How To Get Glowy Skin: Escentual Perspective

How To Get Glowy Skin


With the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ blowing up all over social media, questions and queries around glow-giving skincare are skyrocketing: we just can’t seem to stop asking how to get glowing skin. So, in this month’s Escentual Perspective, I asked our Escentual beauty experts for their top tips on getting that lit-from-within glow – and yes, makeup can play a *huge* part!

Read on to see how Team Escentual likes to achieve a fresh, dewy look by discovering their top tips and products recommendations for glowy skin…


Darcey: Glow From The Inside Out

How To Get Glowy Skin

If you’re like Darcey and suffer from naturally dry, dull skin, here are her recommendations on how to improve your skin’s natural glow – plus, she might just let you in on a secret to help you cheat your way to glowing skin…

What skincare products do you use to create a glowing look?

  1. “I like to take an inside-out approach to glowy skin; I start my day with Vida Glow Marine Collagen to stimulate my skin’s natural collagen production. My favourite flavour is peach – it’s great in iced tea.
  2.  Then, I prep my skin with the REN Evercalm Cleansing Milk to soothe signs of stress and clear my skin of dirt and impurities for a fresh makeup base.
  3. In the evenings, I use the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Moisture Booster Night Cream; its dreamy gel formula contains two forms of hyaluronic acid, so my skin stays hydrated for longer. Plus, the cream helps defend against oxidative stress that causes dullness – I can’t have pollution ruining my glow!
  4. Two or three times a week, I use the La Roche-Posay Niacinamide 10 Serum to even my skin tone and texture. Hyperpigmentation can leave skin looking dull, so this serum helps to prevent dark spots so my skin tone is even and glowing.”

How To Get Glowy Skin

What are your go-to glow-giving makeup products?

  1. “Whether I’m going for a natural look or a full face, I always start my makeup routine with the YSL NU Glow in Balm. It feels so hydrating and comfortable throughout the day – and as the name suggests, it’s all about the glow.
  2. I swear by the Eucerin Pigment Control Tinted SPF for makeup-free days. It’s a great alternative to foundation, and I’ve had *so* any compliments since I’ve been using it. It provides fantastic coverage and helps to prevent dark spots that might ruin your glow.
  3. I use Benefit High-Beam to add a little shine to my cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow and in the corner of my eyes.
  4. Finally, I spritz the YSL Nu Dewy Mist to set my glow in place.”

What are your top tips for achieving glowing skin?

“A good night’s sleep! Being well-rested helps prevent looking lifeless, tired and dull. But I know that’s sometimes easier said than done – so, if you’re struggling to sleep, I’d recommend the Tisserand Sleep Better Diffuser Oil and the REN Pillow Spray; that’s my go-to duo for a full, deep sleep.”


Eleni: Glowy Skin Starts With Skincare

How To Get Glowy Skin

Eleni has an incredibly detailed skincare routine, which revolves around adding a glow to her skin both morning and night. So, she’s the perfect person to ask about glowy skin…

What skincare products do you use to create a glowing look?

How To Get Glowy Skin With Skincare

  1. “I start the day by cleansing my skin with the Antipodes Vitamin C Skin-Glow Cleanser – I want to start the glowy process immediately!
  2. A water mist is a must-have for extra hydration. My current go-to face mist is the iconic Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray. Glowy skin starts with being hydrated.
  3. To protect my skin and add another layer of nourishment, I use the REN Glow and Protect Serum​.
  4. Then, I follow up with the Antipodes Diem Vitamin C Water Cream. This pigment-correcting cream even has tiny flecks of gold in it to give an instant radiance.
  5. For an all over glow, you can’t afford to forget about your eyes and lips. So, I use the bareMinerals SkinLongevity Eye Treatment.
  6. Then, I finish up with the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner.

But, I’m not just dedicated to achieving glowy skin in the day; I want it at night too because I believe glowy skin is healthy skin. So, in the evening, I also add in these steps:

  1. After cleansing with the Antipodes Vitamin C Cleanser, I exfoliate my skin using either the Decleor Green Mandarin Scrub Mask, the REN Ready Steady Glow Tonic or the Decleor Green Mandarin Overnight Facial Peel – I have sensitive skin, so I alternate between them throughout the week.
  2. For a brightening-boost, once a week I use the detoxifying Antipodes Halo Mud Mask too.”

What are your go-to glow-giving makeup products?

How To Get Glowy Skin With Makeup

  1. The Ordinary Silicone Primer keeps my makeup in place all day long – although it has a semi-matte finish, it’s super hydrating and blurs pores for even makeup application, so I’m ready for my upcoming glowy makeup products.
  2. The bareMinerals Original Foundation is a cult-favourite. The powder glides over my skin to give a soft radiant glow – but don’t be fooled by its dry powder format; this foundation reflects the light beautifully.
  3. I add shine everywhere I can with the bronze-blush bareMinerals Gen Nude Blonzer in shade Kiss of Copper; this all-in-one cheek look has a beautiful shimmer.
  4. I’m obsessed with the Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette, so I use the shimmer shades to add a touch of glitz and glamour to my eyes.
  5. Finally, my go-to neutral lip of the moment is the bareMinerals Mineralist Lip Gloss Balm in shade Serenity.”

What are your top tips for achieving glowing skin?

“All the women in my family – from my great-grandmother to my mum – have always told me that drinking a glass of water with lemon in the morning (and at least 3.5 litres of water throughout the day) will make my skin glow. So, I’ve been trying to follow their advice. They have gorgeous glowing skin and look incredible for their age, so I think they know what they’re talking about!”


Keavy: Fake It Til You Make It

How To Get Glowing Skin

Keavy is queen of faking her glow, transforming her dry skin so it looks beautifully dewy and radiant. Every time that Keavy wears makeup, I just have to know what she’s used to create the healthiest looking glow! Now, she’s revealed all…

What skincare products do you use to create a glowing look?

Glowy Skin Skincare

“For me, glowy skin starts with a clean, hydrated and smooth base, and my skincare choices reflect that. Even if I don’t have time to do my full skincare routine, I always make sure that I double cleanse, tone and moisturise. I have dry skin, so it’s important that I rehydrate my skin after cleansing and toning. And, if I ever slack on moisturisers and serums, my glow is the first thing to go! So, here’s my tried-and-tested glowy skincare routine:

  1. GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Double R Serum is glow in a bottle; it helps prevent signs of ageing as well as brightening my skin.
  2. In my opinion, the secret behind achieving glowing skin is double cleansing. So, I start off with the Dermalogica Precleanse before using the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm to remove makeup and impurities without stripping my skin.
  3. The REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic evens out texture for a smooth sheen.
  4. The REN Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream helps to reduce my dark circles, so I have an all-round brighter appearance.
  5. The Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is a fantastic makeup base as it glides over your skin to make it look hydrated and smooth. Yes, you need to believe the cult-favourite Embryolisse hype!
  6. For a final boost of hydration, I love the gel texture of the La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 AquaGel SPF30. Even though I want a sun-kissed glow, I want my skin to be protected too – sun damage is a major cause of ageing and dullness.”

What are your go-to glow-giving makeup products?

Glowy Makeup Routine

“I work hard to fake my glow with makeup. This is because my skin fights against me as it’s naturally quite dull, so my entire makeup bag is centred around making my skin glowy. I’m currently mainly using cream-based formulas because I find they look fresher and glowier on my naturally dry skin, whereas powders collect in my fine lines and dry out my skin. My main makeup staples for glowy skin are:

  1. GUERLAIN Parure Gold Radiance Foundation SPF30; the cream is so luminous, it makes my skin look well-rested with the best glow.
  2. My go-to concealer is DIOR Diorskin Forever Skin Correct in 0.5N as it creates a brightening effect.
  3. I can’t recommend DIOR Addict Lip Glow in shade 1 enough; it’s the perfect everyday shiny tint.
  4. I stick to the use of liquid products with the Benefit Playtint Pink Lemonade Lip & Cheek Stain – creams and liquids layered is the perfect recipe for glowy skin.
  5. The DIOR Backstage Glow Face Palette adds an insane glow. Plus, the different shades are perfect for when my skin has a different level of tan depending on the time of year.
  6. The creamy texture of the Chanel Les Beiges Bronzing Cream is nothing short of beautiful. And it continues the hydrating creamy theme of my makeup.”

What are your top tips for achieving glowing skin?

“I’m a firm believer that glowy, healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle – drinking lots of water, exercising regularly and having a varied diet that includes all food groups – especially your 5 A Day.”


Over to you…

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