Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow Eau de Toilette Review

Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow Eau de Toilette Review


For 2023, Anna Sui has launched her first-ever collection of 3 perfumes: Sundae. Mellow Yellow is my chosen one.  I knew I was the right team member to review it as Sui Dreams and Cosmic Sky are my guilty pleasure…


Mellow Yellow Smells Like…

Without looking at the note structure, I sprayed it and could instantly smell freshly cut mangos, frozen within a mango sorbet, and some edible purple flowers sprinkled on top. It smells exotic, fruity and fresh.

After further exploring, it makes sense why I love it so much. The sweetness of vanilla pairs perfectly with the stickiness of plum. I always fall for plum perfumes, but never white florals, but it works beautifully here, and that surprises me. But the watery freshness of osmanthus helps keep things fresh and pulpy. It’s almost like a sex-on-the-beach cocktail.

The Notes In Mellow Yellow Are…

Top notes: Sugared Lemon, Passionfruit Pulp, Mountain Peach.

Heart notes: Osmanthus, Crabapple Blossom, Jasmine Sambac.

Base notes: Vanilla, Plum Wood, Musk.

Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow Perfume Review

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Sundae is all about the many flavours of the typical Anna Sui girl. Mellow Yellow, in particular, is the chilled, easy-going girl.  She’s happy-go-lucky, unphased and always up for an adventure. The Mellow Yellow girl would love the soft, sensuality of this perfume. As it’s not in your face or loud. It’s pared back.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

  • Marc Jacobs Decadence – Mellow Yellow has a higher passion-fruit concentration, but as it dries down, the vanilla and plum combination reminds me of this.
  • YSL Mon Paris – Mellow Yellow’s breathable, light floral side resembles the freshness of Mon Paris


Is Mellow Yellow Unisex?

Men could wear it, but it’s targeted at women, and it’s very fruity-floral. Most of the compliments I’ve had when I’ve warn it are from men, but as more in appreciation of how fresh/nice it smells, rather than for them to buy it/wear it.


What’s The Longevity Like?

I spray about 4 spritzes per arm/chest and it lasted me about 4-5 hours, which is impressive.

Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow Eau de Toilette Box

What’s Special About The Bottle?

Firstly it comes in a cute ice cream box, which is fun. It makes you pay attention. You see the eye-catching silicone Sundae bottle as you unbox the Benny and Jerry’s style lid. It reminds me of popart. I made the mistake of taking the cherry off to spray it, but you need to press the cherry down to spray it, which is a cool touch.


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