Eucerin Anti-Pigment Range Review

Eucerin Anti-Pigment collection review

Eucerin is known as the leading brand for hyperpigmentation. In fact, one Anti-Pigment formula is sold worldwide every 22 seconds.

But why is Eucerin’s Anti-Pigment collection so popular? That’s due to the fact that it’s powered by 10 years of research and development to ensure that it effectively targets hyperpigmentation whilst still being gentle to your skin. Oh, and the fact that initial results are visible after just two weeks.

And if you’re a fan of the line, I have some exciting news to share with you. The dermatologist-loved range now contains a perfecting treatment, the Eucerin Anti-Pigment Skin Perfect Serum, alongside a daily Tinted SPF30 day cream for natural-looking, even coverage. Discover the latest additions to the Eucerin Anti-Pigment range below…


The Most Important Thing About The Eucerin Anti-Pigment Range Is…

It’s developed using Eucerin’s patented Thiamidol, a dermatologically-tested active ingredient that’s clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation and prevent its reappearance. This active is so good that it’s Eucerin-patented, so you’ll only find it in their formulas.

The latest additions to the range include the Anti-Pigment Skin Perfecting Serum and a tinted SPF-infused moisturiser. The new serum offers targeted treatment for hyperpigmentation, combining Thiamidol with powerhouse active, hyaluronic acid, to deliver visible results after just two weeks. The end result? A 100% natural-looking and radiant glow.

The moisturising, tinted Anti-Pigment Day SPF30 perfectly complements the collection, offering broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays that can cause visible hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Developed alongside leading makeup artist and 2019 Vogue Beauty Award Winner, Marianna Makuchyan, the formula combines mineral pigments with mattifying particles for smooth, even coverage.

What Skin Type Is It For?

The range is clinically and dermatologically proven to ensure optimal tolerance on all skin types, but they’re specially designed for anyone suffering from dark spots or sun spots.

Eucerin Anti-Pigment Serum Review: Eucerin Anti-Pigment Skin Perfecting Serum

You Will Love This If…

If you’re wondering what the difference is between this exciting new serum and the Eucerin Anti-Pigment Dual Serum, I’m here to clear that up. Whereas the Anti-Pigment Dual Serum is for darker pigmentation spots, the skin-perfecting serum is suited for anyone looking to target general uneven skin tone and dullness. The Eucerin Skin Perfecting Serum has a lighter texture and a new dropper format for more targeted application.

Suppose you’re looking for a lightweight, fluid-tinted SPF moisturiser to cover your pigmentation… In that case, you’ll love the Eucerin Anti-Pigment SPF30’s soft, blendable tint that offers immediate coverage and protects your skin from the recurrence of pigmentation. It’s a great follow-up to the rest of the Anti-Pigment skincare range, especially the new serum, as it instantly evens out skin tone as the line works on targeting hyperpigmentation long term.

Eucerin Anti-Pigment Review: Eucerin Anti-Pigment Day SPF30 Tinted

Hero Ingredients:

The Eucerin Anti-Pigment Skin Perfecting Serum and the Eucerin Anti-Pigment SPF30 day cream contain Eucerin’s iconic Thiamidol, which reduces melanin production and, therefore, the formation of pigmentation. Eucerin has perfectly paired patented Thiamidol with hyaluronic acid and glycerin in their Anti-Pigment Serum for a hydrated, supple and smooth glow.

The Anti-Pigment Day SPF30 Tinted offers factor 30 protection against UVA and UVB rays, whilst mineral colour pigments blend into the skin for a natural, even finish.


What Does It Feel Like?

The skin-perfecting serum is developed with crystal technology and has an ultra-light fluid texture that glides across your skin before instantly sinking in. The Anti-Pigment Tinted SPF face cream has a creamy fluid texture that’s comfortable for all-day wear.

 Eucerin Anti-Pigment Tinted SPF Review: Eucerin Anti-Pigment Day SPF30 Tinted

What Does It Smell Like?

Both of these formulas from the Anti-Pigment range have a refreshing, creamy scent.


How Do You Use The Product?

Apply the Eucerin Anti-Pigment Skin Perfecting Serum daily, both morning and night, to cleansed skin. Each morning, follow up with the Eucerin Day SPF30 – I like to apply this with a beauty blender to avoid messy fingers. If you’re adding these into your existing Anti-Pigment routine, we’d advise you only use four anti-pigment products per day.


What’s Special About The Design?

Eucerin has taken a more sustainable approach with cleaner formulas and recyclable designs. Both the bottles and boxes are recyclable. I love how easy these formulas are to use, thanks to their easy dropper and pump designs. And if you’re a fan of the Anti-Pigment range, you’ll love that the latest additions are dressed up in the same pearlescent pink hue to slot right into your personal collection.





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