6 Multi-Purpose Skincare Switches To Try This Autumn

Multipurpose French Pharmacy Skincare To Swap In For Autumn

Do you find that your skin feels dry, flaky, and dehydrated as soon as autumn begins? I know I do! But, I personally find that the best way to combat dry or chapped skin is by swapping in a few different skincare staples for this time of year. I choose rich, balmy, and hydrating textures to balance the drying effects of those dark and cold autumn days (and to help counteract the skin-drying effects of central heating, too).

And where better to find a few multipurpose skincare essentials than our French Pharmacy promotion? There’s up to 1/3 off right up until October 31st. So, if you’re ready to switch up your skincare for autumn, start by adding these multipurpose skincare essentials to your skincare routine. Choose from a soothing cica balm, healing cream, cleansing shower oil, and more. And yes, they’ll work to keep skin nurtured and nourished as the weather drops, but they might even offer a few extra hidden benefits too…


1. The Nourishing Face and Body Oil

Avene XeraCalm A.D. Lipid - Replenishing Cleansing Oil french pharmacy skincare

Autumn Essential: Avene XeraCalm A.D. Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil
Multipurpose Benefits: Cleanses, nourishes, plumps, and moisturises extremely dry skin on the face and body. Can be used as a shaving oil. Perfect for eczema-prone skin types – newborns, children and adults alike.

When the skin on your body starts to feel tight, dry, and scaly thanks to the shift in the season the Avene XeraCalm Cleansing is a great option. The versatile shower oil cleanses your sensitive skin of impurities and dirt while restoring lipids lost from the skin so it’s hydrated all day, smooth, and feels soft-to-touch. The silky cleansing oil feels smooth on the skin and as you lather it with water becomes a rich foam that feels so nourishing and hydrating. For adults, it also doubles as a soothing and hydrating shaving oil; you apply the oil and shave before lathering!

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2. The Hydrating Micellar Water

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O - Micelle Solution french skincare

Autumn Essential: Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution
Multipurpose Benefits: Cleanses skin, removes dirt, makeup and impurities, and helps to correct makeup mishaps. Specially formulated for dehydrated skin.

Everyone needs the Bioderma Hydrabio micellar water in their skincare bag, especially when your skin feels dry and dehydrated. It’s versatile, thanks to its micelle-featuring formula that binds dirt, oil, makeup and impurities together and lifts them away to leave skin thoroughly cleansed. Not only does its formula cleanse and hydrate dehydrated lips, eyes and skin, but it can also be used for cleaning up accidental mascara, lipstick, or eyeliner slips – just soak a Q-tip and fix your look.

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3. The Repairing Face Balm

Swatch of texture of Decleor Cica-Botanic Balm

Autumn Essential: Decleor Cica-Botanic Balm
Multipurpose Benefits: Repairs the skin barrier, soothes, protects, calms scratches, eases post-shave rash and reduces irritation.

Decleor Cica Balm repairs weathered, dry and cracked skin by creating a soothing cocoon of balmy essential oils that hydrates and nourishes your skin. The star ingredient – cica – is a soothing wonder that works to protect red, irritated skin whilst keeping out nasties that threaten to upset your skin, giving time for your grazes to heal. The richly nourishing balm has a silky texture that feels almost like a lightweight oil as you rub it into your skin. It has a deliciously zingy lemon scent, thanks to its infusion of natural essential oils, meaning that treating dry, worse-for-wear autumn skin no longer feels like a chore.

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4. The Soothing Spray Body Balm

Swatch of Eucerin Aquaphor Body Ointment Spray version

Autumn Essential: Eucerin Aquaphor Body Ointment Spray
Multipurpose Benefits: Soothes chapped lips, dry hands, cuticles, cuts and grazes, irritations, and burns. Moisturises rough skin, especially on the elbows, knees, and ankles. Suitable for use by those with eczema.

Eucerin Aquaphor is already a multipurpose icon that everyone reaches for during the colder months, so it’s no surprise that the spray version is just as essential too! The Eucerin Aquaphor Spray features the cult-status balm ointment but now allows you to spray the formulation over large areas, like your legs, arms and torso, even more easily – you can even use it on your face. The spray nozzle disperses a fine layer of ointment, so it distributes more evenly and requires less rubbing in compared to the original balm.

The soothing balm creates a breathable veil over your skin, so it helps skin to heal when applied to rashes, burns and grazes. Its formula also works to rehydrate dehydrated skin or smooth out rough textures, thanks to the inclusion of lanolin and glycerin.

Eucerin Aquaphor Body Ointment Spray Review

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5. The Brightening Facial Oil

Florena Illuminating Facial Oil french skincare

Autumn Essential: Florena Illuminating Facial Oil
Multipurpose Benefits: Brightens, nourishes and hydrates skin and helps support lymphatic drainage when used alongside a facial roller. You can also add it to moisturisers to increase hydration.

If you love incorporating a hydrating facial oil into your skincare routine during the colder months, you’ll adore Florena Facial Oil. The oil is extremely lightweight and absorbs into your skin quickly, leaving you with a fresh skin glow. The Illuminating Oil is made with fermented helichrysum and safflower oil to help restore natural radiance. As the icing on the cake, it has a sweet floral scent, which you know is 100% natural – because all of Florena’s formulas are exactly that!

Your Guide To Fermented Skincare Brand: Florena

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6. The Healing Cream With SPF50

swatch of La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 - Soothing Repairing Balm SPF50

Autumn Essential: La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 SPF50
Multipurpose Benefits: Protects skin against UV damage, repairs cuts and grazes, soothes irritation, and strengthens weakened skin. Ideal for sensitive skin types – babies (3+ months), children, and adults alike.

No family wash bag is complete without the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume. The multipurpose moisturiser does everything – from healing grazes to protecting the skin. And not forgetting the fact that it offers broad-spectrum protection against the harmful effects of UV rays while keeping skin optimally hydrated. Its microbiome-friendly formula creates the ideal conditions to heal sensitive skin, thanks to the inclusion of probiotics that balance the skin’s level of good bacteria. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the creamy formula also contains clever anti-itch technology, so you’ll no longer feel the need to scratch your healing skin (and accidentally cause more damage than good).

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