Thierry Mugler Alien Goddess Supra Florale Eau de Parfum Review

Thierry Mugler Alien Goddess Supra Florale Eau de Parfum Review

Supra Florale is 2023’s Alien Goddess of choice. She’s glowing, uber-feminine and sultry. From its ethereal amber-floral scent to its beautifully bronze bottle, it’s clear, this perfume is all about radiance.

The word ‘Supra’ seems to create this perception of large and gallent, but it’s quite the opposite. Supra doesn’t mean super; it translates to above, over, and beyond in an out-of-this-world vein, which makes perfect sense when you smell Supra Florale. It takes all of the bright, lustrous parts of Alien Goddess and illuminates them with more amber and less woods for something much more demure than I imagined.

If you thought the Alien family wasn’t for you because it’s too bold. I’m confident you’ve just met your Alien match with Supra Florale…



What Does Supra Florale Smell Like?

Supra Florale smells like a pear drop exotic cocktail with delicate edible flowers floating inside. It has a sweet sensuality that’s subtle yet statement. When I spray it, I can still get the DNA of Alien from the jasmine used, however, this feels like a fresh take on it all, and that’s down to the green infusions of pear and moss.

Supra Florale is such a lovely fragrance! The prickly pear and cactus flower in the opening gives it this juicy quality that mixes perfectly with the sweet and floral heart of the scent that comes from the jasmine sambac and everlasting flower.

The white jasmine sambac has a sweet, captivating aroma that blends well with everlasting flower’s slightly salty and earthy scent, making for a beautiful and intriguing floral blend. Finally, the fragrance’s base is warm and rich thanks to the amber, desert rose, and musk. Amber makes everything smell golden and radiant; this mixes perfectly with the spicy and woody desert rose, while soft and powdery musk provides a luxe, sensual finish.


Why The Team Were Excited To Try It:


What The Team Thought After They Tried It:


Perfumes That Smell Similar To Supra Florale Are…

Alien Goddess Original is probably the closest scent match, but instead of a ton of woods and white florals, Supra Florale is fruitier and has more amber in it.

YSL Libre has a similar white floral core to Supra Florale. However, Supra Florale smells sweeter in my opinion, because of the pear.

Coach Dreams’ note structure is pretty similar to Supra Florale, too, with the pear and amber. However, Coach Dreams is more watery and aquatic and Supra Florale is more sunny and dewy.




About Supra Florale’s Longevity

On me, spraying 2-3 sprtizes on my wrists and neck, Supra Florale lasted around 3-4 hours. It’s not as big and bold as the original Alien Goddess, but it’s still detectable when giving someone a hug/ or kiss.


Supra Florale’s Wearability

Supra Florale has a sunny, warm side that suits summertime well. Equally, it makes a beautiful winter warmer too. I however, would wear this all year round; remember, if you love it, you can wear it whenever and wherever you want.

This edition of Alien Goddess is lighter than the original, so this could work well for day, and you could wear the OG at night. It’s all based on your comfort and preference.




My Overall Experience

I had a positive experience with Mugler Alien Supra Florale. It’s not as statement as Alien, which will always be my favourite Mugler perfume. However, the fragrance made me feel confident, pretty, and radiant, which is always great. Initially, I was drawn to the moss note, but I was more captivated by the amber and pear notes. Luckily, the jasmine note wasn’t a dealbreaker for me, and the other surrounding notes made the fragrance a wearable option. Overall, I think Mugler Alien Supra Florale will be an excellent choice for anyone who loves ultra-feminine scents that arent too heavy or cloying.


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