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My Clarins new skincare 2022

Would you believe that the My Clarins collection is only three years old? In just three short years, it’s proved a massive success, so it’s no surprise that the collection has just been given a mini upgrade. And, it seems incredibly fitting that there’s three new formulas to celebrate three years of My Clarins.

Keep reading to find out all about them with my guide to the new My Clarins skincare formulations, which are all dedicated to creating matte, blemish-free skin…


The Most Important Thing About The 2022 My Clarins Additions Is…

Naturally, the first thing you’re going to want to know is: what are the new My Clarins products? So, I won’t keep you waiting. The three 2022 additions to the range are:

1. My Clarins Clear-Out Purifying and Mattifying Toner: This is a brand new release.
2. My Clarins Clear-Out Targeted Blemish Lotion: This is the new-and-improved version of the My Clarins Clear-Out Blemish Targeting Gel.
3. My Clarins Re-Boost Mattifying Hydrating Blemish Gel: This is a brand new release.

But what do they do and how do they work together? Well, they’re the perfect little trio for targeting pesky breakouts and excess oil. They work to purify and refine skin texture, dry out blemishes and reduce redness, mattifying your complexion for a fresh, clear look.

New My Clarins Products 2022: Clarins My Clarins Clear-Out Purifying and Mattifying Toner

What Skin Types Are The 2022 My Clarins Products For?

You can use all product together to target breakout-prone skin that struggles with excess oil, but if you only want to add one or two of the products to your collection, then it’s important to know which product best suits which skin type:

My Clarins Toner: This is made for combination to oily skin.
My Clarins Blemish Lotion: Best suited to blemish-prone skin but can be used by all skin types.
My Clarins Mattifying Gel: Suitable for oily, blemish-prone skin.


You Will Love This If…

The My Clarins range is made for anyone who’s aged 18-25, so if you fall into that age bracket, consider this your official Clarins skincare routine recommendation. The three 2022 additions are especially made for those who are looking to matte and smooth their skin whilst reducing blemishes.

Keen to find out more about the rest of the My Clarins collection? Check out our guide to the existing formulations:

Everything You Need To Know About My Clarins


Hero Ingredients:

Each new My Clarins formula uses different active ingredients to target slightly different concerns. So, let’s break it down:

My Clarins Toner: Clarins’ refreshing facial toner uses 96% natural ingredients to mattify skin, boost hydration and refine texture. The stars of the show are organic coconut water and organic alpenrose extract, which join to create Clarins’ Healthy Skin [In&Out] Complex – which is central to the My Clarins range – to rebalance skin and boost radiance. Then, purifying meadowsweet extract, hydrating organic fig extract and skin-softening organic golden gentian extract unite to ensure your skin is matte, purified, hydrated and soothed.
My Clarins Blemish Lotion: This cool bi-phase solution dries out blemishes using a fragrance-free formula that’s packed with breakout-banishing salicylic acid, zinc oxide, gluconate and meadowsweet extract. These actives join forces to regulate sebum production and visibly reduce redness, all while purifying and drying out imperfections to help reduce their appearance.
My Clarins Mattifying Gel: Made with 96% natural ingredients, the My Clarins day cream calms, soothes and softens your complexion using golden gentian, while hibiscus sabdariffa refines skin texture. Of course, you’ll find Clarins’ Healthy Skin [In&Out] Complex in here too, which helps rebalance skin and boost radiance whilst organic goji berry boosts the skin’s energy and organic fig deeply hydrates your complexion. Clarins fruity complex isn’t complete just yet though; it’s also bursting with organic strawberry tree fruit exact and meadowsweet extract to visibly target imperfections, shine and pores as organic acerola seed unlocks a fresh, radiant-look. And of course, this wouldn’t be a Clarins day-time moisturiser without their iconic Anti-Pollution Complex.

My Clarins skincare 2022: Clarins My Clarins Clear-Out Targeted Blemish Lotion

What Does Each Product Feel Like?

You get three unique yet sensorial texture here:

My Clarins Toner: This has a light, refreshing liquid texture that’s as thin as water.
My Clarins Blemish Lotion: The bi-phase formula has the most unique texture in this line-up. It has a seemingly solid white powder base, with a liquid that sits on top. Unlike a lot of bi-phase formulas you might encounter, you’re not supposed to shake this to mix it (and yes, I say that after instantly shaking it before reading the instructions – spoiler: the mixture will settle back into place if you accidentally do that). You apply it by dipping a cotton bud through the liquid and into the white powdery base, which isn’t as solid as it appears. Then, you dab the powdered formula directly onto your spot – it’ll stay white on your skin, so it’s only suitable as an overnight treatment.
My Clarins Mattifying Gel: It has a fresh, almost whipped gel texture that glides across your skin easily. As you work it in, it feels initially really refreshing but has a surprisingly powdery finish that mattifies the complexion.


What Does Each New My Clarins Skincare Formulation Smell Like?

The My Clarins bi-phase lotion has quite a strong clinical scent, but it’s not noticeable once you apply. It smells like this because it’s free from added fragrance. The other two new My Clarins additions have a lovely sweet fruity-floral scent.

My Clarins new products 2022: Clarins My Clarins Re-Boost Mattifying Hydrating Blemish Gel

How Do You Use The Products?

If you’re using these three new My Clarins products as part of your routine, then you’re going to want to start with the toner, which you’ll use both day and night. At night time, you’d use the Blemish Lotion, and then use the Matifying Hydrating Blemish Gel in the day. This is how best to use them:

My Clarins Toner: Saturate a cotton pad with Clarins’ liquid toner and wipe over your complexion after cleansing.
My Clarins Blemish Lotion: Don’t shake the product before use. Instead, dip a cotton swab into the white phase of the formula at the bottom of the bottle. Then, apply to the blemish and leave overnight before rinsing off in the morning.
My Clarins Mattifying Gel: Massage into clean, dry skin on the face and neck every morning.


What’s Special About The Design?

The instantly-recognisable My Clarins coral colour runs throughout each 2022 release, so they match to be aesthetically pleasing in your skincare cabinet. I also love the fact that the toner and moisturiser are held in a translucent glass jar that’s partly recycled as it mirrors the mattifying formulas within.



Every single My Clarins formula is vegan – including these three new My Clarins skincare formulas. They’re all held in cartons sourced from sustainably-managed forests.


Discover My Clarins In More Detail…

Keen to find out more about the 2022 My Clarins launches? Myself and a few other Team Escentual members have committed to putting them to the test for one month. Watch along to find out why we wanted to try them and check back soon for our 30-day review…


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Why We’re Excited About The My Clarins Purifying Toner:


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