GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Eye Contour Review

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Eye Contour Review

The GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir range is one of the most luxurious skincare lines I’ve ever come across – and Le Soin Noir Eye Contour is no exception! The velvety smooth eye cream promises to smooth fine lines and wrinkles every day, immediately leaving delicate skin around the eyes feeling firmer and looking brighter.

But it doesn’t *just* work hard. The eye cream offers a luxurious sensory experience – its chic black design comes with a massaging tool that makes applying your eye cream feel like a spa-like experience. I love the way the cream feels on my sensitive, often dry under-eyes (and the fact that concealer applied over the top like a dream.)

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The Most Important Thing About This Eye Cream Is…

After 25 years of research, GIVENCHY have unlocked the power of vital algae, producing Black Sap™ that fuels their revitalising eye cream. This high-tech algae active smooths away fine lines, revealing immediately younger-looking eyes. The algae also strengthens the skin around the eyes, so it’s firmer and more resistant to damage to ensure long-term health benefits.

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Eye Contour Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

Any skin type will enjoy the velvety hydration of the Le Soin Noir eye cream, especially those looking for an anti-ageing eye cream that smooths wrinkles.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience, look no further than the Le Soin Noir eye cream. Its powerful anti-ageing ingredients get to work from the very first use, allowing you to indulge in a thoroughly hydrated feel whilst experiencing long-term health benefits.

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir eye cream review

Hero Ingredients:

GIVENCHY’s 97% natural eye cream is powered by vital algae that’s been condensed into Black Sap™ to harness all the anti-ageing properties and micro-nutrients your skin needs: this hydrating algae smooths wrinkles and strengthens the skin barrier. Algae is combined with a precious micro-organism, leaving a well-rested luminous finish to the skin (which is also firmer).


What Does It Feel Like?

The Eye Contour cream has a rich, velvety-smooth texture that absorbs easily to leave a non-sticky finish.

Review of GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir eye cream

What Does It Smell Like?

There is a subtle clean and fresh scent.


How Do You Use The Product?

Apply a small amount under your eyes morning and night. Use the included massaging spatula to massage underneath your eyes and above them.

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Eye Contour

What’s Special About The Design?

The Le Soin Eye Cream oozes luxury – from its weighted double-walled glass jar to its iconic logo and hints of gold. The included spatula also feels high quality as its cold metallic rollers instantly soothe your under-eyes.



GIVENCHY’s 97% natural formula is held in updated-for-2022 packaging that uses 51% less packaging.

GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Eye Contour


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