Best Aveda Products For Curly Hair That Looks Frizzy And Feels Dry

Image of Rosa after using best aveda products for curly hair


Are your curls bouncy enough? Do you find it hard to find products that don’t weigh them down? If so, we asked Aveda Expert, Ben Stace to recommend the best Aveda products for curly hair that looks frizzy and feels dry. Rosa, our Photographer kindly lent her curls – we’re so impressed with the definition and bounce. Here’s what products were used…

1. Pramasana Scalp Cleanser
All hair types and textures benefit from the clarifying cleanse provided by the Pramasana range – including Rosa’s curly tresses!

2. Nutriplenish Shampoo Light
The Nutriplenish range is packed full of nutrients and superfoods to care for drier hair types. The lightweight shampoo cleanses without drying the scalp, perfect for curlier hair types as Ben showed that tight, defined curls need more help with hydration during the washing process.

3. Nutriplenish Masque Light
Replacing a conditioner, Aveda’s fast-acting mask locks in hydration, adds shine and makes detangling a breeze, even on Rosa’s curly locks.

4. Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil
The oil not only smells amazing (like florals mixed with ginger and cocoa) but it adds a gorgeous shine, working with Rosa’s curls to keep them bouncy and soft. The lightweight oil didn’t slow down the drying process, either, which is crucial when you have thick hair.

5. Be Curly Style Prep
The Be Curly Style Prep quenches curls in need of moisture, helping Rosa’s hair to remain frizz-free for days.

6. Be Curly Curl Enhancer
Ben meticulously finger-coiled Rosa’s curls using the enhancer, creating tight ringlets and controlling the curl pattern. At home, this is great for sections that need encouragement to curl in the way that you want, but it can also be applied all over your hair before diffusing to add definition.

7. Confixor Liquid Gel
Particularly great for gently running through curls, the Confixor gel holds any style in place whilst adding shine and smoothing frizz.


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