Best Aveda Products To Smooth Frizzy Hair

How To Smooth Hair With Aveda


Frizzy hair is a common hair concern in our office, so we caught up with Aveda Stylist, Ben Stace to find out his ultimate recommendations to smooth and add volume to it.

Cath, Our Business Analyst was a model for the day, as she constantly fights flyaways and humidity. Cath describes her hair as unruly, and as you can see from her results, Ben’s product list has transformed its texture and sleekness. These products will do the same for you too…

Aveda Botanical Repair Styling

1.Pramasana Scalp Cleanser
To remove previous product buildup and refresh Cath’s hair, the Pramasana Cleanser is ideal for a gentle yet effectively cleanse.

2. Botanical Repair Shampoo
Going for a smooth, sleek look but also promoting hair health, Ben turned to the Botanical range to repair damage from colouring and heat styling, with the shampoo adding a beautiful weightless sheen.

3. Botanical Repair Conditioner
This conditioner effortlessly detangled Cath’s hair, while building bonds to improve hair strength.

Did you know: stronger hair = less frizz and flyaways?

4. Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother
Aveda’s silicone-free serum is Ben’s secret weapon for locking in a sleek style as it protects against humidity and high levels of heat styling. Cath fell for this hair serum she added it straight to her basket immediately after being styled.

5. Volumizing Tonic
The tonic not only smells incredibly herbal and relaxing, but it creates maximum volume on finer hair types. Just because Cath wanted smoother frizz-free hair doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice volume – the tonic builds body whilst adding a final layer of shine.


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