Coach Love Eau de Parfum Review

Coach Love Eau de Parfum Review

Coach Love, a sparklier, sweeter, softer addition to the For Her collection landed in 2023, and people are loving it (excuse the pun). I’m sure it’s because of its striking bold red bottle and non-syrupy berry floral scent. Let’s find out if it is for you…

Coach Love Eau de Parfum Spray Review

You Will Love Coach Love If…

You’ll love Coach Love if you like your perfumes fresh and sweet, not sticky-sweet. Even though its main power notes are strawberry, it’s not like a Bubbaloo strawberry; it’s the zingier, sharper side, which plays nicely with rose, as it takes away the soapiness out the petals,  making the sweetness sparkly and not syrupy or gloopy.

Plus, we need to talk about the bottle; it’s a show-stopper. The tone of red is so eye-catching, along with the heart-shaped tag. If you’re a sucker for love, this was made for you.


What Does Coach Love Smell Like?

Coach love doesn’t have the exact scent profile La Vie Est Belle by Lancome or Dior Blooming Bouquet, but if you like those scents, you will enjoy wearing this; I’m confident you’ll think it’s pretty.

As I mentioned, it’s not overly sweet. It’s a soft floral with sparkling, juicy-fruit accents. When you first spray it, you can almost smell the seeds in the strawberry vs a strawberry jam, then you get hit with this warm wave of what smells like to me is osmanthus, kind of like a warm subtle tea-like sent. The rose is undeniably there, and it feels tarty when mixed with the strawberry. I feel like woods calm it down, grounding it with a soft depth. The woods warm up as the scent warms on the skin. It’s pretty, versatile, and wearable.

Coach Love Eau de Parfum Spray


The top note is wild strawberry; the heart note is red velvet rose, and the base note is cedarwood.

Coach say:

The floral, fruity eau de parfum opens with an invigorating top note of wild strawberry, accentuated by a rich and velvety heart note of red velvet rose, before drying down to warm cedarwood.



Coach Love’s Longevity

You can smell the perfume on you for about 4 hours, a normal expectancy for this fragrance family and its strength.

Coach Love Perfume Review

The Best Place and Time To Wear Coach Love Is…

It’s pretty romantic, and its whole story is about love and attraction. So, the ideal scenario for this perfume is date night. From my experience, it’s also great for the office as it’s not too overpowering or strong. It will keep you smelling fresh and put together for most of the day, but top-ups are essential to pro-long this perfume all day.


About Coach Love’s Design and Aesthetic

It’s quite clear this is a perfume based on affection, love and desire; from the rose-red bottle to the golden heart tag, the outside reflects the romantic notes of strawberries and roses inside.

The campaign mimics this, too; the advert was created in collaboration with the director and photographer, Juergen Teller, a prominent commercial and fine art extraordinaire. The campaign celebrates love in all its different forms and expressions. The campaign captures unique love languages, reminding us that love is a distinctive attitude.

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My Overall Experience

When I first saw Coach Love, the bold red bottle made me want to try it. It’s the boldest colourway in the For Her collection. I’ve always found the perfumes in the For Her collection safe, so the colour of this one intrigued me the most. It launched with us during Valentine’s Day, as I’ve gotten older, I love a gimmick, which came at the perfect time.

At first spray, I thought it was pleasant, wearable, and likeable. Not my daily go-to, but I knew no one would be offended by it. I like the freshness of the strawberry and the warmth of the woods. It’s a pretty scent that made me feel put together; it’s more demure than I hoped. I prefer the scent on me within the first hour because it’s fruitier, and the final hour is where the woods come out to play. This will be for someone who likes jammy rose perfumes with a fresh twist.


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