6 Luxury Skincare Essentials They Won’t Buy For Themselves

6 Luxury Skincare Essentials They Won't Buy For Themselves


We know that it can be hard to splurge on luxury skincare as there are so many affordable alternatives, but we’re here to tell you premium formulas are worth every penny; they have superior formulas, sensory experience and deliver incredible results with only one drawback; the price tag means they can be hard to justify buying for yourself, but this makes them an excellent choice for gifting.

We’ve created a round of exceptional skincare formulas that we think are worth splashing the cash on; whether it’s for your skincare loving friend with a taste for luxury or yourself, there’s a product in this lineup that you will adore…


1. The Plumping Eye Cream

Luxury Skincare: Clarins Total Eye Lift

Clarins Total Eye Lift is iconic. The sensory eye cream harnesses a powerful smoothing, brightening and lifting action that anyone concerned with signs of ageing will love. Any fan of Clarins would be delighted to receive the cult-classic Clarins Total Eye Lift.

When choosing whether to splurge on our favourite eye treatment or day cream, more often than not, the latter will win – which is why a luxurious eye cream like Clarins Total Eye Lift is an excellent gift. What makes it extra special is the formula which delivers anti-ageing results; its botanical blend of active ingredients includes fatty acids that tone fine lines.

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2. The Softening Exfoliant

Luxury Skincare: Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant

Exfoliation is essential for smooth, healthy-looking skin. Still, it’s often a step many forget, which is why Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant tech-driven formula is the perfect gift for dry skin. Created with 30 years of expertise, the Daily Milkfoliant follows the success of the best-selling Daily Microfoliant, Dermalogica’s best-selling exfoliating powder. The Milkifoliant is a gentler alternative to the original, offering softer exfoliation and more hydration that promotes smooth, soft and vibrant skin.

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3. The Smoothing Face Mask

Luxury Skincare: Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Gel Masque

What’s more indulgent than treating yourself to a face mask? Perfect for organic skincare fans, the Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Gel Masque works to smooth and firm wrinkles while protecting your skin from free radical damage. The face mask deeply hydrates your skin, boosting elasticity thanks to a blend of hyaluronic acid and pomegranate. The innovative texture contains gentle cooling actives that instantly soothe sensitive or dry skin.

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4. The Mattifying Day Cream

Luxury Skincare: Guerlain Abeille Royal Mattifying Day Cream

A luxury skincare treat for anyone with combination or oily skin, the Guerlain Abeille Royal Mattifying Day Cream targets enlarged pores, oiliness and the signs of ageing in one formula. Driven by decades of research into bees, the ultra-premium cream harnesses the power of honey for its smoothing and restoring properties while strengthening your skin’s natural barrier. The bee theme carries through into the golden hexagonal pot and sweet honey scent.

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5. The Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Luxury Skincare: Esthederm Excellage Cream

The Institut Esthederm Excellage Cream has a higher price tag, but it’s worth it for its technology-driven formula. Designed for all types of ageing, including chronological, hormonal or environmental. The Excellage Cream tackles weakened, sagging and thinning skin with its REPAIR+ technology combined with a biomimetic peptide. Packed with omega 3, 6 and 9, the cream intensely nourishes your skin for long-lasting comfort, all while protecting it against free radicals and photo-ageing.

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6. The Brightening Serum

Luxury Skincare: Yves Saint Laurent Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum

Treat yourself to designer skincare with the Yves Saint Laurent Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum, an energising serum that spotlights hand-harvested moonlight cactus from YSL’s Ourika Gardens for its brightening properties. The unique bi-phase exfoliator in oil texture gently removes dead skin cells for a smooth and even complexion; it’s so weightless it feels invisible on the skin. A luxe experience that leads to the modern bottle, that’s pump design is super easy to use. It even has a cost-saving refill that simply slots into your existing bottle – saving you at least £12.

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