We Tested TikTok’s Viral Lip Slugging Trend

We tried tktok lip slugging trend


Some TikTok trends are fun to watch, but we know they aren’t practical and would never make it into our beauty routine. So, when we see a good one, we have to put it to the test in our Trend & Tested series! This month, we’ve seen the lip slugging trend go viral – and with the colder weather, our lips have never been more in need of some TLC. Read on to find out more about this lip-conditioning trend and how the Escentual Team got on after 1 week of trialling it…



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What Is Lip Slugging?

To soothe dry, cracked or tight lips, lip slugging is all about piling on layers of hydration to lock the moisture in place:

  1. Apply a thin layer of a hydrating cream. This can be a lip mask or moisturising cream.
  2. Apply a thicker, balmy product to seal in hydration.
  3. Leave it on as long as possible or overnight.

The double layer of hydration is ideal for those with dry lips or anyone looking to get a plump pout. Plus, the trend has even been @dermdoctor approved!

@dermdoctor dry lip hack 👄 #dermdoctor #drylips #chappedlips #drunkelephant #cerave ♬ HANDSOMER OPEN VERSE CHALLENGE RUSS – RUSS

Before And After Lip Slugging

Although everyone at Escentual has a desk drawer full of lip balms, we’re always reapplying, so we wanted to see if lip slugging would provide long-lasting hydration. We used a combination of iconic French Pharmacy products and our existing favourite balms to see if the slugging method improved long-term hydration to transform the condition of dry, chapped lips.

lip slugging for chapped lips

What products did you layer and when did you lip slug?

“I used the Avene Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream all over my skin to treat sore patches, including my lips. Then layered with Eucerin Aquaphor to slug my lips before bed.”

What was your experience trying this trend?

“I loved it. I plan to do it all the way through winter to rescue my dry lips!”

Did you see a difference in the condition of your lips?

“Yes, absolutely! The shift into wet and windy autumn weather has made my lips dryer, chapped and sore, especially because I’m out walking in the elements most of the time. So, when I heard about this new slugging trend that makes your lips moisturised and nourished, I had to try it for myself! After slugging for one week every night with Eucerin Aquaphor, my lips look completely different – they are smoother, plumper and more hydrated which makes applying lipstick a dream.”


Lip slugging to soothe dry, flaky lips


What products did you layer and when did you lip slug?

“I layered the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume as it has a light, creamy texture with my holy-grail Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. The La Roche-Posay is only a mini, but after using it, I will be buying the full size!”

What was your experience trying this trend?

“I found the best way to lip slug was overnight – this gave me the most impressive results and now I am hooked! I also really enjoyed lip slugging whilst getting ready to go out in the evening, applying the two layers whilst doing my hair and makeup really made a difference to how smooth my lips felt, ready for a night of reapplying lipstick.”

Did you see a difference in the condition of your lips?

“I struggle with my lips becoming really tight and splitting and this has just started to happen with the cold weather change. Usually, it takes a few days or even over a week for lip balms to soothe my ultra-dry lips, but with lip slugging I saw results overnight! I didn’t notice the thicker layer of balm as I slept, and my lips even still had a very light layer when I woke up and it just made me wish I had discovered this trend sooner! I can already tell it will be an amazing remedy for my dry lips during the winter.”

Over To You!

We’d love to hear what you think about lip slugging! Let us know on our Instagram, Facebook or TikTok @Escentual.


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