Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Puryfying Concentrated Cleasning Bar Review

The Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Purifying Concentrated Cleansing Bar is for people with oily skin struggling with clogged pores. The solid bar format turns into a smooth, creamy lather when wet, offering a comfortable cleanse that uses 5x less water than a traditional liquid cleanser. I love how gentle it feels whilst unclogging my pores – my blackheads have significantly reduced after a few uses, and my skin hasn’t felt stripped or dry. Read on to find out more…


The Most Important Thing About This Cleanser Is…

The cleanser gently exfoliates, working to minimise the size of pores and remove impurities. Excess oil is absorbed, regulated, and skin isn’t left dry or feeling tight. Skin texture is smoother without tugging or feeling harsh – the creamy lather is gentle and soothing.


What Skin Type Is It For?

Those with oilier skin types will enjoy the balancing, oil-absorbing power of the Rare Earth Cleansing Bar.


You Will Love This If…

This bar is a sustainable yet effective option if you want to gently rebalance your skin, combating enlarged pores and excess oil. Fully biodegradable, every wash is good for your skin whilst respecting the planet.


Hero Ingredients:

The bar exfoliates your skin by harnessing the power of bamboo, smoothing rough texture and unclogging pores. Amazonian white clay absorbs excess oil, nicknamed ‘magic earth’. The clay has stress-relieving properties, and the minerals work to regulate your complexion.


What Does It Feel Like?

The bar is solid in your hands when dry. The outer layer forms a smooth lather when wet with light bubbles.


What Does It Smell Like?

The bar smells like earthy clay, reflecting the natural white clay within.


How Do You Use The Product?

Wet the bar and rub it between your hands until it starts to lather. Use your hands to massage the foam into your face, avoiding your eye area. Rinse with warm water and pat your skin dry. Use the bar morning and night.


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