The Merchant Of Venice Gyokuro Eau de Parfum Review

The Merchant Of Venice Gyokuro Eau de Parfum Review

Niche fragrance house, The Merchant Of Venice, know how to make fragrance a truly opulent experience. And the new-for-2022 Gyokuro perfume is no exception.

From its stunning box, which opens to reveal the fragrance on a golden pedestal, to the craftsmanship behind the scent, Gyokuro Eau de Parfum acts as an ode to Japan, celebrating the most precious of Japanese green teas: Gyokuro.

The green-tea inspired scent is just as elegant as the artistic bottle it’s held in; it has a refreshing, slightly sweet aroma that is utterly captivating. Read on to find out more with my Gyokuro review…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Gyokuro really does smell like green tea, but with a refreshing hint of fruit and an exhilarating rush of pepper. The first spray is bold, with its more delicate notes warming as the scent settles.

A warm combination of black pepper and neroli top notes grace your senses at first. But the heart is the star of the show; Gyokuro green tea creates the dominant aromatic and green herbal tone. Gyokuro also smells lightly floral with a sweet fruity undertone, thanks to lotus, tuberose and peach. To add warmth to The Merchant Of Venice’s refreshing scent, the base of ambergris, sandalwood and vetiver creates a creamy, slightly earthy feel amongst the sweet green tea nuance that remains.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Inspired by the beauty and grace of Japan, Gyokuro translates to ‘jade dew’, referring to the bright green colour that the precious Gyokuro tea creates. Gyokuro is one of the most precious green teas, so it reflects The Merchant Of Venice’s admiration for Japan.


You Will Love This If…

If green tea is your go-to drink, experiencing such a complex and compelling fragrance is sure to be a treat! The Merchant Of Venice’s refreshingly herbaceous scent is perfect for those who want a green twist on a floral fruity fragrance – Gyokuro is unique!


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

Gyokuro smells like a perfectly steeped cup of green tea, held as you sit in a floral garden with a sweet peach treat nearby.


Is Gyokuro Unisex?

The Merchant Of Venice’s luminous fragrance is intriguing and – although it has sweet fruity floral tones – its green tea tone will appeal to all genders. However, the peach note does have a traditionally feminine feel (as does the tuberose in the opening), so I would describe the opening as feminine and the dry down as unisex.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Gyokuro becomes one with your skin, offering an average of six hours of wear.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Everything about Gyokuro is elegant. To start with, the outer packaging offers theatrical flare as navy and red presentation box parts to reveal a golden stage for Gyokuro to live. The glass bottle is luxuriously weighted, displaying a beautiful painting of Japan in a classic blue style, finished by a deep red cap and tassel.



The outer cardboard sleeve can be recycled and the presentation box is intended to be used as storage, protecting your fragrance whilst reducing waste.


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