5 Hair Care Heroes For Healthy Hair

5 Haircare Heroes For Healthy Hair


There are so many external factors that can affect your hair’s overall health, texture and shine, and you’re probably unaware of them; pollution, UV damage, chlorine, heat styling, and even brushing your hair daily can leave your locks looking and feeling unhealthy.


How can you tell if your hair is unhealthy?

Dehydrated and split strands, constant snapping, dryness and dullness are all telltale signs that your hair is unhealthy and needs some extra nourishment or protection, but that can all be remedied with the right haircare. And don’t be afraid of frizz and a coarse texture, as this may be your hair type rather than being in an unhealthy condition.

My advice is to create a healthy hair routine with products specially designed to target the hidden threats to healthy hair and consider your hair type and how you’d like to style it. I’ve chosen a few of my favourite haircare heroes and put them in this edit, so you have everything you need to build your ideal healthy hair routine…

5 Healthy Hair Tips:

1. Take Supplements to increase the strength of your hair.

2. Leave your hair to air dry slightly before hair drying.

3. Concentrate shampoo on your hair’s scalp and conditioner on your hair’s tips.

4. Avoid tight, pulled-back hairstyles daily as they increase hair snapping.

5. Use heat protection when styling your hair.


1. The Anti-Pollution Hair Mist

L'Occitane Gentle & Balance Anti-Pollution Mist for All Hair Types

Pollution can cause untold damage to locks; the worst part is you don’t even know when it’s happening. The L’Occitane Gentle & Balance Anti-Pollution Mist for All Hair Types ensures your locks are protected from pollutants and pollen all day. It keeps healthy hair safe from damaging free radicals and has a microbiome-friendly formula that works to restore your scalp’s natural balance while keeping your locks moisturised.

Made with 98% natural ingredients, you can be sure that there won’t be any ingredients that negatively affect the condition of your hair – only improve it! The spray will also keep unpleasant odours at bay, so your hair is fresh all day thanks to a delicious aroma of sweet florals and fruits with an undertone of herbaceous freshness.

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2. The Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment texture

The next healthy hair hero needs no introduction, as it’s already haircare royalty. The bestselling Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment is the ultimate conditioning formula for snapping and dry hair that needs nourishment. Its iconic formula coats every hair in a silky-creamy veil to ensure your locks are smooth, soft and optimally hydrated with its hydrating blend of castor and olive oil. The cream helps improve your hair’s elasticity thanks to an infusion of flexible protein that naturally occurs to prevent splitting and hair breakages. After using the Elasticizer, you’ll understand why it’s so iconic – hair looks healthy, bouncy and glossy after every use.

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3. The Repairative SOS Hair Mask

Sachajuan Hair Repair Mask

If you have ever run your fingers through your hair and it feels dry, frazzled and snaps when you brush it, then you need the Sachajuan Hair Repair mask. Made for SOS hair moments, the award-winning hair mask features minerals and proteins that strengthen the hair follicle to reduce further damage. Every time you use the Hair Repair formula, your hair looks healthier and glossy with a silky-smooth texture.

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4. The Vegan Hair Growth Capsules

Image of Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules

Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules is a healthy hair hero; each capsule contains collagen, which promotes hair growth for anyone struggling with hair loss caused by factors such as hormone imbalances and stress. The one-a-day vegan capsule helps to prevent hair loss in just 30 days using AnaGain technology while shielding hair from oxidative damage, which contributes to hair shedding.

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5. The Colour Enhancing Serum

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Freeze Shine Savior

Coloured hair is notoriously hard to keep looking fresh and glossy, but not when you use the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Freeze Shine Savior after every hair wash. The lightweight serum helps to boost your coloured hair’s vibrancy thanks to hair matrix pigments that stop your colour from fading, smoothing every strand while keeping your hair protected from heat styling.

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