8 Leading Beauty Founders Share Their Best Business Advice

We’ve been lucky enough to chat with some of the UK’s leading beauty founders this year in our #EscentualMeets series. We’ve learnt about how some of our favourite brands came to be, the biggest challenges of starting a business, plus their best advice for budding beauty entrepreneurs. And in case you missed any, we’ve rounded up their words of wisdom to serve as your motivation for the new year ahead…


1. Rakesh Aggarwal. CEO and Founder of Escentual

“Perseverance and self-belief pay off. Stick with it and your gut. Don’t look for answers elsewhere; you know them internally.” 

#EscentualMeets: Rakesh Aggarwal


2. Anna Lahey, Founder of Vida Glow

“Dream big, work hard and be grateful. Remember, the way you treat people is everything. I live by the words of Anne Frank; no one has ever become poor by giving. Always show kindness, and don’t forget there is strength in being vulnerable and compassionate”.

#EscentualMeets: Anna Lahey, Founder Of Vida Glow


3. Anabel Kingsley, Director of Philip Kinglsey

“Learn from the past, don’t dwell on it – and trust your instincts.”

#EscentualMeets: Anabel Kingsley, President of Philip Kingsley

4. Marie Drago, Founder of Gallinee

“Talk about your ideas to as many people as possible. No one is going to steal it. It’s really about who will put the work behind it rather than just the idea. Ask questions, ask for help – people love to help.” 

#EscentualMeets: Marie Drago, Founder of Gallinee


5. Elizabeth Barbalich, Founder of Antipodes

“Self-belief is crucial… You’re likely to have setbacks, but you’ll find the drive to keep going if you truly believe in yourself and your idea.” 

#EscentualMeets: Elizabeth Barbalich, Founder of Antipodes


6. Sacha Mitic, Co-Founder of Sachajuan

“Do what you believe, stay true to your values, don’t think about money, and you will become successful.” 

#EscentualMeets: Sacha Mitic, Co-Founder of Sachajuan


7. Pia Long, Co-Founder of Boujee Bougies

“Be open, be prepared to be uncomfortable, and be vulnerable. The more real you are, then your business is ethical and a nice place to be in; there’s no toxicity and no bad atmosphere.”

#EscentualMeets: Nick Gilbert and Pia Long, Founders of Boujee Bougies


8. Sam Faiers, Founder of Revive Collagen

“Always write goals, make sure you are realistic and do your research. Be smart with your finances too. Always favour the idea you’re most passionate about because that will be the one that you enjoy and will get the most out of.”

#EscentualMeets: Sam Faiers, Founder of Revive Collagen


9. Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, Founder of ZARKOPERFUME

“First of all, you need to believe. Educate yourself, read, attend online classes. Be true to yourself; whatever your idea is, try to stay with it.”

#EscentualMeets: Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, Founder of ZARKOPERFUME


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