tart and citrusy yet still soft, sweet and floral. It has a dazzlingly sunny, upbeat presence as it sits alongside aromatic grapefruit and tangy lemon, which are subdued and balanced by herby marjoram, geranium and orange. To finish, a delicate base of cedar, moss and sweet musk brings a sense of harmony and freshness to the home.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

The Miller Harris Mandarin Room Diffuser is inspired by the multifaceted aroma of the mandarin fruit; its honeyed, citrusy aroma is lifted by mature greenery to create a fragrance that tricks you into thinking you’re in the heart of a sun-drenched Mediterranean orchard.


You Will Love This If…

If you love citrus perfumes, then you should add this diffuser to your favourite space; fragrance shouldn’t just be limited to your pulse points. I’d personally see this as a great kitchen or living room diffuser as its joyful yet comforting tone will put a smile on your face as you spend time in these rooms.


This Diffuser Smells Similar To:

As the name suggests, this vegan diffuser is sweet, fresh, bright and sunny, just like the mandarin fruit. But if you’re not familiar with the exact scent of this fruit, then imagine a sparkling, bubbly cocktail brimming with freshly-sliced oranges and lemon, perhaps with a few sprigs of herbs thrown in for good measure, and you won’t be far off.


Is Miller Harris Mandarin Unisex?

Definitely – this sparkling mandarin scent is sure to be loved by everyone.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Miller Harris’ room diffuser is incredibly long-lasting; it has an impressive scent throw too, and you can boost the scent by turning the reed sticks regularly.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The diffuser is dressed in a soft, muted orange hue with a chic matte finish that feels both luxurious and modern. Not only does this tie into the rest of the Miller Harris diffuser collection, but it also pairs perfectly with the Mandarin Candle, so it’s a great addition to your living space if you always have that.



This diffuser includes plant-based base-oils. Plus, its glass bottle can be recycled or reused, while the reeds are natural as opposed to synthetic. The cardboard box is FSC certified and fully recyclable. The diffuser is also vegan and phthalate-free.


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