Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Range Review

Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Review


Does your hair ever look oily at the roots but dry, frazzled and just a little bit ‘drab’ at the lengths? If so, you might have ‘combination hair’. Keen to learn more about this hair type and discover Philip Kingsley’s expert solution to it? Uncover their Moisture Balancing range with my full review…


The Most Important Thing About The Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Collection Is…

The most important thing you need to know about this range is that it’s made for combination hair. But what exactly is that? Well, it’s pretty similar to combination skin; you get oilier patches and drier patches. But the hair tends to fall into a pattern of being oilier at the root as that’s where the oil is produced and released, but it fails to travel down the lengths of your hair, resulting in full, dry and tired-looking ends.

But thankfully, Philip Kingsley’s Moisture Balancing range has been specially created by their knowledgeable trichologists (who have studied the head and scalp) to create a targeted duo to quench your hair exactly where it needs it the most: the mid-lengths and ends.


What Hair Type Is It For?

It’s made for those with combination hair, but it’s also suitable for medium-textured hair or heat or/and colour processed hair, and long fine hair too.


You Will Love This Range If…

If you’ve tried your fair share of hair care and really struggled to find your perfect match (maybe oil-balancing formulas suit your scalp but dry out your lengths too much, but nourishing formulas leave your roots looking greasy in no time at all), then I’d definitely recommend you give the Moisture Balancing range ago; it might just be the perfect blend between rebalancing and conditioning.


Hero Ingredients:

The formulas differ slightly to offer different benefits throughout your hair care regime, but you’ll always find a strengthening dose of wheat protein. Here’s a recap of the key actives in each:

Moisture Balancing Shampoo Guar is included to provide static-free control and smoothness, whilst wheat protein strengthens and hydrates. For an extra layer of protection, a blend of antioxidants lace the mix to shield your hair against environmental damage.

Moisture Balancing Conditioner This conditioner uses wheat protein to strengthen and plump your strands whilst silicone adds shine and reduces static. It also adds strength, body and elasticity to your lengths using hydrolyzed elastin, working to prevent breakage.


What Does Each Item Feel Like?

Both have similar textures, which are liquid gels but with a slightly creamy finish, although the shampoo lathers up. They both glide through your hair easily and leave your locks feeling soft, detangled and well-nourished – and I have to admit that I was surprised by just how shiny my hair looked after putting this pair to the test.


What Does The Range Smell Like?

Both the shampoo and the conditioner in the Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing range have a really fresh, invigorating aroma that has a cool herbaceous feel to it, which really ties into the sensory luxury experience.


How Do You Use The Products?

Start by applying the Moisture Balancing Shampoo to wet hair; create a lather by gently kneading the scalp for 60 seconds before rinsing well. At this stage, you can repeat the process if necessary. Then, follow up with the Moisture Balancing Conditioner; as with all Philip Kingsley conditioners, you only need to apply it to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. However, this is especially important for combination hair as you don’t want to overload the root, but you still want to ensure the drier ends of your hair get all the moisture.


What’s Special About The Design Of The Range?

Each formula is held in sugarcane bioplastic that’s made from sugarcane-derived ethanol; this eco-conscious alternative to virgin plastic can even be deemed ‘carbon negative’ based on the fact that the sugarcane plant absorbs a higher amount of carbon dioxide compared to the amount it emits as it’s being transformed into plastic.

As the icing on the cake, Philip Kingsley’s bioplastic packaging is also 100% recyclable, while they’ve also removed outer cardboard packaging to cut down excess waste.



All Philip Kingsley products are cruelty-free.

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