3 Thoughtful Ways To Support A Mum To Be

Thoughtful Ways To Support A Mum To Be

When your loved one is pregnant, it’s important to make sure they are taking care of themselves; relaxing and selfcare may have fallen by the wayside while preparing for the arrival of the new baby. Whether they need an extra ear to listen, skincare to help with their changing body or just an activity to help them keep moving whilst pregnant, there are many ways to help mum-to-be stay happy and healthy throughout her pregnancy.

Take care of their needs so that the transition into parenthood is as easy and pain-free as possible with these three ways…


1. Skincare To Help With Body Changes

Skincare to help with body changes for mum to be

When you go through pregnancy, your body changes, which, although normal and looks beautiful, can be hard to deal with for some. If you know this is a concern of your loved one, you can help ease these changes by gifting them nourishing creams and oils specially designed to take care of existing stretch marks or to prevent the appearance of new ones. A great example is the Pharmaceris M collection…

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2. Suggest Activities To Keep Them Moving

Supporting mum to be by suggesting physical activities

Your mum-to-be’s body is constantly changing, causing everything from backaches, bloating and swelling to causing a bad night’s sleep. Exercise may be the last thing on their mind during pregnancy, but will help them ease muscle tensions and stress. A little bit of light, low-impact exercise will do wonders for their health and happiness; it can be as easy as suggesting a prenatal yoga class, going swimming or walking on the weekend! You can make exercise more fun by going with mum-to-be, combining a social catch-up with a healthy activity.


3. Providing Emotional Support

Supporting mum to be by catering to her emotional needs

Emotional support may seem obvious, but it can be hard for many to know where to start. It can be done in so many subtle and small ways; you can visit mum-to-be at home for a cup of tea or take a more practical approach by offering to prepare food for when they leave the hospital and helping organise their baby shower. Checking in on mum and keeping her company will go a long way to support her emotional needs.

If your loved one prefers to be the life and soul of the party, try to organise non-alcoholic activities on the weekends, such as going out for food or a coffee date, to ensure she doesn’t feel isolated from her friends and family. All these thoughtful moments will ensure she’s healthy and happy, ready for the arrival of the new baby.


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