Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum Review

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum Spray review

Tom Ford launched Noir Extreme Parfum in 2022 and it has become one of my favourites from the Signature Collection. Instantly, the word ‘Parfum’ and mirrored gold bottle made me expect something big and bold.

I love the original Noir Extreme for its sensualness. Knowing this is a more intense take on that, I had to try it – and I’m certainly not disappointed.


Noir Extreme Parfum By Tom Ford Smells Like…

My Thoughts:
In short: cherry liquor, Dr Pepper and black forest gateaux. It’s dark, rich, indulgent, and so good it’s almost edible. You can pick out the spice when you spray it; it’s a fiery, burn-your-tongue kind of spice. But once it simmers down, you get its full-bodied creaminess – which I love.

What Tom Ford Says:

“An intensification of the original Noir Extreme scent, Noir Extreme Parfum breathes a heightened concentration of spicy cardamom, spiked with the warmth of Shimoga ginger and the rich sensuality of tonka bean and guaiacwood. ”


Noir Extreme Parfum Notes:

Top Notes: Shimoga Ginger, Cardamom.

Heart Notes: Indian Kulfi Accord, Orange Flower.

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Amber, Guiacwood.


What’s The Difference Between Noir Extreme and Noir Extreme Parfum?

Noir Extreme and Noir Extreme Parfum are classed as woody-amber fragrances on paper. But, when you compare them, they have key differences that are worth noting.

The Bottles: Firstly, Noir Extreme Parfum comes in a mirrored metallic gold bottle. Noir Extreme comes in a smoky black bottle with a mirrored gold lid.

The Scents: Noir Extreme and Noir Extreme Parfum both hero the amber note for its sensuality and the Indian Kulfi Accord for its nutty sweetness. But to me, I find original Noir Extreme less spicy and more gourmand. Whereas Noir Extreme Parfum spices the whole thing up with fiery ginger. Noir Extreme Parfum also has tonka bean, which, unbeknown to many, has addictive, creamy, chocolate-like qualities. If you thought Noir Extreme wasn’t enough for you, the Parfum will be.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Eau de Parfum Review


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

I love Noir Extreme’s inspiration; it’s all about the darker side of passion and the inability to control impulses.

Noir was the first part of the story, and this was created to show the dual sides of man’s personality: conformed and rebellious. When Noir Extreme launched and took centre stage, that fragrance focused more on a man’s non-conformed, carnal side. Now, Noir Extreme dives deeper and depicts when the pressures and pleasures get to boiling point, and it’s typical Tom Ford – a masterpiece.


You Will Love This If…

• You only wear long-lasting perfumes that introduce themselves.

• Your perfume mantra is ‘the darker, the better’.

• You want a scent that fills a room and lingers when you leave.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

• Mugler A*Men Pure Havane: Sweet and spicy.

Parfums de Marly Herod: A boozy amber scent.


Is Noir Extreme Unisex?

In my opinion, yes, Noir Extreme Parfum is unisex. Due to the spicy sensuality, I know all genders enjoy it, particularly more men than women, which makes sense. Sometimes I feel Noir Extreme Eau de Parfum has more of a feminine side out of the two due to its softer, more floral composition. That said, all Tom Ford perfumes have blurred the gender lines. I have male and female friends that wear it and neither care; they love the scent.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Noir Extreme Parfum lastest around 12 hours on my skin, and hours later, I could still smell it in my hair when I went to bed. When I sprayed my wool jumper (as I knew I wouldn’t wash it as frequently) I could still smell it a week later.

Tom Ford says his Parfums usually last between 6 and 9 hours depending on your skin type and hormones, so you may not get the same results as me.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Noir Extreme Parfum is one of the most statement bottles in the full line-up. It’s a piece of Tom Ford art. The clean lines, fonts, and colour block are very on-brand.

The devil is in the detail. You’ll see the fine art deco lines and the TF logo on the outer carton when you get the box. Then, you open it and see the exact TF logo engraved on the cap. For Noir Extreme Parfum, it’s in black to stand out against the gold bottle.

The bottle feels heavy, which is a sign of luxury. The art deco lines are imprinted around the cap, and down the sides of the bottle. Look closer, and you’ll see ‘T’ and ‘F’ engraved on each side – according to experts, Tom Ford did this to echo the Noir Extreme story of two sides to every man. You can find out a few more things Team Escentual have learnt from Tom Ford experts with our guide to the brand:

The Tom Ford Edit

Can you recycle the perfume?

✔️ You can recycle the box.
✔️ You can recycle the glass bottle.
✖️ The spray pump can’t be recycled – it needs to be separated from the glass bottle.


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