Prada Infusion de Vanille Eau de Parfum Review

Prada Infusion de Vanille Eau de Parfum review

Fans of the Prada Les Infusions line, listen up; the essence-inspired collection has a new addition for 2022: Prada Infusion de Vanille.

Sweet, cosy and gorgeously gourmand, vanilla frequently features as a base note in fragrance, and it can be rich and appealing in a number of ways. This natural ingredient is celebrated in Prada Infusion de Vanille Eau de Parfum, but it’s been given a smoky and woody twist.

The perfect layering fragrance or one to wear as a stand-alone ode to vanilla, Prada Infusion de Vanille feels lavish and yet still has a comforting familiarity. Read on to find out all about this unisex fragrance…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Infusion de Vanille is a vanilla scent that feels modern and yet still timeless. It has classic sweetness of vanilla, but its overall vibe is deep and rich with a hint of smokiness.

Bergamot adds a playful zestiness at the tone, offering a hint of citrus-green freshness amongst the smoky vanilla infusion. The addition of neroli walks the line between clean freshness and floral bitterness, so it almost has a grungy feel before the vanilla warms on the skin and brings a layer of faint sweetness.

Woody angelica seeds continue the story, bringing layers of depth and creating a creamy feel amongst the smoke and darkness of vanilla, perfectly balancing the note so it’s somehow creamy and sweet whilst also bold and smoky – Infusion de Vanille is the dark side of vanilla.

Prada Infusion de Vanille review

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

This woody-vanilla scent is part of Prada’s Les Infusions range, designed to honour one key ingredient in an intense and intimate way. Vanilla is the star of the show here, combined with natural notes to experience vanilla in a heightened new way.


You Will Love This If…

Unsurprisingly, vanilla lovers will adore Prada Infusion de Vanille. However, if you’ve typically found vanilla is too sweet for your liking, then Vanille is the dark vanilla fragrance that will totally change your perspective on the note. Fans of smoky, sexy scents need to give it a try.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

An opulent party with the aroma of an expensive lit cigar wafting in from the inner courtyard.

Review of Prada Infusion de Vanille Eau de Parfum

Is Prada Infusion de Vanille Unisex?

Yes – it’s completely unisex; the smokiness of this vanilla signature can be enjoyed by anybody.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Infusion de Vanille becomes one with your skin, lasting on me for an impressive eight hours. Hints of smoke and sweetness leave a trail as you walk, and the longevity and intensity make it a perfect layering scent.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Embodying the craftsmanship and glamour of Prada, the weighted glass bottle is simple yet sophisticated, mimicking the scent within. The cap is wrapped in brown saffiano leather, creating an elegant feel. Pops of silver are completed by the classic Prada rope logo, adding a feeling of magnitude and honouring the heritage of the fashion brand.


Discover The Fragrance In More Detail…

Keen to find out more about Infusion de Vanille? Myself and three other Team Escentual members put it to the test for one month. Watch along to find out why we were so keen to try it and what we thought of it after 30 days…


Why We’re Excited About Infusion de Vanille:


Watch Our 30-Day Review:


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