REN Evercalm Barrier Support Targeted Body Balm Review

REN Evercalm Barrier Support Targeted Body Balm Review

If you struggle with dry to eczema-prone skin, REN Evercalm Barrier Support Targeted Body Balm is your answer to instantly more moisturised and comfortable skin. The ultra-nourishing buttery balm relieves dryness, irritation or any tightness while strengthening your skin barrier. Learn more…


The Most Important Thing About This REN Evercalm Barrier Support Targeted Body Balm Is…

The REN Evercalm Barrier Support Targeted Body Balm is the latest addition to the Evercalm Barrier Support line. Like the rest of the collection, this balm is designed to repair your skin barrier, so you now can get the same care for your body.

The main mission of this body balm is to hydrate deeply. Its balm-to-oil formula helps hydrate, smooth, and repair dry, scaly skin or relieve any soreness post-shave, tattoo healing baby bump and pregnancy care, nipples, dry and irritated armpits, laser treatment and after-sun care. Not to mention, the balm will nurture your skin’s microbiome, boosting your skin’s resident of good bacteria.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The rich balm-to-oil formula is excellent for sensitised and very dry skin, especially those who have eczema-prone skin.


You Will Love This If…

If you have dry and sensitised skin or you already use the Evercalm range and are looking to expand your regime from your head to your toes, you should incorporate this hydrating balm into your routine.


Hero Ingredients:

At the heart of the formula is the Barrier Support Complex, which works to strengthen your skin barrier to prevent irritation, soreness and water loss in the skin thanks to a combination of omegas and ceramides.


What Does It Feel Like?

The rich, thick balm feels nourishing on the skin but is lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily. As you massage the balm into the skin, it will transform into an oil that deeply hydrates, softens, and smooths dry patches all over the body, making it great for elbows and knees.


What Does It Smell Like?

It has a neutral, comforting, hypoallergenic fragrance that is creamy and subtle and doesn’t irritate the skin.


How Do You Use The Product?

Massage a pea-sized amount over the skin, taking extra care around the knees and elbow area at any time of the day. Do not store in direct sunlight.


What’s Special About The Design?

The balm is packed into a recyclable jar with a plastic flip-up lid and an aluminium foil seal to ensure freshness.





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