Top Peptide-Powered French Pharmacy Skincare To Try Right Now

The Top Peptide-Powered French Pharmacy Skincare To Try Right Now

If you’re a French Pharmacy fan, you’ve probably got your favourites by now. Maybe it’s Eucerin’s Aquaphor balm, the Bioderma Micellar Water or Embryolisse Lait-Creme

Although I’ll be the first to admit that I love my French classics, I also know I’d be shooting myself in the foot if I only ever stuck to the icons. Why? Because the French Pharmacy skincare industry is all about producing cutting-edge formulations that are bang on trend – if not ahead of the game. And one specific trend that the French Pharmacy world is well and truly on board with is peptides.

But before I reveal the top three French Pharmacy peptide skincare formulations that you need to hear about right now, I better clear one thing up first:


What Do Peptides Do For Skin?

What Do Peptides Do For Skin?

‘Peptides’ isn’t just a trendy buzzword that’ll be out of fashion within the next five minutes. They’re trending right now, but they’re here to stay. Why? They support collagen and elastin, the major players in your skin’s structure. That means they help firm, plump and smooth your complexion.

In this edit, you’ll meet peptides that do just that – and maybe even more; read on to reveal three of the best peptides in French Pharmacy right now…


1. The Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Eucerin Hyaluron Filler + Volume Lift Night Cream

Eucerin’s Hyaluron Filler + Volume Lift Night Cream is the French Pharmacy pick to snatch up in the sale if you’re looking for an overnight moisturiser that takes signs of ageing seriously. Eucerin’s non-comedogenic night cream uses oligopeptides. Extracted from the fruit and seeds of the anise plant, these oligopeptides support the skin’s structure by helping the skin’s connective tissue to become stronger and more stable. The result? More youthful-looking skin.

But you don’t *just* get peptides here; the overnight anti-ageing moisturiser also helps to increase the size of skin-volumising cells and boost collagen synthesis using naturally-derived magnolol, while hyaluronic acid increases your natural moisture retention. This isn’t only going to keep your skin feeling nice and hydrated; it’s also going to smooth out fine lines caused by dryness. To complete the mix, dexpanthenol laces Eucerin’s rich, buttery face cream to support the skin’s overnight regeneration process.

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2. The Pro-Collagen Day Cream

Vichy LiftActiv Collagen Specialist SPF25

Once you find out that Vichy’s LiftActiv Collagen Specialist SPF25 has been specially made to target signs of collagen loss, it’ll probably come as no surprise that it features peptides, which are the building blocks of key proteins, such as collagen.

But this anti-ageing face cream doesn’t just feature bio-peptides to support plump, juicy skin; it also includes skin-quenching hyaluronic acid and antioxidant vitamin E. The ultra-lightweight fluid face cream even protects against signs of ageing caused by UVA and UVB rays too: fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of elasticity, included. To complete the mix, the clinically and dermatologically-tested formula provides up to 24 hours of hydration.

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3. The Tone-Evening Overnight Serum

Pharmaceris W Albucin Mela Whitening Radiance Boost Dual Action Whitening Serum

Although we often hear about the ways that peptides support collagen production, they’re a lot more versatile than meets the eye. In fact, Pharmaceris’ W serum features a clever biomimetic peptide that reduces and brightens skin discolouration. But how exactly does this innovative active work? It inhibits the receptors in the deeper layers of the skin that typically cause cells to initiate melanin synthesis. To put that a little more simply, it puts the brakes on the process linked to skin tone, so it helps to stop hyperpigmentation (which occurs when an excess of melanin is produced, resulting in dark spots).

The peptide’s hard work is supported by a keratolytic enzyme, which works on the surface levels of your skin to reduce discolouration by gently exfoliating your skin to unlock an even, glowy radiance. Finally, an advanced complex of next-gen brighteners and moisturisers targets early signs of ageing for smooth, hydrated and radiant results.

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