6 Of The Best Premium Retinols To Try Right Now

the best premium retinol skincare

Retinol is the powerhouse ingredient taking the skincare industry by storm. You may have already heard about its benefits, like reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and acne scars, limiting oil production and increasing collagen production – all of which are true. But, for all retinol’s many benefits, the famous ingredient remains untouched by skincare lovers due to the fear of side effects like irritation and redness, increased sun sensitivity and a general lack of understanding of what the ingredient does. But I’m here to tell you that retinol is worth a try. When used correctly with the right formula for your skin concern, you’ll see the benefits of increased collagen production, including plumper and rejuvenated skin.

To help you find the right formula, I’ve created a round-up of my favourite premium retinol formulas, which features everything from a vegan lip balm and acne-clearing oil to anti-wrinkle cream. Whether you’re looking for a retinol formula for your eyes, lips or complexion, there will be a formula to suit you below…


As retinol makes skin more susceptible to sun damage, you must wear SPF after using any retinol formula to prevent premature skin ageing.



1. The Nighttime Blemish-Banishing Oil

Image of Dermalogica Active Clearing Retinol Clearing Oil

The Dermalogica Active Clearing Retinol Clearing Oil is the perfect skincare partner for oily and combination skin types struggling with acne, breakouts and scarring. Its ultra-lightweight formula helps to manage oil production and unclogs pores thanks to salicylic acid, combined with slow-release retinol that helps to increase the conditions of healing to help any residual scarring, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Note: It has a strong clinical odour, but I like this as it reminds me that powerful ingredients are hard at work inside the formula!

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2. The Ceramide-Fuelled Eye Cream

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Retinol Line Erasing Eye Cream

The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Eye Cream is the perfect beginner’s retinol choice. If this is your first time trying retinol, you’ll find the handy capsule size easy to use, as each one features the correct dose of retinol, so that you will save your formula. Its air-tight capsule also ensures that the retinol stays most effective until you use it. All you have to do is twist the top and dispense the formula over your complexion, so you can enjoy brighter under eyes and crow’s feet that look minimised.

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3. The Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Institut Esthederm Intensive Retinol Cream

If you enjoy using cream-based formulas, then the Institut Esthederm Intensive Retinol Cream is the right choice. The anti-ageing cream works to restore your skin’s natural brightness while tightening loose skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its rich and creamy texture also works to plump and smooth skin so that it appears younger with a lifting effect.

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4. The 99% Natural Origin Oil

REN Bio Retinoid Youth Concentrate Oil

For those conscious of the irritation and redness often associated with retinol, the REN Bio Retinoid Youth Concentrate Oil is what you’re looking for. The lightweight oil is made from incredible 99% natural ingredients, so you can be sure there are only kind-to-skin ingredients inside the formula. Its ultra-gentle plant-based retinol formula helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while also nourishing and plumping thanks to a formula rich in omega 3 and 6.

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5. The High Tech Firming Eye Cream

 Image of Shiseido Firming Eye Cream

The Shiseido Firming Eye Cream is the choice for dehydrated, tired under eyes struggling with darkness, puffiness and fine lines. Its high-tech formula promises impressive 24-hour hydration, firming and brightening dark circles. The clever cream offers micro-circulation to depuff undereye bags thanks to a MATSU-ProSculpt Complex.

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6. The Vegan Anti-ageing Lip Balm

Image of bareMinerals Ageless Phyto-Retinol Lip Balm

If you like vegan skincare options, you’ll love the bareMinerals Ageless Phyto-Retinol Lip Balm. A 99% natural formula that offers a gentle dose of plant-based alternative to retinol that smooths and softens lips while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Its creamy balm also works to hydrate and plump lips thanks to an infusion of hyaluronic.

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