bareMinerals Prime Time Eyeshadow Extender Primer Review

bareMinerals Prime Time Eyeshadow Extender Primer 3ml


Ever wondered why celebrities effortlessly maintain their flawless eye makeup throughout the day while yours seems to fade away within hours? The secret lies in using a powerful eyeshadow primer like the bareMinerals Prime Time Eyeshadow Extender Primer. This primer creates a flawless canvas, ensuring your eyeshadow stays in place from morning till night, so you can enjoy a long-lasting, red carpet-worthy makeup look.

bareMinerals Prime Time Eyeshadow Extender Primer

The Most Important Thing About The BareMinerals Eyeshadow Extender Is…

This vegan eyeshadow primer is designed to create a smooth base on your eyelids, perfecting them for eyeshadow application. It smooths any imperfection and evens out the texture of your skin, allowing your eyeshadow to be applied and blended seamlessly. The primer ensures that your eyeshadow maintains its fresh and vibrant appearance for 24 hours. Its translucent colour allows the true shades of your eyeshadow to shine through. And you don’t have to worry about creasing, sweat or water ruining your look – this primer is sweat- and waterproof, so your eyeshadow can stay smudge-free and flawless all day long.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – consumers have been impressed by the results:
– 91% noticed that their eyeshadow appeared more vibrant and true to its colour
– 91% experience smoother and easier application of their eyeshadow
– 88% found the primer to be hydrating and nourishing for their eyelids

bareMinerals Prime Time Eyeshadow Extender Primer

What Does It Look Like On?

The primer has a slightly white tint that becomes completely clear and translucent as you blend it into your skin. I noticed an instant visible improvement as the primer immediately smoothed the area where I’ve applied it. But the true magic happened when I layered my eyeshadow on top – the colours appeared super vibrant, lively and stayed that way until I removed my makeup in the evening.


You Will Love This If…

Calling all eyeshadow lovers! If you’re passionate about creating eye-catching makeup looks that stay put throughout the day, look no further than the bareMinerals Prime Time Eyeshadow Extender. It’s the ultimate solution for achieving stunning and long-lasting eye makeup perfection.


Hero Ingredients:

This primer is enriched with bareMinerals’ own Triple Hyaluronic Acid Technology. It boosts the hydration levels of your skin, resulting in a smoother texture. This helps the primer to create a flawless canvas that is ideal for applying eyeshadow. It’s formulated with cornstarch and silica. These ingredients work together to absorb excess oil that tends to accumulate on your eyelids, preventing it from breaking down your eyeshadow and ensuring longer-lasting wear. To provide added comfort, the primer is infused with shea butter and vitamin E. These nourishing ingredients not only offer hydration but also deliver antioxidant protection to help keep your delicate eye area healthy and safeguarded from environmental stressors.


What Does It Feel Like?

When I first applied the primer, I noticed that the gel formula effortlessly spread and blended with my fingertip, despite it being slightly sticky. After a few minutes, it dried down and I could feel it smoothing the skin in the applied area. It was also incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the day.


What Does It Smell Like?

The primer does not have a particular fragrance. If you pay close attention, you might detect a subtle foundation-like aroma. The scent is not strong or overpowering, so it won’t be irritating when you apply it.


What’s Special About The Design?

The primer features a flexible paddle applicator that makes the application process super easy. The soft applicator glides across your eyelids and allows you to apply it precisely where you want it.


How Do You Use It?

Before applying my eyeshadow, I directly applied the eyeshadow primer onto my clean and dry eyelids with the applicator. After allowing it to set for around 30 seconds, I blended the primer by gently patting it onto my lids with my fingertip. And voilà – my eyelids were perfectly prepped for the rest of my eye makeup.



The eyeshadow primer is vegan and silicone-free.


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