Institut Esthederm Excellage Cream Refill Review


Institut Esthederm Excellage Cream Refill


Luxurious and kind to the planet, this face cream refill promises to turn back time on worn skin and help restore environmental damage. Claiming to bring density, nutrition and radiance to the skin, this cream promises to drain and relax the face, helping to replenish the skin’s surface. With a sustainable and cheaper option than purchasing a whole new cream, this healthy alternative will restore your skin to optimal suppleness without breaking the bank. With such claims of prolonging skin’s youthfulness, firming and plumping, my interest was piqued, and I had to try it out…

The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

It’s a scientific approach to age management. This product not only promises changes to the texture, tone and structural integrity of the skin, but it also has the science to back it up. Intuit first explains how and why our skin ages.
As we age, elements of our skin, like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, begin to diminish, meaning cellular turnover becomes slower, and our skin is depleted of essential nutrients. Where these are naturally produced when we are younger, this process degenerates as we age, meaning skin can look more tired and slack. Age management of the skin is comprehensive, representing several factors that affect how your skin appears; not all of these are controllable. However, this cream addresses extrinsic ageing and external factors such as sun damage, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.

This handy cream focuses on extraneous influences to make the skin look more supple and radiant. Whilst this cream can’t take you back to your teens, it can give your face a vibrant appearance. It must be noted, however,, that ageing is beautiful and brings many people a lot of joy. However, if your wrinkles are becoming too noticeable for your liking, this is the cream for you.


You Will Love This If…

You are concerned about ageing, whether premature or expected. This cream promises to turn back the clock, offering vitality and a fresh-faced glow. Specifically formulated to tackle signs of ageing, this cream uses a unique cellular water patent to reproduce the qualities of water naturally found in the skin. This active water enhances the effectiveness of this cream, working to preserve that sought-after youthfulness. Created with weakened, sagging and thinning skin in mind, this cream hydrates to reveal a firmer and more defined visage gradually.


Hero Ingredients

As mentioned, this formulation is supported by science, but I found this list challenging to navigate with lengthy ingredient names and complex skincare terms. To make it easier, I have broken down the key ingredients that will leave your skin looking youthful.

Smart Poly Saccharides are the first mouthful ingredients that work to maintain skin tone and firmness. These boost cell communication and include an innovative ingredient that reactivates skin-cellular connections. This means that it gets the cells talking again, allowing them to shed dead skin cells and replace them with fresh, new, healthier ones.


These are partnered with precious Camelia Oil, the product of a single harvest on Jeju Island. This respected ingredient is rich in omega three, six and nine fatty acids, meaning it intensely nourishes the skin, boosting the cohesion of the epidermal lipid network. Omega 3 explicitly regulates the skin’s oil production, improving balanced hydration and minimising signs of ageing. Responsible for the stipulation of skin and hair, omega six boosts the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Similarly, omega nine can help with dry and flaky skin by working to maintain the level of hydration within the skin.

Glycobiopolymer is the vital ingredient that restores radiance and evens out the complexion. This plant-based glycopolymer essentially smooths surface skin, restoring natural radiance. Lastly, their Repair Technology Patent stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping to regenerate and re-densify the skin.

This dynamic list of compelling ingredients, whilst complex, essentially means your skin is in good hands.


What Skin Type Is It For?

This cream has been created with weakened, sagging and thinning skin in mind, as it gradually reveals a firmer and more defined visage. This powerful product mainly targets those with mature skin looking for a more robust complexion. This can be used at all ages to get ahead of the clock and maintain a soft and supple complexion. I felt pretty funny trying this on my twenty-year-old skin, but I’m in if it helps in the long run!

What Does It Feel Like?

This enriching moisturiser surprised me with its thickness as I went to plunge my fingers into the tub. Heavy and creamy, this moisturiser appears substantial in the pot, but upon application, it melts into the skin without feeling cloying or stubborn. Whilst firm to the touch, the cream glides smoothly onto the skin, and I was impressed with how efficiently and quickly it sunk onto my face. It left my skin with a velvety smooth feel, and I loved how it didn’t look greasy. As opposed to giving the face a typical skincare -sheen, this product felt more like the POREfessional primer by Benefit. With the same satiny and luxurious feel, the texture of this formula was my favourite part of the product.


What Does It Smell Like?

This benevolent blend has a subtly sweet scent to it. Less intense than cocoa butter, this product mimics the lingering smell after using Palmer’s product. Reminding me of eucalyptus, without being overwhelming, the cream’s fragrance is sophisticated and opulent. Multifaceted and forestry, this cream hints of mint, honey and citrus, sure to relax and rejuvenate your skin.
How Do You Use The Product?
Using the small spatula provided, warm a small amount of the cream in your hands and place it on your cheeks, forehead and, chin, neck and decollete for 3 seconds to help penetrate. Then, using the tips of your thumb and index finger, vigorously pinch each zone of your entire face, neck and decollete for 10 seconds paying particular attention to the facial contour, nasolabial folds and frown lines. Finally, gently press your hands onto your cheeks and eyes and repeatedly inhale, moving down the face several times.


What’s Special About The Design?

This ergonomic tub is designed to fit into the original glass packaging of the ageing cream. Minimalist and slick, this comes with its recyclable outer packaging, but the real environmental saviour is that this is a refill. Practical and unassuming, this pot slots into the original face cream, significantly reducing waste packaging and carbon footprint. Aside from this, the refill is also vastly cheaper than the original, saving the planet and your pennies!


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