May Favourites: Our 30-Day Updates

May favourites: escentual review latest beauty 2022
The jury’s out! Find out what our team thought of their May picks after committing to 30 days of testing!


1. GUERLAIN Epices Exquises

Product Pick: GUERLAIN Epices Exquises Eau de Parfum

Ben: I’ve been quite liberal with it. It’s one of those ones that you where to get noticed and I’ve had lots of compliments on it. I really like this and I will continue wearing it. I think this is probably one that I will keep for special occasions. I actually took this with me when I went to Portugal recently. It did last in the sun. We went out for dinner and I actually had lots of compliments from people that worked in the restaurant. The Italians loved it!

Keavy: My initial thoughts of the fragrance it was like really powerful and still kind of a bit more intense, like spicy. I still feel that way towards the fragrance, but I think it’s a lot more wearable than I initially thought. Even if you don’t like, absolutely love spicy fragrances, you can wear it anyway. And I that’s what I’ve enjoyed most. You can wear it every day. It’s not just an occasion fragrance. And I just enjoyed spraying it. It’s got a longevity release of half a day. So you don’t really need that much to get the effect that you want.

Chelsey: I’ve lost the lid but I was so happy that I haven’t lost the neckerchief. I’ve had fun layering with it rose frequencies to give it a little bit more of a feminine side, but I’ve also then just loved to amp it and give it all of the squirts for a night out, and I’m not complaining.


GUERLAIN Epices Exquises Eau de Parfum Review


2. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

Product Pick: Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Refillable Eau de Parfum

Darcey: My partner, I gave it to him for his birthday and he was so delighted. He loved it for summer, it’s a really nice, fresh scent and I really enjoyed smelling on him. As you can see he’s really enjoyed it like look how much he’s used in just a month. It’s one of his favourite scents.

Hannah: Acqua de Gio is really aquatic. It’s really fresh. It’s like the perfect summertime fragrance and we’ve had a bit of a heatwave here, and it lasts all day as well like you know, Lachlan will put on in the morning and I can still smell it when I get home from work, so it’s really really good.

Eleni: I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s refreshing and summery and both my partner and I were wearing it and it smells different on both of us. I’m definitely going to buy the refill!

Gavin: I’ve used half the bottle! I’ve used for nights out, it’s not in our day-to-day use of fragrance I don’t think. I think for me when we’re going out for meals and nice restaurants and on holiday you’re sweating in and it didn’t last that long. So I think it was about a four-hour fade away – I’d rebuy it, but again it wouldn’t be for day-to-day use, it something I’d use, you know going out for a nice meal with the wife. It’s too good to wear to work every day.


3. HUGO BOSS Alive Intense

Product Pick: HUGO BOSS Alive Intense Eau de Parfum

Can you actually see from there that I’ve actually used it a fair bit of it? I have fallen head over heels in love with Hugo Boss Alive. It is the perfect cosy,warm scent it’s really ambery and it lasts for ages. It gives me sort of you know relaxing at home but also going out in the evening vibes I’ve worn it pretty much every other day maybe even everyday this month and I’ve been really loving it.

Darcey: I’ve loved Hugo Boss Alive Eau de Parfum, every time I put it on it makes me feel really sophisticated, like I’m going to smash the day. Definitely one if you’ve got like a job interview or like you won’t have a good day at work. I love this for that. It lasts a really long time so I put it on about 8:30am and I can still smell it on my skin at like 5:30pm, so it has really impressive where I definitely buy again.

Maja: What was nice when people like passing me, they ask what is that smell? What is the name of the perfume? They were surprised when I said Hugo Boss. You feel more sexy, more womanly or more elegant even if you’re wearing like normal clothing because they give you this grace on your skin. I’m impressed.

Kate: I’ve absolutely loved Alive Intense, actually a lot more than I thought I would like through putting it to the test for the month. I found that I reached for a lot out of my fragrance collection and you can hopefully see that I’ve used quite a bit of it which is a great sign. I’ll definitely read by this one I’m a little bit obsessed especially with the raspberry note in the top. I actually found that was really long lasting like all day web which is really good as well.

Hugo Boss Alive Intense Eau de Parfum Review


4. Clarins Eau Extraordinaire

Product Picks:
Clarins Eau Extraordinaire Natural Spray
Clarins Eau Extraordinaire Revitalising Silky Body Cream

Keavy: I absolutely love these two, they’re probably my favourite from the trial and something that I probably wouldn’t have tried before. The fragrance in these, it’s almost like a green fragrance was a little bit sweet and musky. I found that using them as a pair together is really relaxing and uplifting. If I’m hungover, I’ll use these two together and it will just make me feel fresh as a daisy when I wake up.

Jade: I wish you could see how much I’ve used of this. I am obsessed with this fragrance. I think it’s my favourite fragrance from Clarins. All I can smell is lemon, it’s very citrus and I love that. It’s very mood-boosting, so at night I like to spray it on my pillow before I go to sleep as well. The body lotion I really, really like. It is different to the fragrance, it’s quite a woody scent. I really like the texture as well it’s very soft and my skin is quite dry because I’ve just been abroad so I use on my legs mainly and my elbows.

Chelsey: The texture of this is unbelievable, it’s really surprising! It just glides in. Personally I love to use these two together. I’ve been playing around with layering this as it’s so fresh with more of a woody scent for evening. This works really well and sort of an earthy, patchouli fragrance as well with more of my oudy scents. After the gym, this is my favourite duo is quite funny actually, I’ve been wearing this to the gym, I sweat pure Eau Extraordinaire, so it makes my sweat smell great in the gym. So happy with that.

Kate: fragrance and then the body moisturiser. So I’ve been using their body cream as the first layer of fragrance and also to hydrate my skin and then topping up fragrance. I love them both. They’re really bright, zesty and really uplifting. I would probably say that I use the fragrance more than the body cream. So I think, out of the two I would rebuy that one over the body moisturiser, just because I’m obsessed with fragrance.

Clarins Eau Extraordinaire Natural Spray Review


5. GIVENCHY Irresistible Hair Mist

Product Pick: GIVENCHY Irresistible Hair Mist

Zainab: Smells irresistible! I’ve been using the GIVENCHY Hair Mist, just when I leave the house sometimes it’s not really necessary step in my hair care routine but it makes me feel really good. It complements my other perfumes really well it doesn’t interfere with anything. And it smells so nice.

Hannah: I’ve been trying the Irresistible GIVENCHY hair mist, and I was a little bit sceptical about just how much impact a hair mist could have when you wear perfume. But this has honestly been the most just it’s been lovely to finish my routine right before I walk out the door. I keep this on the bookshelf by my front door, grab it and just spritz it through my hair on my way out and it’s just a great way to sort of set me up for the day. It’s super sweet, a bit floral and it just smells amazing. I’ve had so, so many compliments when I wear this. People walk past me in the office and they’re like ‘something smells great’, and I’m like yep, it’s my hair! Since I’ve been using this I haven’t noticed my hair has been dry at all. My hair still feels soft, it doesn’t affect how long it takes to get greasy or anything, it just sits in your hair and it doesn’t damage it at all, that I found.

Jade:I absolutely love this, I wear it pretty much every day and I’ve actually had a few compliments about it as if I am wearing the fragrance that people don’t realise it’s actually a hair mist. So it is quite strong, very floral and fruity and I will definitely be purchasing it once I finish it. It doesn’t make your hair feel dry at all. I do love wearing it when I have more of a sleek pony look and it just smells absolutely lovely.

Eleni: I really love this you’re GIVENCHY Irresistible Hair Mist, I’ve been using it a lot, and as you can see there’s still plenty left. As a tip, I’ve been using it as a fragrance, but also as a hair mist and loads of people are complimenting me on it.



6. Clarins Ever Bronze 01

Product Pick: Clarins Ever Bronze Powder in 01

Chelsey: I’ve used this in so many ways shapes and forms. I’ve got to be super quick and give you all of the information because there’s lots to know! You can use as an eyeshadow; you can use it as blush; you can use a bronzer. The two colours work equally as well on their own or together. Lid, crease, blush, bronze. I really love and have been using this as a blush draping tool across my nose to give me a sort of fresh California glow – great bronzer, Clarins!

Jade: I’ve been wearing this every day actually, it’s not actually that bad with my tan, you know, like where you contour your face. So I use the dark one here and then the light one like above and below, just so it makes the middle that standout.

Kate: I’ve really loved trying out the bronzing powder. I feel like it adds a really nice warm radiance to my skin. I don’t actually use bonds very often. So this is the first one that I really put to the test and it’s fully convinced me that I need to be using them for them from now on.

Clarins Ever Bronze Powder Review

7. bareMinerals Liquid Liner

Product Pick: bareMinerals Maximist Liquid Eyeliner

Zainab: I’ve been using this eyeliner this month over my other eyeliners, it’s really easy to use. It’s really black and matte and that’s what I like in an eyeliner and yeah I think it’s a good beginners one because it’s quite easy to draw on.

Maja: It will be like Bang Bang and it’s done. Yes it was much easier to use than pens before, especially because wearing glasses I don’t have good vision. First of all you can easily put on your eyes, and it’s going very nicely, very smoothly like a straight line. I know that I need more experience with using this but yeah, this is good start. I can easily say that it’s worth to buy.

Keavy: You can use like felt tip style pen eyeliner, I really love a brush because I find it gives a smoother end flick. And that’s what I’ve loved about this eyeliner. I will say that it does take a little bit longer to dry and as you apply it it doesn’t like stop moving you have to like leave it for a bit, so you’re better off waiting a little bit and going back in to add a little bit extra if you missed a gap or anything.

Ceryn: So this is the Bare Minerals Maxmisit eyeliner I have lately enjoyed more of a brown eyeliner and a pen format just because I’ve got a bit of a shaky hand. However when I have been wearing or leaning towards going to black eyeliner, I have been using this. I have and for me it needs a little bit more time to dry down than some of my other eyeliners but when it does dry down it’s really black and pigmented.

bareMinerals Maximist Liquid Eyeliner Review


8. bareMinerals Volumizing Mascara

Product Pick: bareMinerals Maximist Phyto-Fiber Volumizing Mascara

Ceryn: This is the bareMinerals Maximist Mascara. I really love it because it’s got this chunky brush. It’s kind of one of those mascaras that because the brush is so chunky and there’s kind of so much formula on there, that it takes no time to put it on and get mega volume in an instant. I’m quite lazy when it comes to my makeup lately, so I’ve loved this which is a quick coat and out the door. Gets a thumbs up for me I’ve really enjoyed using it!

Maja: I am well prepared what I definitely can say they are maximised! I take with me my previous one like a normal one what you can see is black as well. And if you see, in this way, when I use bareMinerals you clearly see the difference. It’s much, much blackish, much much darker, it’s more intense on your eyes, on your eyelashes. I want to see like more impression on my eyes with wearing the glasses and this gave me this feeling.

Zainab: I’ve been using the Maximist Mascara every day. I’d say it’s quite a first-time mascara so you can use it day to day or in the evening because it’s really voluminous. I only use it on my top lashes though because the brush is quite big but it does give you really nice long, thick lashes. If you’re looking for mascara that’s quite natural and just adds a bit of definition, I don’t think this one’s it but it is a great one!

Keavy: My current mascara has got a lot a lot thinner brush I use it for day time whereas this one’s got a bigger bolder brush so it gives a fuller effect which I really like. The form there is slightly smudgy if you’ve got lashes like me that are quite straight, they tend to like catch on my bottom lashes they can like have a little bit of transfer but overall I do really like the look.

bareMinerals Maximist Phyto-Fiber Volumizing Mascara Review


9. Benefit Shellie Blush

Product Pick: Benefit Shellie – Blush

Ceryn: really love the colour it gives my cheeks it’s not to pinky, because I hate wearing pink, but it gives a really lovely sunkissed glow and I’ve actually only been using this since I’ve got it. And I’m going away tomorrow and I packed it in my travel bag so I think that speaks volumes. I really love the brush as well especially because I’m going away I feel like this is the perfect travel companion because you put the lid on and it’s not going to get all makeup inside my bag.

Louisha: First glance Shellie was the one that caught my eye it definitely. It’s a lot more pigmented than I first thought, even though obviously is a blusher as well it was a nice addition as a highlighter. I actually took this away with me on my holiday in the summer and it was great just to kind of like throw in your bag with it all being concealed, I wasn’t worried about the bristles being damaged in any way and it was great like it applied lovely is nice and soft I haven’t found with the bristles have been falling out to anything and stayed in really good condition considering how much I’m taking around with me.

Hannah: Usually with blush I’m a little bit nervous, because I’m quite a red person, so I tend to go for blushes that aren’t too sort of red in undertone, which is why I’ve really been enjoying Shellie, it has sort of corally hints to it. And I’ve actually been mixing Shellie and Hoola together sometimes for really bronzey-peachy glow, that’s what’s on my cheeks right now. With Shellie I’ve been using the multitasking brush and they just work perfectly together. I sort of sweep it on the sort of three of my face, so it gives you know a nice sort of glow to my entire face. I’ve just been really enjoying using it. I also love that there’s a mirror inside the box, so it’s perfect just pop on but as I’m running out the door, because I’m always late to things. I’ve even put it on in my car with the brush and it’s just perfect for keeping in your bag.

Keavy: I kind of liked this because it kind of chose to shade for me, because it was so many shades, I was almost overwhelmed with like what to choose, but like now looking at this shade, it’s like a classic shade that will suit everyone, so I think this is like the most versatile shade in the collection. It’s really nice for the evenings, like when I’m not wearing like cream-based makeup, I went a bit gung ho with my blusher brush the first time I used it and it came on like really strong, less is more with this blush. The formula is like really pigmented and I think it’s one that will suit everyone.

10. bareMinerals BAREPRO Pressed Foundation

Product Pick: bareMinerals BAREPRO 16Hr Skin-Perfecting Powder Foundation

Rosa: I’m actually quite clearly obsessed. I haven’t used powder foundation before, so I had no idea what to expect but it is just fantastic. It’s so lightweight, you barely even know that I’m wearing anything and I really like that. I like that very natural look completely mattifies my skin and on top of that the one thing that I was really hoping for is that it really comes down my oiliness. Even if I’m not just using it by itself, I’ll use a heavier foundation and then just pop a little bit over the top oiliness as well. So it completely sorts it out. I’ve been using it every single day and it barely even looks used to buy it buy this product, it’s incredible. You won’t regret it.

Kalli: I use this a lot because it’s so quick to apply. You just use the sponge and it’s so easy if you want something quick. But it has full coverage during summer, you don’t need something heavy on your face. It’s so lightweight. I have oily skin but I can’t find shine or nothing and it lasts for hours, because I used it from eight o’clock until four o’clock and it was there. I didn’t renew it.

Keavy: Even though this is the foundation I use it a little bit differently. I use tinted SPF every day so I go in with the bare pro powder like and all the bits that go extra shiny on me so I use it as in like a spot use kind of basis I really like it the milled powder I think is what makes it stand apart. It’s like so soft and silky. It’s so comfortable my skin the coverage is mattified, but it’s like barely on your skin. I have fair skin though like even though there was loads of shades to choose from. I found it really easy to choose my shade because it had different variations and so mine was warm fair which is something I typically go for. So I didn’t want a cool fair, I wanted a little bit more sun-kissed, golden and that’s what I’ve got from this powder.

Hannah: Do you think I can say it’s my favourite thing? The bareMinerals bare pro foundation has got to be my favourite pick this month. I am quite minimalist when it comes to face makeup so I love wearing, as you can see this bit of a dent, wearing this over a tinted SPF. It just gives the perfect amount of coverage. I’ve got it on today. It hasn’t made me oily it lasts all day and it just feels like I’m wearing absolutely nothing on my skin. So this is a definite win from me. Finding my shade I normally sit between neutral and warm but because I was gonna be putting this all over my face. I went for the neutral. It’s not too cool-toned. It’s just the perfect neutral really.

bareMinerals BAREPRO 16Hr Skin-Perfecting Powder Foundation Review


12. Benefit Hoola

Product Pick: Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

Darcey: So originally I use the Hoola Caramel Bronzer, when I bought this, I was a bit more tanned, so it kinda suited me more but now not so much so I really enjoyed having the chance to try the original Hoola. I’ve been on quite a few holidays this year so I really enjoyed the fact that it was smaller and then I could just put it in my luggage and to be honest, I like to use my own brushes anyway so I didn’t really notice a difference. I probably would buy the original Hoola bronzer again. I find it more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t have that brush inside and I didn’t miss it at all.

Louisha: Everything is still great like the formula and how it goes onto my skin is still like it was before just great now that it’s the smaller size so I got more space to take more makeup with me my makeup bag. It’s been great.

Hannah: I’ve loved Hoola for years and years. I think it was my first sort of proper luxury bronzer that I ever bought. And you’ll be pleased tp know the formula is still the same. It’s sort of that rich buttery, glides on; you barely need to blend. I’m wearing it today but the new packaging is just great. I’ve just had it my bag the whole time. I usually just wear you know bronzer, concealer and then put the bronzer on my eyes as eyeshadow. So it’s a great multi-purpose product.


13. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Mini

Product Pick: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF30

Rosa: This is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I’ve had a bit of an interesting time with this in that when I first got it I did really like the texture of it but unfortunately I got the wrong shade it was a bit too orangey for me but since getting the right shade I can say for absolute certainty don’t judge a product if you get the shade wrong this has been actually really wonderful. It’s really nice light coverage which is exactly what I want I’m wearing it specifically today just so you can see and also it’s got that lovely SPF in it as well which is perfect because I don’t have any other products that contain SPF. Opal 01 is the shade that I went with and also I can just pop it in my bag whenever I needed to. Which is really great.

Patricya: It’s the Opal shade. I’ve loved everything about it it gives me a nice glow and it covers up all my redness. Yeah, I was looking for a product which could do that and not give me full coverage so I was really happy with it. I don’t even need to have a bag for it. I can just throw in my pocket and that’s it I’ve already bought another tube!

Rosa: This is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I’ve had a bit of an interesting time with this in that when I first got it I did really like the texture of it but unfortunately I got the wrong shade it was a bit too orangey for me but since getting the right shade I can say for absolute certainty don’t judge a product if you get the shade wrong this has been actually really wonderful. It’s really nice light coverage which is exactly what I want I’m wearing it specifically today just so you can see and also it’s got that lovely SPF in it as well which is perfect because I don’t have any other products that contain SPF. Opal 01 is the shade that I went with and also I can just pop it in my bag whenever I needed to. Which is really great.

Keavy:  I went for shade 3, which is Butter Cream. I’m an easy person to trial this product because I already love the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. It’s like a moisturiser SPF BB cream all rolled into one product. It’s got really dewy finish. I already knew that I loved this. All I needed was the mini, to take it with me so I can try it when I’m away or on the go. I’m also going to Venice this weekend. So this is one of my minis that are gonna be coming in my little airline pouch. This is a thumbs up from me!


Sun Protection

14. Ultrasun Pre-Sun Tan Activator

Product Pick: Ultrasun Body Pre-Sun Tan Activator

Darcey:  If you’re looking for something that’s multi-purpose, this is great. It helps prolong your tan and it’s good before you go on a holiday to kind of enhance your tan, but it’s also a really great moisturiser. I like it just as a body moisturiser, it’s really fluid; spreads on the body easy and I feel really silky smooth after I use it. I definitely would buy the Ultrasun Pre-Sun Activator again, I really like how it makes my skin look a bit glowy. I haven’t used it ahead of a holiday yet, but I do have a big holiday coming up so I’m excited to try it then.

Ben: It’s got a really lightweight gel texture which is really nice the absorbs really quickly as well because I’m really impatient so I probably wouldn’t continue using the product if it took ages to absorb. There’s no scent or any fragrance or anything added to the product. So I think that’s another plus because it wouldn’t interfere with the fragrances they choose to wear during the day.

Ceryn: Fabulous! So this is the Ultrasun Pre Sun Tan Activating Pre Sun Lotion – bit of a mouthful. This prepares your skin for tanning. I’ve really enjoyed using it I’ve been using it for the last two weeks because I’m going away actually tomorrow to Spain. I really liked the texture, is one thing you don’t see the results straight away so for now all I’ve been able to enjoy is the texture. It’s like this cream but when it blends in it gives your skin a really nice sheen so it was quite a nice moisturiser. I don’t go away until tomorrow. So how it prepares my skin and how glowy I’m gonna get I don’t know, but the texture gets a big thumbs up for me.


15. Ultrasun Face SPF30 Anniversary Edition

Product Pick: Ultrasun Face SPF30 – 30th Anniversary Edition

Ben: This is the iconic SPF 30 from Ultrasun. I also took this on holiday with me to Portugal we used it every day. My dad actually used it as well because we’re both bald now. We use SPF 50 during the day to be fair, the UV Ultrasun Mist and then this was like just a top then if we went out during the day because obviously this is a smaller size, so it’s easy for us to carry to the beach. I didn’t burn on holiday, not at all actually, which I think is obviously testament to Ultrasun’s product. There’s nothing negative for me to say about it really, it’s a really good product.

Zainab: It was really moisturising, didnt dry out your skin. It doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin and it didn’t sting my eyes and I have really sensitive eyes.

Eleni: I really enjoyed the iconic Ultrasun SPF 30, however because of my skin type and my skin sensitivity, as I said before, I’m allergic to the sun. I find it not quite strong for me and I needed the SPF 50 version. However, I do recommend it for everyone else because a friend of mine used it and she adored it.

Darcey: I really enjoyed using the Ultrasun 30th anniversary SPF 30 for your face. I’m actually allergic to a lot of sunscreens. I tend to break out in a rash I didn’t find that with this at all. I also really enjoyed that it has a 90% absorption rate so it’s really lightweight it almost felt like my skin. So definitely one to get if you do hate sticky or heavy SPFs!


16. Bioderma Photoderm Ultra SPF50

Product Pick: Bioderma Photoderm Lait Ultra SPF50+

Hannah:  I’ve picked the Bioderma Photoderm Lait Ultra, so I really wanted an SPF 50 for my body and I’ve been really impressed by the texture of this sun cream. It takes a second to sink into your skin, but when it does, it is just so hydrating. I have really dry skin on my legs. And this acts like another layer of moisture. My mum actually came to stay as well and she is obsessed with this and she’s got super super dry skin, but she sort of slathered it all on and just loved it. She just loved the way it felt. It leaves like a really nice shine but you can keep blending in so that goes away. So you can really sort of customise this to look however you want it to.

Jade: I wish you could see though, it’s literally like here. This product is really good. Usually I don’t wear SPF 50 but Escentual has changed me and now I wear SPF 50 only. The formula is really really nice. Usually I’m the type of person that stays away from anything that leaves a white layer on the skin, but this is very like invisible straight away soon as you put it on, easy to put on your skin as well so highly recommend.

Eleni: This very nourishing SPF. My tip is to wait a bit longer before you go out, to let it sink in!

Hair Care

17. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Booster

Product Pick: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Booster Restoring Conditioner

Rosa: It’s been really lovely actually, it’s made my hair really lovely and soft. I’ve been literally using it, I think actually every single day. I’ve been pairing it with my conditioner that I’ve already been using, Klorane of course and it’s just a lovely addition to whatever I’m pairing it with. It still keeps that tension that still keeps the ringlets we all seem to be kind of using in slightly different ways, which is quite interesting, but I use mine literally just as a conditioner. So I didn’t use it as a mask or anything like that. Literally just use my regular conditioner and then just like pop them in my hand, pop it on my hair and then just leave it in for a couple of minutes.

Zainab: I really love the elasticizer booster it makes my hair feel so soft for days. And my favourite way to use it is on top of my normal conditioner just as a little boost. See what I did there? I’ve got quite dry hair but after using the elasticizer booster my hair feels so much softer and sleek after blow drying and it looks physically less damaged.

Louisha: So I can confirm this has definitely helped strengthen the end of my hair, I’m just seeing a lot less breakage which is great. The condition is really good. And I’ve also managed to easily integrate this into my routine because I’m putting my normal Philip Kingsley conditioner on but then also just putting this on top as that booster, which by doing that it’s not adding too many steps in or anything. I just found it quite easy to keep it going and just integrate into my hair routine.

Kalli: I used it mostly as a mask, left it around 10/15 minutes and when I dried my hair, I felt my hair was more strong than ever and I feel that I did something good for my hair. I felt the hydration.


18. GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Hair Oil-in-Serum

Product Pick: GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-in-Serum

Ceryn: I love it. It’s so nice – it smells so good!. So this is the GUERLAIN Abeille Royale (that’s a mouthful) Scalp and Hair Serum. Anything from this range smells amazing. That’s why I kind of wanted it, even before reading anything about it because I knew it’s gonna smell amazing. And it definitely does. Even my partner has been stealing this and giving it a go. It’s really nice. I feel like it does make my hair and my scalp feel really nourished. And the smell itself just makes me want to use it. Would I repurchase it? I’m not sure, it is more of an expensive luxurious treat, which is why I would say it’s a great addition to someone’s routine may be as gift, or something like that, you know, they love luxury beauty.

Chelsey: I was scared when I read the instructions that it’s to be used day and night. But after learning more about hair oiling on TikTok, I got it. And I’ve managed to nail the routine. What’s most impressive about this is the texture. When I say it’s similar to the serum, it really is. It’s non-greasy, it doesn’t affect the colour of my hair, it doesn’t affect the weight of my hair. I found that when sort of looking at my hair growth here I can see a little bit thicker, it feels thicker, it feels bigger. I’m excited to keep trying it and see the results. But overall I’m really happy so far.

Kalli: I liked this so much that it’s my favourite. First of all the smell, it’s incredible. It’s like pure honey. I mean, I want just to smell it. It’s so leightweight. I mean, I don’t feel that I use an oil for the hair because usually greasy and I think it’s a wonderful one. It’s an expensive product, but I think it works. I used it in the morning as well. And as you can see, it’s not oily because I have an oily scalp, but it doesn’t leave any grease, nothing. It’s perfect.

Keavy: When it comes to oils. The first thing I think is it’s heavy. It’s going to wear my hair down. It’s going to look greasy. This oil has none of those attributes at all like, it’s so nice. When you apply it you just add a little bit to the roots and then you take it down to the tips of your hair. It makes your hair look really healthy. But I think over time is where it really makes a difference because you have feels like stronger and healthier.


Body Care

19. Clarins Body Treatment Oil

Product Pick: Clarins Body Treatment Oil “Anti-Eau” Contouring/Strengthening

Kate: I’ve been using the contour treatment from Clarins to perhaps or firm tone your skin. I’ve really enjoyed using it and I definitely feel like it’s made my legs particularly feel quite toned, really moisturised and also the smell is really nice so it’s a good one for like a little bit of a pamper session. One really interesting thing actually is that you’re supposed to rinse this off after with a cold shower, but I personally found that it feels like it’s firming and toning a little bit better before I rinse it off so I might try that in the future by leaving it on.

Hannah: For me the Clarins contour treatment oil is the perfect thing to use after you shave your legs and you’re going for a big night out. The oil just melts over your skin and gives you a bit of a confidence boost. For me it’s sort of firming my legs and yeah, like the perfect step in a night out routine. Have I seen any firming changes? It’s really hard to tell, over time it’s maybe helped my cellulite a little bit but I don’t think I’ve used it quite long enough yet to see the full difference. It smells really green, really herby. Oh yeah, it just kind of smells like you’re walking in a garden.

Nikki: I really did like it. I was surprised that I liked this product that much. I did see an overall firming and smoothing I think more than anything, it was just like a smoother skin texture. The smell alone is enough to convince me to buy again, the only proper downside for me is that it’s an open pour rather than a pump or a spray. That being said I still really enjoyed the product. I’ve increased training and things like that. So that always helps but I’ve definitely seen firming in a more like exponential rate that I would expect.

Jade: I’ve been using this for 30 days and I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant so I’m glad to say I can use this oil, not on the stomach area, but I have been using it on my feet because I have had sore feet and I’ve also been putting in the bath as well. It’s got very lemony scent, so it relaxes you in the bath and it makes your skin feel really soft.


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