Benefit The POREfessional Good Cleanup Pore Purifying Foaming Cleanser Review

Benefit The POREfessional Good Cleanup - Pore Purifying Foaming Cleanser

With 20,000 pores present on our faces, these small openings in the skin may be the root cause of many dermatological concerns but don’t receive the time of day they deserve.

Thankfully, Benefit’s pore-clearing cleanser is expertly designed to lather into a bubbly foam effectively, claims to leave pores looking and feeling purified. This product is vitally important, as our pores, which help to release sebum, our body’s natural oil, can also accumulate excess sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. This is more easily done than you may realise, with sweat and oil secretion making these tiny openings ideal for a sebum production overload.

Luckily, Benefit has an entire face-clearing collection dedicated to unblocking these pesky blemish-causing pores. I tried the whole range to identify whether these products diligently clear pores (spoiler – they do)…

The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

Like the rest of the POREcare collection, the importance of these products lies in the overarching innovation, where care and attention are dedicated to specifically unblocking pores. However, with this particular face wash, I think its foaming nature is really beneficial. While thoroughly cleaning your skin, foam is a lot gentler than soap, acting as a cushion to guard your skin against abrasion, harsh rubbing or tugging. The great advantage of a foaming cleanser is that the product itself is so light, meaning it reaches your pores easier whilst remaining weightless enough to keep them unclogged. This way, it removes makeup and dirt excellently while protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier.


You Will Love This If…

You feel like you have stubborn clogged pores that remain visible and enlarged despite your best efforts. This cleanser calms and unblocks them, leaving the skin comfortable and clearer. I would particularly recommend this for someone who has sensitive skin, or feels as though other cleansers pull at their skin. The fluffy bubbles that form help to avoid irritation whilst remaining packed with loads of nutrients.

Those with oily and combination skin will also benefit from this product. As someone with sensitive and acne-prone skin, this felt like it cleaned my face without being full of heavy ingredients that would normally leave me feeling greasy. As you can probably guess by now, this product’s foaming aspect helps perform a deep clean, ridding the skin of excess sebum. However, I will say that this didn’t give me the squeaky-clean feel that I normally look for in a cleanser (I like to know it’s working), but I did feel as though my skin looked clear and fresh after using it.


Hero Ingredients:

Lemon extract is first on the lineup of skin-loving ingredients packed into this bottle. Helping pores look smaller, this essence reduces excess oil in the skin, meaning your face looks brighter and clearer. A rich source of antioxidants, lemon extract helps protect your skin from environmental damage, clearing skin of impurities and free radicals.

Yuzu, the citrus fruit from China, is almost a melding of a lemon and grapefruit, crammed full of Vitamin C. Yuzu stimulates collagen production, making your face look youthful and more radiant. Known for its anti-aging properties, this fruit helps smooth skin whilst protecting its integrity.

Soothing Bisabolol ensures skin feels comfortable, not taut or tight, whilst still firming the skin. This key ingredient helps to hydrate and stimulate, helping to reduce scarring and blemishes. Bisabolol not only ensures that your skin feels pleasant whilst using this cleanser, but also aids in achieving a clearer, more even complexion.

Lastly, Sphingolipids, ceramide-like molecules, help to preserve initial skin hydration. They are involved in maintaining the skin barrier and regulating cellular processes. These replenishing and conditioning ingredients prevent water loss by encouraging the skin to make more ceramides, the key to keeping it strong.


What Skin Type Is It For?

Anyone with combination, oily or sensitive skin. This cleanser helps shrink pores whilst effectively eliminating excess oil in a gentle, light manner.


What Does It Feel Like?

When pumped out of the can, this cleanser firstly forms a gel-like consistency, which alters to foam when water is added. It feels light and fluffy, like a softer mousse, and easily works into the skin to achieve a deep cleanse. It didn’t feel as heavy-duty as other, thicker gel cleansers, but this is by design. It is subtly effective – giving an extensive clean whilst feeling soft on the skin.


What Does It Smell Like?

This cleanser smells clean and fresh. It reminds me of the feeling of a deep home clean, followed by lighting a candle after, making everything brand new, and this is exactly how I imagine it working on my pores; Frothing through my skin, removing all the dirt and oil without being too harsh or severe.


How Do You Use The Product?

Work between fingers, adding water. Then apply to face & massage in gentle, circular motions. Rinse. Use daily AM & PM.

What’s Special About The Bottle?

If you love maximalist designs, this is the product for you; adorned and patterned this cleanser is in keeping with the rest of the POREcare collection. The bold yellow packaging is vivid and striking, with golden bubbles that mimic the foam that forms on the face, this design is as daring as it is slick. The aerosol- like can is convenient to carry around, whilst still feeling up-market. I love the pop of colour, especially with an increasing shift towards unembellished, conservative packaging that skincare seems to be currently following. Ornamental and decorative, this is the product for you if design is as much of a selling point as formula.


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