Paco Rabanne Olympea Solar Eau de Parfum Intense Review

Paco Rabanne Olympea Solar Eau de Parfum Intense Review

If you love the subtle sun-kissed side of Paco Rabanne Olympea, you’re going to want to try Olympea Solar Intense; it’s a 2022 flanker that ramps up the intensity of the original and floods it with dazzling sunlight. Read on to find out more…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Olympea Solar Intense smells like fresh, velvety flowers bathing in sunlight. It bursts with a sparkling, juicy and honeyed blend of mandarin peel and tangerine, which adds a joyful citrusy touch to a sweet orange blossom top note. The heart is powered by a rich, creamy tiare flower accord, creating a blissful tropical tone as an unexpected touch of earthy oakmoss balances it. The base continues the ‘sun-drenched island’ vibe by pairing the exotic, banana-like ylang-ylang flower with warm, vanilla-ry benzoin for a sweet, sensual signature that smells like sun-kissed skin slathered in luxury sun lotion.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Paco Rabanne Olympea Solar is inspired by the Amazon Goddess; fierce and independent, she holds an unwavering radiant power. And yes, you’ll feel like a sun-kissed goddess when wearing it.


You Will Love This If…

If you like solar scents that remind you of your favourite summer holidays, even on the rainiest of days, you’ll love Olympea Solar.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

Paco Rabanne Olympea Solar Intense reminds me of the most luxurious sun lotion you can get your hands on – and yes, I mean that as the highest compliment. Its velvety, tropical white floral tone has a sun lotion-like quality that reminds you of slathering on SPF on the beach just before you treat yourself to a vanilla ice cream.


Is Olympea Solar Unisex?

To us, fragrance has no gender – frankly, you should wear whatever scent you like. However, if you prefer to know which way scents are marketed to help work out whether a fragrance is for you, you should know that Solar EDP is presented as a fragrance for women, mainly due to its sweet vanilla-floral tone.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Olympea Solar Eau de Parfum Intense by Paco Rabanne is an impressively long-lasting fragrance; it exceeded the four to five-hour expectations of an EDP, offering over six hours of wear when I tested it out.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

This is the Olympea bottle, but not quite as you know it. Yes, the circle of triumphant laurels surrounds the flacon as expected. But from there on in, the perfume gains its sense of style; its radiant, golden sunshine vibe is picked up in the hue of the bottle and its pattern, which features golden foliage directly moulded onto the glass. While offering a design inspired by the Paco Rabanne fashion house, the perfume is crowned with a glossy black cap, while the entire bottle is placed on a pedestal to recall a rising sun.





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