10 Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

10 Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

We’ve curated a list of the top fashion content creators to help you dress to impress. Whether you’re looking for capsule wardrobe tips or someone to keep you in the know about the latest trends, these are the Instagram pages we think you should follow…


1. If you: want to invest in designer pieces

Follow Erica

Erica is a beauty writer, and her work has been featured in top magazines, including Vogue and Stylist. Erica’s feed offers up a balance of styling tips and beauty advice that she’s learned over the years. A lover of monochromatic looks, Linda’s outfits ooze luxury and elegance. Her style comprises a mixture of affordable pieces with designer accessories and shoes. So, if you’re looking to splurge on a designer item, her feed is a great place to look.


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2. If you: want to build a capsule wardrobe

Follow Carys

As a Welsh business, we had to feature a Welsh fashion blogger in this list. Carys Brandon’s feed is filled with wearable, everyday outfits which are simple to achieve. Carys shares endless outfit ideas for everything from the school run to weddings – all within an affordable budget. She shows you how to get multiple outfits from one staple piece; she’s an advocate of re-wearing rather than continuing to buy new.


3. If you: value high-quality textures

Follow Audrey

Audrey Coyne encourages you to discover your own personal style. Her style is classic and simple with countryside-inspired touches. She sticks to easy, slightly oversized silhouettes with high-quality and natural fabric choices. This hommage to nature continues onto the rest of her feed, down to her manor-house backdrops. Founder of Fennwyth, her love for quality fabrics has transitioned into her silk scarves made in Lake Como, Italy.


4. If you: love neutrals

Follow Lydia

Prefer to use neutrals to create your outfits? UK-based fashion blogger Lydia Tomlinson encapsulates popular neutral tones to create classic and timeless looks. Her style revolves around key pieces and shows ways to get more out of our clothing. If you’re considering trying a capsule wardrobe, her feed is a fantastic space for inspiration; she often creates videos on multiple ways to style key pieces of clothing. Neutrals are her go-to; white, nude, and black shades form most of her outfits.


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5. If you: want a pop of colour

Follow Helena

Helena Critchley rocks bold colours and eye-catching prints. Her personal style will inspire you to add a pop of colour, embellishment or pattern to your day-to-day outfits. You won’t have to break the bank to match her looks; some of her favourite brands include Zara, ASOS, H&M and Primark.


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6. If you: value comfort

Follow Liv

Liv proves that dressing comfortably doesn’t mean you can’t wear fashion-forward outfits – her style is laid-back and effortless. Liv’s outfits have a Parisian style, simplistic and chic with a modern twist. You can expect tank tops with oversized bottoms for a flattering silhouette.


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7. If you: want to practice self-love

Follow Megan

Megan Carole’s feed is a space for body positivity with a real focus on confidence. One for the curvy girls out there, Megan shares an abundance of outfit inspiration. She highlights the damaging effects social media has on our self-esteem and our body image and how it contributes to toxic beauty standards – encouraging you to partake in self-love through her positive mirror messages.


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8. If you: want to keep up with trends

Follow Holly

Over recent years, the sportswear industry has boomed activewear, and athleisure have become the latest must-have pieces, with big designers such as Chanel and Gucci releasing their own sportswear pieces. Holly’s feed is a great place to take inspiration if you’re looking to achieve that Instagram baddie style. She shows us how to style activewear pieces such as cargo pants and tracksuit bottoms in a high-fashion way. Holly is on top of all the latest trends, from slinky dresses to all denim looks.


9. If you: love to dress up

Follow Sheeeeoo

Are you looking for any excuse to dress up in a gown? Sheeeeoo’s feed might just be it! A lover of elegant and stand-out dresses, Sheeeeoo feed is full of maximalist outfits, from cottagecore-inspired outfits to prom looks. If you’re obsessed with every one of her outfits like me, she resells them on her sheeeeoo_closet Instagram.


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10. If you: love bold colours and pattern

Follow Chantelle

Bold, bright and beautiful are just some of the words I’d use to describe Chantelle’s Instagram feed. Fashion and lifestyle blogger Chantelle will show you how to wear bold and bright colours without standing out for the wrong reasons. She effortlessly layers patterns and colours for vibrant looks that don’t clash. If you’re looking to experiment with colour I’d highly recommend Chantelle’s feed.


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