June Favourites: Our 30-Day Update

June Favourites: Our 30-Day Update


The votes are in. The team have spent all month testing, and here are their final thoughts on their June Favourites.



1. 4160 Tuesdays Amberama


Product Pick: 4160 Tuesdays Amberama Parfum

Keavy: This is my favourite out of the two that I’ve tested. Amberama Parfum smells ambery; it’s creamy and sweet. I’ve really enjoyed wearing it. I find it really comforting – I’ve even worn it to bed once. How boujee is that!

Kate: I’ve really loved trying Amberama properly. I don’t tend to go for amber fragrances, so it’s been really nice to challenge myself a little bit. It’s actually surprised me, and I loved it a lot more than I thought I would. I would say it’s quite a wearable amber, so if you’re a little bit scared of amber then this is a good one to go for. I’ve also been really impressed with how long-lasting it is, so it’s definitely one that I would wear and buy for myself.

Ben: I picked this because I love like warm, creamy fragrances, and I was a little bit worried, actually, with all the warm weather coming up that it wouldn’t last very long on my skin, but I will say that it’s lasted all day when I’ve worn it, and I’ve worn it every day this month, so I will continue to wear it.

Nikki: I fell in love with it. I think it’s my new go-to fragrance. It’s going to be great for me. It was so creamy and a little bit sexy, and I don’t get sexy fragrances often so I felt like a dream.


2. 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen


Product Pick: 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen Eau de Parfum

Keavy: It’s not your typical rose. It’s a little bit more acidic than other roses that I have. I usually go for a really jammy sweet rose, and I think this errs more on fresh rose. It’s hard to pin down exactly what it smells like.

Eleni: 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen has been an amazing fragrance. It got me into loving rose fragrances; however, is a bit autumny for me, so I find it a bit hard to use it in the summer months, but I will revisit it in a few months.

Kate: Red Queen is one that surprised me more than I thought it would. I definitely think out of a lot of the 4160 Tuesday fragrances I’ve tried, it’s not my personal favourite, so I think I’ll probably not repurchase this one myself, but I do want to try and buy a lot of other ones from them, especially Over The Chocolate Shop.

Zainab: I’ve been wearing the 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen every day nearly. It works great in the day or night, and it’s a really lovely rose fragrance.


3. Jimmy Choo Man Aqua

Product Pick: Jimmy Choo Man Aqua Eau de Toilette

Hannah: Man Aqua is just a super, super fresh fragrance. I live near the sea, so I love wearing this when we go for walks. And my partner actually has worn this on so many different occasions. He’s worn it to really fancy business dinners, but also has used it after the gym. So it’s like a really, really versatile scent. We’ve both really enjoyed wearing it and putting it to the test. It lasts a really long too; it sort of becomes a bit warmer after a few hours of wearing, so yeah, it’s a really beautiful, beautiful scent.

Ceryn: I have really loved the Jimmy Choo Man. I think it’s a really easy fragrance, like when you can’t think of a fragrance choice to wear. Simon has been wearing it a lot. And I’ve noticed that, even though he’s got loads of fragrances, he’s consistently going back to this one, so now it’s a fragrance that I’m starting to associate with him, even though it used to be VERSACE EROS. Now it’s this.

Louisha: Jimmy Choo Man Aqua – really fresh, especially when we’ve been having some nice weather, I was definitely reaching for this over others just with it being so fresh, and my mood and how I was feeling. And also my partner’s using it as well; he absolutely loved it and had loads of compliments for other people when he was wearing it.

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua Eau de Toilette Review


4. Coach Wild Rose


Product Pick: Coach Wild Rose Eau de Parfum

Simona: Normally, perfumes take a few minutes to settle, but this one smells beautiful straightaway. I love the smell of it. It’s a nice combination between amber, red currants and roses. I found myself using it every day to be honest, and I was surprised to see how long it lasts – even after eight hours, I could still smell it on my skin, which is amazing. I got complimented quite a lot while wearing it and my other half was quite taken away with it, so it’s definitely a product to buy for the spring and summer season.

Hannah: As a rose lover, it’s no surprise that Wild Rose has been an absolute dream for me to wear this month. I’ve had so many compliments on this fragrance. I walked out of my front door and my neighbour complimented me. Also, when I went to a very sweaty concert, I was wearing this I even had some compliments there, and I feel like if you can wear a fragrance to a concert and still get compliments on it, you know that it’s a good one.

Louisha: I absolutely love the fragrance. I’ve been wearing it probably nearly every day. I noticed it does really stay – it’s got really long-lasting power on my skin. I’ve just been really pleased with it, so I’m glad I chose it. I can’t wait to keep using it.

Nikki: I was so looking forward to trying a new rose fragrance. It’s never been my thing but I wanted this to be it. And I love the smell. The first spritz was gorgeous. But then I could smell the jasmine, and that’s when it hit me. It wasn’t going to be exactly for me, but still if I were gifted it, I’d absolutely love it.

Coach Wild Rose Eau de Parfum Review


5. Parfums de Marly Haltane Eau de Parfum

Product Pick: Parfums de Marly Haltane Eau de Parfum

Rosa: My love, I’m just, I was insanely captivated by it the first time I found it and I still am captivated by it. It’s just absolutely stunning. I’m using it incredibly sparingly and that’s kind of how you know with me that something is good because I will use it so sparingly, but at the same time, it lasts for such a long time. So you can just do one spray, and it will last literally two days, maybe two and a half, three days. So it’s incredible. I absolutely love it to absolute bits. And it’s just really really really good.

Eleni: Parfums de Marly Haltane has been an amazing fragrance; I’m wearing it every time that I can. It’s a little bit intense, but I do like an intense masculine fragrance. It’s really oudy and I always get compliments when I wear it.

Kate: I’ve loved putting Haltane to the test, especially in the summer months because it’s got a lot of quite aromatic notes in it, so that’s been really nice on hot summer days. I’ve loved seeing how long-lasting it is. Seriously, it’s about 12 hours at least, right from the morning to the night; it’s really long-lasting. In all honesty, I would say it’s still quite a traditionally masculine fragrance, which I don’t tend to go for, so I probably won’t buy this for myself, but I know that my dad has his eye on this one.

Parfums de Marly Haltane Eau de Parfum Review

Bath & Body

6. Miller Harris Secret Gardenia Body Wash

Product Pick: Miller Harris Secret Gardenia Body Wash

Ceryn: I have really enjoyed using this, but equally my partner, Simon, has been loving it just as much. When I saw how much he’s been using it, I was like, “stop” because this is expensive – I want to enjoy it! But equally, it’s been really lovely. It smells incredible. It’s got a really lovely lather and, even though I do have sensitive skin, it doesn’t irritate the areas that I’ve got eczema, and it just makes showering a really lovely, luxurious experience, so I’m gonna be really sad when it does actually all completely goes.

Eleni: I didn’t actually use the Miller Harris Secret Gardenia as a shower gel. I use it in my bath. It just made the most amazing bubbles, and the whole bathroom just smelled divine. I recommend you to use it in your bath.

Kate: I’ve been trying out the Secret Gardenia Body Wash – the one thing that has really impressed me is just how strong it smells when you’re in the shower. I seriously don’t think I’ve used a body wash that actually smells that strong. It’s got that beautiful white floral, Secret Gardenia scent, and it does last after you’ve come out of the shower, which again is something that’s quite rare, I think. I don’t know if I would actually rebuy the body wash because, in all honesty, I love fragrance more than I tend to enjoy body care, so I think if anything it’s actually made me want to buy the perfume more so.

Keavy: I really enjoyed using this. It smells like white florals. I love Miller Harris anyway, so I couldn’t wait to try the body wash. This is a bit boujee to be honest, but I used it as a two-part cleansing because I wasn’t sure about the perfume on intimate areas, so I kind of washed as normal and then put a second layer of scent because why not, isn’t it?


7. L’Occitane Mint Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel

Product Pick: L’Occitane Mint Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel

Rosa: I really knew I was gonna love this Verbena Shower Gel, and I was absolutely right. It’s got that lovely, incredibly lovely scent. It’s very kind of natural, very citrusy. At the same time, it’s got these really lovely exfoliant beads. It’s not like a hard exfoliation. It’s very gentle. It doesn’t look like I’ve used much, but I really… I’ve literally been using it every single day, and a little bit really goes a long way. And I feel incredible afterwards.

Darcey: I really liked that it’s a mix between a shower gel and an exfoliator because I tan a lot in the summer, so it’s really great for making your skin even, ready for your tan. I will say that, compared to the Osmanthus, I felt the scent was a little bit more masculine, so my boyfriend loves it, whereas I’d probably lean more towards the Osmanthus range.

Eleni: I really enjoy the scent of the Verbena Mint Exfoliating Shower Gel. However, I only managed to use it once because I have really sensitive skin and I can’t do regular exfoliating. It just felt really refreshing, really smooth and it’s just delicious.

Monika: I really like it. It’s kind of become part of my daily routine and because I’m a routine person, so it’s my go-to shower gel in the morning. So that’s how I start my day now. So yeah, I do really like it. It’s nice and smooth, nice and fresh. It just gives me the right vibe for the day.


8. L’Occitane Osmanthus Range

Product Pick: L’Occitane Osmanthus Range – L’Occitane Osmanthus Exfoliating Shower Gel, Hair & Body Oil

Darcey: It’s perfect for summer. It’s really refreshing, but it also has a warm, sensual nature to it from the wood and vanilla. My skin always smells amazing, and it’s nice that they kind of complement each other, so you’ve got the wash and then the oil, so you can prolong that scent. As you can see, I’ve used a lot of it. I actually love a massage, so I use this regularly for a massage. It spreads really easily on your body and you can use it on your hair as well.

Hannah: I’ve really enjoyed using the Osmanthus range. The shower gel has been incredible to shave my legs with – it just leaves them silky smooth without being dry or flaky. And the oil I’ve been so impressed with. I mean, I’ve used it every single day but you only need like one or two sprays and look how much is left. I just love putting it on all of my arms and legs and then, whatever’s left, just running through my hair. Beautiful scent and yeah it leaves me really really moisturised.

Eleni: I really like the scent of the Osmanthus range. It was really fresh, really summery. In regards to the body and hair oil, I prefer it as a body oil because it’s a little bit heavy for my hair. However, for the body, it just felt so nice and it just smoothed my skin – it was wonderful. For this right now, because I have really sensitive skin, I can’t really do much exfoliating. So what I did, was I used the Almond Shower Oil with this one, and I used them together, and it made a really nice paste, and it just smoothed my skin a lot.

Nikki: I absolutely loved the L’Occitane and I was not surprised at all because I’m a L’Occitane girl at heart. The fragrance was just dreamy, took me to a different place, and the oil sinks in so good. The exfoliation has been really good for my summer skin shedding, which it is at the minute. Yeah, all round a top product, top tier product for me.


9. L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil

Product Pick: L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil

Ceryn: I really love this. Traditionally, because I’ve got eczema – I always say I’ve got eczema, don’t I? I tend to use body products that are really boring, really clinical, and not that luxurious. So this has been a really nice treat and change. Now, I know it’s not all about the smell but, for me, the one thing that I do love the most about is just the scent, and it does leave this beautiful sheen on my skin. I’ve been using it every time I get out of the shower religiously, but equally before I go out as well. If I’m wearing a dress or a skirt, I will 100% run upstairs and chuck this all over my legs so I’ve got supermodel sheen legs.

Zainab: I’ve been using the L’Occitane Milk Veil after every shower, and it leaves your skin feeling really moisturised, and it’s really lightweight, but it’s not greasy and it smells amazing.

Eleni: I love using the L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil because it’s very hydrating and smoothing. It’s just moisturising, and it’s amazing to use after you’ve used the Almond Shower Oil. It’s the perfect scent for a perfect day.

Monika: L’Occitane Almond is my favourite range; I already have the oil, the shampoo and the conditioner, so this one is just the kind of end to the package. And it’s just nice concentrating on me, and get away from the babies and treat myself, so this is the perfect thing. It’s amazing. I really love it.

L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil Review


10. Real Techniques Easy 123 Foundation Brush

Product Pick: Real Techniques Easy 123 Foundation Brush

Darcey: I’ve been using it with the YSL NU Foundation. Because it’s a cream formula, I didn’t feel it worked very well but I will say it does work really well with a powder or quite a high coverage heavy formula. It worked well when you dab it in. I love using it for my primer because I’m a bit fussy and I don’t like using my fingers for my primer, so I can use it for that first and then I’ll follow up with my foundation.

Hannah: The Real Techniques Brush is, as you would expect from Real Techniques, really, really brilliant. I’ve loved using it in a few different ways, but my number one favourite is for powder foundation. I will say, even though it’s not a stippling brush, I’ve really enjoyed using like stippling motions to apply. I like sweeping it for a sort of more liquidy texture foundation, so I really liked it with the YSL NU tint. But yeah, for powder it’s just so nice to stipple. I did my full face of makeup with it and it applied every product seamlessly.

Eleni: I really enjoyed using the Real Techniques Easy As 123 Foundation Brush. I usually apply my foundation with my fingers and then I just blend everything with this amazing, really colourful brush.

Chelsey: This is a big brush. I’ve used it with powders; I’ve used it with creams; I’ve used it with foundation; I’ve used it with setting powder; I’ve used it with cream blush – and I’ve used it with powder blush. It can literally be used in any way, shape or form. It’s really good to have on hand just in case you’re travelling, you’re going anywhere. It’s one of those for your handbag as well. I’ve literally just used it to touch up and take away any powder. Very versatile. Definitely one for my makeup arsenal.



12. Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Range

Product Pick: Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Range – Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner, Scalp Foam, Scalp Mask, Scalp Toner, Protein Spray, Scalp Drop, 120 Capsules.

Nikki: My top three in the range are the supplements, the scalp drops, and I can’t say just one – so shampoo and conditioner. If you can’t get the full range, that’s the core that you need to have.

Philip Kingsley Density Hair Care: 4 Week Trial


13. Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules

Product Pick: Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules

Hannah: Vida Glow hair supplements… I love supplements, and it’s been really, really interesting to add in a hair supplement. The number one thing I’ve noticed is less of my hair falling out. I don’t think I’ve been using it enough to necessarily see more thickness, but basically, I’ve had to clean the drains less in my bathroom. And when I brush my hair using a hairbrush, it isn’t really falling out. And generally, my hair just feels healthy and strong. So yeah, I’ve been really impressed by the Vida Glow tablets.

Darcey: I’ve probably been doing like 10 days so far just because, initially, the size of the tablet terrified me. It’s actually not that bad to take; I think it put me off a little, but I just would recommend taking it with food. But initially, I tried with water and I found it a little bit much. But I will say every time that I’ve taken it, because it has so many different vitamins, it’s almost like a multivitamin, so I felt amazing in myself. I haven’t taken it long enough to see results in my hair yet, but definitely, internally I feel great when I take them.

Chelsey: These have been really interesting. Funnily enough, when I’ve taken them, I feel like I don’t get a hangover, which is really odd. And then when I looked more into the ingredient system, they’re just so packed with vitamins so they actually will do way more for you than just look after your hair. Enjoying them lots more to take and try.

Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules Review


14. DHC Skin Refresh Daily Leave-on Liquid Exfoliator

Product Pick: DHC Skin Refresh Daily Leave-On Liquid Exfoliator

Hannah: The DHC Skin Refresh Toner has been so so good for my oily skin. It has really brightened it without making it look overly shiny. It’s a little bit thicker than a water but still pretty liquidy, and it just glides over my skin and doesn’t make me red at all, even though I have quite sensitive skin. Yeah, I’ve been really, really impressed. I think the skin, especially around my mouth, has really improved. I used to have some dry patches, and they are definitely much, much better after using this. So I think, yeah, my skin has been resurfaced.

Louisha: I found the DHC Skin Refresh was really easy to add into my routine; with it just going on a cotton pad, it was just easy to integrate into what I was currently doing on my skin. But I’d definitely say the foam was probably better for a beginner, in terms of skincare.

Keavy: I use this as a toning step. I just left it on. It felt like putting on a serum; it was less watery than toners I previously used. Really easy, I really liked that the pump allows you to apply the perfect amount because sometimes when you have watery toners you just pour everywhere, and it runs down your face. Yeah, I really enjoyed using the Skincare Refresh from DHC.

DHC Skin Refresh Daily Leave-On Liquid Exfoliator Review


15. Clarins Super Restorative Essence Range

Product Pick: Clarins Super Restorative Essence Range – Clarins Super Restorative Essence, Day And Night Cream

Hannah: It’s actually my mum that has been using the Clarins Super Restorative range. She’s got really dry skin and the first thing she said is that she feels like her skin is the most hydrated it’s been in a very long time. Hannah’s mum said: “It feels great; it’s very smooth. It rubs in well. I think my lines and wrinkles have been smoothed out a little bit. And my skin certainly feels very soft and glowing. Really I’m very surprised, impressed, love it.”

Kate: My mum has been putting the Clarins Super Restorative range – the new face creams for all skin types and the Treatment Essence – to the test. She’s loved using them. She definitely thinks that they make her skin feel really hydrated, really soft and really well nourished. She particularly likes the day cream with the SPF, which she said melts into her skin really beautifully, especially for an SPF cream. She doesn’t know whether she would repurchase them just because, in all honesty, they do have quite a high price point, but she’s definitely loved having the opportunity to try them out.

Your Guide To The Clarins Super Restorative Range



16. Clarins Multi-Active Treatment Essence

Product Pick: Clarins Multi-Active Treatment Essence

Keavy: I really enjoyed using the Clarins Multi-Active Essence. It’s really hydrating. I think that, for me, that was the main thing that I took from using this lotion. I’ve got dry skin, so it was really helpful to have something that was plumping, and I really felt the difference like adding that skincare step to my other products.

Kate: I definitely think Clarins’ Multi-Active Treatment Essence has really helped hydrate my skin. It does offer up to eight hours of hydration, which I did definitely get. In all honesty, I think this is one that I’d probably be more likely to return to in a couple of years’ time, just because it does help with first signs of ageing, but I’m not quite there yet. It’s one that I’d like to see how it works when I reach my early 30s.

Clarins Treatment Essence Range Review

17. Clarins Extra-Firming Treatment Essence

Product Pick: Clarins Extra-Firming Treatment Essence

Ceryn: My sister has really enjoyed it. I think in the beginning she said that she’d actually struggled with how to use it, and where to fit into her routine. So, once I explained how to use it, the best way, she said it was really easy and she really loves the hydrating qualities of it. I think she’s going through it quite quickly, so I’ve actually had to tell her not to use too much, but she is really enjoying it.


18. Gallinee

Product Pick: Gallinee – Gallinee Mouth & Microbiome Tablets, Cleansing Bar, Face Oil, Hair Cream, Face Vinegar, Skin & Microbiome Food Supplement 30 Capsules

Hannah: Gallinee is definitely a very different kind of skincare line. It did take me a couple of days to sort of get into using it, especially the hair cleanser – there’s definitely a learning process when using this. First of all, I have ended up loving it; when you use it once a week or once every third wash, my head is no longer itchy at all. It’s been really, really amazing.

This has been the first face oil that I feel like has actually made a difference in my skincare routine. It’s just felt really hydrating. It’s just a really luxurious step. I literally drop two drops in the palm of my hand, press them together and press them over my skin. I do it over my eyes, everything, and it just melts into my skin without feeling heavy, and it’s a really nice way to wind down in the evening and add a boost of hydration, ready for bed.

Keavy: I had a really great experience with Gallinee. My favourite of the bundle was the skin and microbiome, so it’s meant to help your skin and help your gut with good bacteria. I definitely found that – as you can see, I really enjoyed using this one.

Chelsey: Gallinee has been really interesting to try. I recently went to see my brow technician, and she’d asked me if I’d be using retinol, which I haven’t. I have just been, obviously, looking after my microbiome. The mouth and microbiome tablets have been really interesting. I expected them to taste minty and feel like a mouthwash – but definitely not. I guess, the way I’d explain it as skincare for your mouth, skincare for your gums, helps to restore the microbiome inside to keep everything healthy. So lots of positive things to say, enjoying Gallinee.

Rosa: My favourite in the Gallinee range ended up being the soap. It’s really soft. It’s really nourishing. I have quite sensitive skin. A lot of times, soap will bring me up out in an itch very, very easily or bring me out in spots. This has had completely opposite effect. It’s been really smooth and made my skin feel really soft.

Meet Gallinee: The World’s First Flora-Friendly Beauty Brand


19. Vida Glow Age Defiance Range

Product Pick:  Vida Glow Age Defiance Range – Vida Glow Age Defiance Eye Contour Cream, Serum, Cream

Simona: Vida Glow, it’s amazing. Starting with the packaging, which is beautiful, the products feel, and they look very luxurious. The texture, I found really satisfying. It’s so refreshing like a silky touch to the skin. And although it’s very light on the skin, it’s very, very moisturising. Beyond this, they’ve given me amazing results – there’s more glow to my skin. It worked really well on my fine lines, and the eye cream did a great job of diminishing the wrinkles that I had around my eyes. I’m really pleased with it, and I think it’s just an amazing range from Vida Glow. I recommend it with all my heart.

Darcey: I’m kind of worried because I’m obsessed with it, and I know that I’m gonna have to buy it again and again. My skin is really dry, and I find this instantly feels hydrating. I actually took it home and my mum tried to steal it three times. We’re all obsessed with this in my family. The textures are amazing. They feel so luxurious. And the smell… it’s cucumbers; it reminds me of the spa. I love it. As you can see, I’ve nearly used it all already.

Zainab: I really like them. It’s really moisturising, hydrating and glowy.

Ceryn: I’ve been actually really pleasantly surprised by the Vida Glow skincare. And I say pleasantly surprised because I was a bit apprehensive – this is their first step into skincare from doing collagen supplements beforehand, and I’ve really enjoyed the formulas. As someone with quite sensitive, dry skin, I was apprehensive, but I found them really luxurious to use. I really enjoyed using them and found them hydrating. I find that my makeup goes on lovely when I do the full combination.

Vida Glow Age Defiance Eye Contour Cream Review

Vida Glow Age Defiance Hydra Memory Cream Review


20. Darphin Intral Range

Product Pick: Darphin Intral Range – Darphin Intral Toner and Serum

Rosa: Darphin is really beautiful. It smells like a rose when you put it on, the petals of a rose. It’s so natural smelling. It’s almost like water… it goes on so smoothly and absorbs really, really quickly. It’s difficult to say whether it’s helped redness in particular just because I have a ridiculously red face, but it makes my skin feel really, really good. Same with the toner here. They’re really gentle; they’re really soft. They smell amazing, and my skin feels wonderful when I use them. It feels healthy.

Darcey: Because it’s called ‘Intral Inner Youth’, I assumed it was just anti-ageing, but the main focus is that it’s for sensitive skin, so it helps build your skin barrier. It also helps prevent any dryness, and also pollution that could cause dryness, it helps defend against that, which then, in turn, would cause ageing. It makes my skin feel really hydrated. It smells amazing. I thought it was initially a berry smell, but it’s actually kind of floral. I really like how this one’s kind of water, it really easily spreads across your face. And no matter where you store it, it always feels cool on your skin.

Ben: I chose this because I suffer from redness on certain parts of my face. And also, I don’t actually use a toner in my normal routine. I think the fact that this has worked is a testament to Darphin’s ingredients, and it will stay in my routine.

Darphin Intral Daily Micellar Toner Review


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