It’s A Face Off! Luxury vs Affordable Beauty Trial

It’s A Face Off! Luxury vs Affordable Beauty Trial


It’s hard to know when to splash out on a little luxury or go for opt for the affordable alternative. Can you really tell the difference between luxury and affordable beauty, or are affordable beauty products just as good? We’re here to put it to the test in our blind beauty trial – three rounds, six products, no labels and no brands.

It’s a battle between luxury vs affordable beauty; who will win? Let’s find out…


How Will We Trial Them?

An Escentual team member will attempt to guess which beauty formulas are high-end and which are affordable completely blind; they have no packaging or designer logos, just the texture, formula and aroma to go!


Who’s in the VS Hot Seat?

Our Business Analyst, Cath, is trying to distinguish luxury from affordable. Cath loves designer brands and always gets drawn in by the luxury packaging; without it, she isn’t sure she will be able to tell the difference. Discover if Cath can differentiate everything from high-end hand creams to make-up removers, and learn more about the products featured with this full run-through…


Round 1: Anti-Ageing Hand Cream

Luxury vs Affordable Beauty Trial: Handcreams


Hand Cream 1:

The first formula in our blind trial is a nourishing anti-ageing hand cream. The mystery hand cream is formulated with a blend of strengthening plant extracts to fight sagging and plump the skin. Added Montpellier Rock-rose reduces the appearance of age spots as moisturising baobab extract nourishes and smooths the texture of your nails. Its rich, luxurious texture melts into the skin without feeling oily and it’s pink!

Cath’s Thoughts…

Cath was shocked that the first-hand cream didn’t have a scent. She felt it had a rich texture that was very soothing and absorbing well – the slightly tacky finish threw her off.


Hand Cream 2:

Next up, we have a dermatologist-tested formula developed for those with age spots and loss of elasticity. Its patented ingredient helps to reduce uneven pigmentation whilst hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps your skin. To prevent future ageing and dark spots the hand cream contains SPF30 sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. Its thick and nourishing texture melts into the hands for a natural and moisturised feeling that lasts 24 hours.

Cath’s Thoughts…

Cath found the second hand cream had a luxurious and subtle fragrance. She loved its smooth texture, which had a silky and soft finish.

It was a tough one! Cath thought the second handcream was the luxury formula.


Which Is Which?

Hand Cream 1: Luxury – Clarins Super Restorative Hand Cream
Hand Cream 2: Affordable – Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity Age Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF30


Round 2: Lip Oil

Luxury vs Affordable Beauty Trial: Lip Oil

Lip Oil 1:

The first lip oil is an iconic best-seller beloved by makeup and skincare enthusiasts across the globe. It’s so popular it’s sold out almost everywhere! Available in a range of sheer shades that are PH reactive for a unique shade profile, the mystery lip oil has an ultra-glossy finish. Offering six hours of hydration and nutrition, the oil protects, repairs and conditions your lips.

Cath’s Thoughts…

Cath is a sucker for designer lipstick! So, this round was a challenge. She felt the first lip oil had a good finish that was non-sticky and had a nice colour.


Lip Oil 2:

Next up, we have a sustainable lip oil made from 100% natural origin ingredients. The vegan formula contains fermented plumping oils for a natural glossy finish and a fuller-looking pout. Its blend of pink helichrysum petals and fermented safflower oil provides deep moisture to dry and dehydrated lips. Its texture is lightweight and non-greasy, while the soft, plush texture of the applicator adds a sensory feel.

Cath’s Thoughts…

Initially, Cath felt the smaller size indicated this lip oil was cheaper. However, she was pleasantly surprised by its silkiness and non-sticky, light texture.

Cath decided the first lip oil was the luxury formula. Although, she has added the second to her wishlist.


Which Is Which?

Lip Oil 1: Luxury – Clarins Lip Comfort Oil
Lip Oil 2: Affordable – Florena Natural Gloss Lip Oil


Round 3: Bi-Phase Make Up Remover

Luxury vs Affordable Beauty Trial: Bi-Phase Makeup Remover


Bi-Phase Make Up Remover 1:

An icon within the beauty industry, the first mystery bi-phase makeup remover is trusted by women worldwide. Its simple, water-like formula gently removes stubborn waterproof makeup and impurities without irritation. The ophthalmologist-tested formula is soft and silky without feeling oily on the skin for hassle-free cleansing that gets the job done instantly.

Cath’s Thoughts…
Cath tested the makeup remover by wiping off a heavy foundation on her hand. It performed well, effortlessly removing any traces of makeup without leaving a residue or the need for rubbing. The make-up remover had a refreshing aroma.


Bi-Phase Make Up Remover 2:

Beloved by make-up enthusiasts and dermatologists, the mystery make-up remover has a bi-phase formula that’s perfect for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. Its powerful removal action targets waterproof eye make up remover in seconds without the need to rub or tug the eye area. Its dermatologist-tested formula is free from parabens and fragrance to minimise the risk of intolerance or irritation.

Cath’s Thoughts…

Cath was impressed with the performance of our second mystery cleanser. It removed traces of makeup well and didn’t leave a trace (more so than the first) or require any tugging. The second cleanser didn’t have a scent.

Cath guessed the second make-up remover was the luxury formula due to down to the shape and quality of the bottle. There was very little of it!


Which Is Which?

Makeup Remover 1: Luxury – Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes
Makeup Remover 2: Affordable – La Roche-Posay Respectissime Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover


The Results:

Cath outperformed her estimates and scored two out of three rounds correctly; she didn’t quite make the top of the board. With the luxury and affordable hand creams proving to be hard to tell apart.


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